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    The Power of Prayer

    in Spirituality

    Today , with so much going on in the world we can feel powerless to help. Join us for a discussion with deep trance channel Krow Fischer as she brings through The Council of Elders for a discussion on how we can use our voice, our power and our love to assist others, the world and ourselves! Wendy Murdoch, Sue Linn and Dave Curtis will host this episode with YOUR questions on this timely topic. Let's use our human resources to support the good changes we all wish to embrace.

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    in Spirituality

    Enlightenment, a discussion on awareness and the awakening of humanity. Are we in a paradigm shift, are enough people waking up to make a difference? Where are we at? Join with Red and the Council of Elders as we discuss the prophesies of awakening and where humanity is in our awakening process. Please bring your questions and call in for the insights The Council offers us. 
    Red and The Council of Elders channel through medium Krow Fischer bringing deep spiritual understandings to our everyday life with humour, compassion and the profound wisdom The Council are known for. You can learn more about them, and the work Krow Fischer and Wendy Murdoch offer through Here On Earth, at www.hereonearth.ca

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    in Spirituality

    Our ancestors understood the importance of staying connected to those in spirit who offer assistance, and whether we call them guides, helpers, angels or ancestors, we are tapping in to the help and support of the unseen realms of humanity.
     Who are these helpers and how do we connect and stay connected!
    What is their intention and are there different kinds of guides?
    Join Deep Trance Channel Krow Fisher as she ‘transmits’ Red, our collective guide from the Council of Elders. Wendy and Dave will be hosting the show and there will be a call in segment to address your questions and comments on this timely topic. This broadcast will be free, but we do accept donations to keep these shows flowing!
    Visit our website and check out the over 65 topics of deep discussion available in our Conversations With Red & The Council of Elders, under our 'CDs & MP3's tab!  You can sign up for our newsletter there to keep in touch with our ongoing workshops and events. www.hereonearth.ca

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    Team810 Presents......BOOK OF KROW vol.2

    in Entertainment

    Team810 Presents...BOOK OF KROW vol.2......with guest Ronnie Krow Anderson on the anticipated release of his new cd book of krow volume 2 and his starring role in the film GOON810 THE BLACK KROW.

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    Life After Life and What Happens In Between!

    in Spirituality


    Life after Life and what happens in-between

    Exploring Past Lives with The Council of Elders

    Have you met people that you seem to know right away?
    Have you been somewhere that you 'remember' from before?
    Do you have weird phobias that you don't understand the source of?
    Are you fascinated with specific time periods or cultures?

    Join us live with deep trance channel Krow Fischer as she brings in 'Red' from The Council of Elders to answer YOUR questions on this interesting topic. Krow has been a channel for the Council's teachings for almost three decades. Conversations with Red & The Council of Elders, recorded monthly teachings on over sixty topics are available as CD or MP3. The channelled book, WEAVERS OF LIGHT, A Book of Knowledge for our Changing Times as well as some transcriptions and plenty of things to watch, listen to and read, can be found on our website at www.hereonearth.ca   Donations to keep our Radio Sessions free are gratefully accepted there as well!


    Join us live
    Call in with your questions and we will see what The Council has to say.

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    Underground Classics 60

    in Music

    Tonights Mix includes

    "South Park Coalition, Murder One, Wash Off, Hood Element, Ganxta NIP, Mr. Lark, southparkcoalition.net , Mz Trinity, Cl'Che, Dope E, Sha-No, Late, Mr 3-2, JusTice AllaH, The Terrorists, Murdoq, Fuck Tha Radio, C.O.D., Mathew Molnar (R.I.P.), Free Gangzta Krow, Dirtay, UGS4LIFE, Mac Mizzle, Prez, Siccx, Underground Society, Mc Masato, Tha BG, E-Moe, Laid Back, Dez Hellborn, Skinny Manne, Noise FDM, Home Grown, Remedy Productionz, Free Beat, Open Mic, Shout Outs, K-Rino"

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    in Spirituality

    Many of us are experiencing some interesting side effects as we sail along with our planet into a new part of the universe. Adapting to a faster frequency has affected all of us on the planet, humans, plants, animals and plants. Red says we are all going through a huge transformation along with the rest of the planet. Some of us feel as though we have been on a collective roller coaster and are feeling a bit dizzy and disoriented!

