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    Renting? Low Income And Bad Credit? You Still Can Own Your Home! Find Out How!

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    Home ownership brings stability to ones family by creating a sense of permanency as well as providing property to pass down to children. Too many families are stuck in the cycle of renting and moving when rent is increased or building maintenance is not adequate. This can cause many disruptions in ones life. The assumption is that bad credit or a low income makes getting a loan to purchase a home impossible. But real estate brokers Warren and LaShawn explain how to repair credit and get loans for property that most peope think have little value. Their upcoming event, SouthSideExpo.com will help first time home buyers discover how to fulfill their dreams of home ownership and will help existing property owners learn how to get financing for needed home improvement and extra cash for living expenses.

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    Let's Talk Physical Fitness With Elana

    in Christianity

    Topic Discussion:

    Why the church criticizes women who are healthy, fit, attractive, and dare I say, sexy, like Erica Campbell of Mary Mary.

    Why criticize health and embrace, overlook, and ignore the sin of gluttony that is rampant in the church?

    Simple strategies for success people can incorporate to get their temples in order and live their lives to their full God-given potential.

    Elana Anthony is a fitness spokesperson from Chicago, IL. Certified by the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America, she also holds a graduate degree in Exercise Science and Health Promotion from the California University of Pennsylvania, as well as a graduate degree in Writing from DePaul University. Combining her passion for fitness and writing, Elana blogs for ChicagoNow.com using an affirmation she encourages others to vow which is to live  "In FITNESS and In Health," as opposed to being "in sickness and in health." She also teaches a variety of land and water fitness classes and is currently working at the Salvation Army Ray and Joan Kroc Corp Community Center where she and her husband recently learned of the expansive ministry of the Salvation Army, and both made the decision to become soldiers of members.  Elana is honored and delighted to be a regularly featured fitness instructor at the Sunset Resorts and Spas in Jamaica, but is most proud to be a happily married wife and mother of six daughters whose ages range from pre-K to adult. Her Scripture she uses to help participants fully tap into their power in Christ is to know that "above all, we can prosper AND BE IN GOOD HEALTH, even as our souls prosper" 3 Jn 1: 2. Her website  is www.fitinthelord.com

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    iHeart U Anti-Bullying Basketball Charity Event

    in Lifestyle

     Today we speak to Dameon Daniels and Joy Young, two of the coordinators of theThe first “iHeart U” Anti-Bullying Basketball Charity Event and Concert will be held on Saturday, November 9.
    The event will feature a fun-filled day of activities for children of all ages, including an eight team Round Robin Basketball fundraiser. This family-oriented event will also include a featured half time concert performance by JStavo, a rising pop soul recording artist and Georgia Music Awards nominee, who has been touring with Fantasia and has opened for popular recording artists such asTGT, (Tank, Ginuwine, Tyrese), Brian McKnight and Amerie.
    The "iHeart U" Anti Bullying Basketball Charity Event and Concert is a collaborative effort between Jstavo and his management company, Entertainment Management & Consulting, Stop Your Bullying Organization and Youth Empowerment & Stability (Y.ES). These three organizations along with The Salvation Army Ray & Joan Kroc Center and Pittsburgh Community Improvement Association (PCIA), have come together to educate and empower young people and their families about addressing the devastating impact bullying is having on young people in metro-Atlanta. 

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    Top 5 Wins Day

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    We kick off the first ever episode of Da Black Top Radio Wins Day Night edition in the year 2013. Tonight, we serve up a Top 5 list for you all in Hip Hop & Sports in 2012. We send the Redskins, RG3's knee, Colts, Vikings, Bengals, & others to the honorable Jay Z. We provide non stop laughs in Mr. B. Eazy's Slap Yo Self segment 2K13, K-Roc is back, we go live in the zoo with ZooKesha, and Jasmine Monique gotcha 5 Questions segment.#PollOfTheNight: who was your 2012 MVP in Sports & Hip Hop? Tweet us at @DaBlackTopRadio or call us LIVE toll free: 347-205-9172.

