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    This and That, Odd Questions, Wierd Ideas, A Time To Talk to Spirit! CALL IN!

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    Krow Fischer, deep trance channel brings through The Council of Elders so Wendy Murdoch and Dave Curtis can ask the crazy questions we all have. YOU can call in with your quirky questions too!

    Thunderbirds and Dryads, Elementals and ledgendary beings, Dragons, Windigo's Mermaids and Fairies, what are they? Can they be human?

    Oak Island Nova Scotia, what's the deal?

    What is the fascination with going over the falls in Niagra Falls? What is the energy of a waterfall?

    Sailing stones, those stones reported moving around and even leaving trails in Death Valley National Park, what is going on there?

    Voynich Manuscript, is this a hoax or a real thing, and what is it about?

    We await more questions from YOU! Call in and press the question mark so we know you have a question for us.


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    Channeled Group Session with The Council of Elders on Animals, Uxbridge ON

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    Deep Trance Channel Krow Fischer brought through 'Red' from The Council of Elders to a gathering in Uxbridge Ontario. Animals, Pets, Farm animals, factory farming, what IS our relationship with animals about? Do they have souls, do they reincarnate, how are they coping with earth changes? Do we have animal guides, what are medicine animals and how do we communicate? We asked about inter-species relationships, relationship with animals in spirit and how it all works in this grand eco-system of Earth. A fascinating afternoon of enlightenment and awareness, tears and laughter, that brought depth and awareness to our relationship with all our relations.
    You may be interested in our recorded teachings available on our website www.hereonearth.ca. Among the over 70 topics are, 'Animals of the Earth',' Medicine Animals', and 'Pets'.

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    Political and Environmental Climate of Earth Today

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    Krow Fischer has been coming to Wasaga Beach Ontario for over a decade, hosting group sessions on many topics. A gathering of intelligent, aware people who had many questions about the state of the world, and what we can do, brought this session to be.  Questions asked covered weather modification, effects of Fukashima, ocean health, Syrian refugge crisis and what that says about our world. We asked about Japan's shift frm pacifism, European stability and changes, Canadian and American politics, and how we can decide who to vote for. This was an informative session that probed deeply into our collective psychi and what we are creating. Thank you to The Council for your wisdom and faith in us!

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    Back in 2010, when we first started our 'Library of Universal Knowledge', monthly recorded teachings from The Council of Elders, through trance channel Krow Fischer, we asked about Karma. We had good questions ready and thought this was to be just an overview. What we learned changed the way we saw and interacted with the world. Karma is not a reward punishment system at all. More of a physics equation, a cause and effect reaction, Karma is explained in a way that makes sense. We asked Red to give us an overview here, a deepened understanding. You can order the whole CD or MP3 on Karma at www.hereonearth.ca. There are plenty more teachings about life available there too. Have a look!

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    Akashic Records

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    The Council of Elders, channeled by Krow Fischer are known to some as the 'Record Keepers'. Who better to ask about these records. What are Akashic Records? How do they work, can they be changed, and how do we access them. Listen to this short, but enlightening broadcast with Red and the Council of Elders. For more teachings from The Council, visit us at www.hereonearth.ca and check out our CD/MP3 page with over 70 topics of interest to seekers of truth.

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    The Ancient Mystery Schools

    in Spirituality

    On our June 2015 Recording 'Mary Magdalene' (avilable from www.hereonearth.ca) Red and The Council of Elders, channeled through deep trance medium Krow Fischer, talk about the Mystery Schools that Jesus and Mary's families were part of. We wondered about these schools. We want to know what they were teaching, what was the lineage of these schools, Greek or Druid or Egyptian origins? Or were there many of them with all the different teachings, Tibetan, Indian, Chinese as well as the western nations?
    We are so curious about the spiritual education systems of times gone by. I bet you all will have tons of questions after listening to the Mary Magdalene recording that you can bring to this discussion.

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    Team810 Presents......BOOK OF KROW vol.2

    in Entertainment

    Team810 Presents...BOOK OF KROW vol.2......with guest Ronnie Krow Anderson on the anticipated release of his new cd book of krow volume 2 and his starring role in the film GOON810 THE BLACK KROW.

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    The Power of Prayer

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    Today , with so much going on in the world we can feel powerless to help. Join us for a discussion with deep trance channel Krow Fischer as she brings through The Council of Elders for a discussion on how we can use our voice, our power and our love to assist others, the world and ourselves! Wendy Murdoch, Sue Linn and Dave Curtis will host this episode with YOUR questions on this timely topic. Let's use our human resources to support the good changes we all wish to embrace.

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    Enlightenment, a discussion on awareness and the awakening of humanity. Are we in a paradigm shift, are enough people waking up to make a difference? Where are we at? Join with Red and the Council of Elders as we discuss the prophesies of awakening and where humanity is in our awakening process. Please bring your questions and call in for the insights The Council offers us. 
    Red and The Council of Elders channel through medium Krow Fischer bringing deep spiritual understandings to our everyday life with humour, compassion and the profound wisdom The Council are known for. You can learn more about them, and the work Krow Fischer and Wendy Murdoch offer through Here On Earth, at www.hereonearth.ca

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    Our ancestors understood the importance of staying connected to those in spirit who offer assistance, and whether we call them guides, helpers, angels or ancestors, we are tapping in to the help and support of the unseen realms of humanity.
     Who are these helpers and how do we connect and stay connected!
    What is their intention and are there different kinds of guides?
    Join Deep Trance Channel Krow Fisher as she ‘transmits’ Red, our collective guide from the Council of Elders. Wendy and Dave will be hosting the show and there will be a call in segment to address your questions and comments on this timely topic. This broadcast will be free, but we do accept donations to keep these shows flowing!
    Visit our website and check out the over 65 topics of deep discussion available in our Conversations With Red & The Council of Elders, under our 'CDs & MP3's tab!  You can sign up for our newsletter there to keep in touch with our ongoing workshops and events. www.hereonearth.ca

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    Life After Life and What Happens In Between!

    in Spirituality


    Life after Life and what happens in-between

    Exploring Past Lives with The Council of Elders

    Have you met people that you seem to know right away?
    Have you been somewhere that you 'remember' from before?
    Do you have weird phobias that you don't understand the source of?
    Are you fascinated with specific time periods or cultures?

    Join us live with deep trance channel Krow Fischer as she brings in 'Red' from The Council of Elders to answer YOUR questions on this interesting topic. Krow has been a channel for the Council's teachings for almost three decades. Conversations with Red & The Council of Elders, recorded monthly teachings on over sixty topics are available as CD or MP3. The channelled book, WEAVERS OF LIGHT, A Book of Knowledge for our Changing Times as well as some transcriptions and plenty of things to watch, listen to and read, can be found on our website at www.hereonearth.ca   Donations to keep our Radio Sessions free are gratefully accepted there as well!


    Join us live
    Call in with your questions and we will see what The Council has to say.