    We brought these quandries to the Council of Elders as channeled through krow Fischer of Here On Earth and got some great advice and useful tools to help us stay grounded and centred through these changing times. Good practices that are easy to use and easy to remember!


    Courtesy of all of us at Here On Earth.

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    Connecting with Spirit, Communication with Those on the Other Side.

    in Spirituality

    Connecting with Spirit, Communication with Those on the Other Side.
     Join us as we explore how spirit tries to connect with us, how they get through the thick veils of forgetfulness that many of us have cloaked ourselves in.
     We also talk directly with spirit about how we can untangle ourselves from these cloaks and become clear in our communications with the other side.
    Please sign up on our events page at www.hereonearth.ca


    Since 2010, Krow Fischer, psychic medium and deep trance channel, and Wendy Murdoch, intuitive healer, have been meeting with The Council of Elders, a dedicated spiritual group of advisors, to ask those important questions that we all have. We followed the interests of our patrons and our own curiosity as well as clearing up misunderstandings that have plagued humanity for centuries. Tapping into the Quantum fields of knowledge through the gift of connection with The Council, we have amassed an incredible library of deep wisdom that is unique & refreshingly sensible.
    All the big questions that have been pondered about life & the universe, why are we here, and what is 'here' anyway, have been crafted into our monthly recorded collection, Universal University of mini-courses on life and all that is , available on CD or MP3 @ www.hereonearth.ca
    The curiosities we have wondered about and the many esoteric speculations that have piqued our interest over the years have been discussed & recorded for our further education & collective awakening.
     Wendy and Krow work out of Oakendell Healing Centre in Warkworth Ontario, Canada... Here On Earth and have begun also offering monthly Council Fires group sessions in Warkworth for a limited audience. These lively group sessions are then broadcast on our blogtalk radio show with a live call in for follow up questions. Check out our events page at www.hereonearth.ca for more details!

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    SINCERE, SAVAGERY and SWAG: Our Passion for Poison

    in Radio

    SHOWTIME 8PM EST - 7PM CST - Sunday APRIL 6, 2014

    KROWNKNOWLEDGE RADIO Presents:  SINCERE, SAVAGERY and SWAG: Our Passion for Poison.

    Join The GOD Rashad as he opens up the forum with the GODDESS Durdanah and The Bro STAR to peer into our hungers, addictions, desires and our obsession with the MATRIX. 

    WHERE WE WERE and how we got to what we are now . . . how our passions and obsessions are MANIPULATED AND CONTROLLED by systems with very little power . . . THEY ONLY POWER ONE HAS OVER YOU IS THE POWER YOU GIVE . . . DON'T MISS THIS SHOW - Call in LIVE (646) 652-2178 to our hosts in the forum.  Log in to CHAT www.blogtalkradio.com/krownknowledgeradio - AS ALWAYS - IT'S ALL ABOUT LOVE IN THE KROW!!!  PEACE!

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    Expectations for 2014 A discussion with Red and The Council of Elders

    in Spirituality

    Krow, Wendy and The Council of Elders invites you to join to listen in on our group session on Expectations for 2014 and a LIVE call in follow -up discussion with Red after. 

     The Council warned us that ‘Skeletons will be coming out of the closet and will be dancing’ in the years after our 2012 shift, and they sure are! 

    The world is exploding, personally and collectively as we all re-arrange our alignments and explore our future options. It is a stressful time for many of us with so many un-answered questions and we would like to engage The Council’s services to answer some of them for us. Their honest answers are softened by their faith in us to heal this earth. 

    Join us. Click on Events at www. hereonearth .ca to sign up. 


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    Episode 116: Best of Part 1 - RBX-Lord Infamous-Jerry Heller-Woodpile-Spice 1

    in Music

    Part One of the Best of the Murder Master Music Show featuring interviews and music. INTERVIEWS:RBX, Lord Infamous(RIP), Jerry Heller, Woodpile, Spice-1, Kokane, and Ganxsta Nip,  MUSIC FROM: Mac Mizzle, Odd-1, Badblack315, Dez, Spice-1, Woodpile, and Gangzta Krow (FREE GANGZTA KROW) and a special outro by our biggest supporter and best freind Mathew Molnar(RIP)