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    1st Annual Black Top Awards

    in Sports

    We are changing the radio game up with our first annual end-of-the-year awards show and what would be more special than to have our first ever special guest here on Da Black Top Radio, MTV's The Real World St. Thomas LaToya Jackson. We got great music, great fun, great entertainment for you today for a special 3-hour edition!
    Showcase Artist of the Year: Dee Franchize & Jay Zels; QD, D. Scott, & Mike B; Ice The Villain; Doe The PaperBoy; Tony T; Young Burna
    Episode of the Year: Spoken Radio w/ Jamil Jasey; Heart-2-Heart Radio w/ Italia Talley; Perry Funny Guys w/ Rodney Perry
    Slap of the Year: Kevin Durant Crying Slap, Mike Jay "D. Wade's A Factor" Slap, Nicki Minaj Voting for Romney Slap, Penn State Paterno Slap
    Feature Guest of the Year: Rodney Perry, Chalie Boy, LaToya Jackson, Italia Talley, Ms. Proper, Micah Bamm-Bamm White
    Headline of the Year: Ndamakung Suh, Penn State Sanctions, Miami Heat Championship, NewTown

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    A Legendary Wins Day

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    We are taking this Wednesday evening by storm as Da Kool Kids of DBT Radio introduce the legendary Dave Tolliver, recording artist from the hit group "Men At Large."Da Showcase by DJ Mystro: #PlayIt or #DelayIt Up-N-Comimg ShowcaseWe reveal the nominees for 12/29's Black Top Radio Awards - Slap of the Year by B. EazyJasmine Monique has the 2nd installment of #5Questions - a segment that answers all questions our female listeners.may have about sports. If you have any questions, please tweet Jasmine Monique: @jayfancyhuMr. B. Eazy bring you his 3 slaps of the week, K-Roc brings you Sudden Death - Winner and Loser of the Week, Mike Jay is guiding you through it all, and #MrWinsDayNight is waith as well - Mean Gene!Special shoutouts to:@TANYAB4UDJ DMVThe Cookie Jar Radio Show - @BoysEatCookies101.1 FM The Vibe - @JamilJasey; @JamilYoshi@juicejuicy@SUPA_MAN20021@ShesOnFyre@Ms_KaelaNicoleDave Tolliverand of course....YOU!"Like" us on Facebook - www.facebook.com/DBTRadioFollow us on Twitter - @DaBlackTopRadio

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    The Nominees Are....

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    A very special Saturday edition of Da Black Top Radio! We announce the nominees for the Grammy's in Hip-Hop/R&B and we announce a very special awards event thats kicking off for the very first time ever.
    #DaShowcase by DJ Mystro features Danielle Lyndsay and she will be LIVE on the air to introduce herself to #BlackTopNation. Remember, once we play her music, give us your honest opinion: tweet us @DaBlackTopRadio "#DaShowcase @D_Lyndsay #PlayIt" or "#DaShowcase @D_Lyndsay #DeLayIt." #PlayIt if you like it, #DelayIt if you dont.
    Of course, we go over today's hottest headlines, #TodayInSportsHistory, Zoo Kesha will be in the building, we got #5Questions by Jasmine Monique, and overall, we act like complete fools to keep you laughing and entertained.
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    Versatyle Wins Day!!!

    in Sports

    Multi-platinum recording artist Chalie Boy drops by to yell at the cool kids of Da Black Top Radio. We find out what he's been up to, his thoughts on the hip hop game today, and we grab his Top 5 in Hip-Hop & Sports.
    We pose an either/or #PollOfTheNight - What are your thoughts on the Jovan Belcher suicide situation?; Do you feel the NFL Teams should look at Chad Ochocinco? Is he worthy of getting signed? Tweet us: @DaBlackTopRadio and tag #PollOfTheNight or call us #TollFree 347-205-9172.
    We air the 2nd installment of #DaShowcase by DJ Mystro. This artist is Ill-itiracy. His track is titled "My Neighborhood." Tweet us @ DaBlackTopRadio #PlayIt - if you like it; #DelayIt - if you dont like it. The best opinion is your opinion.
    As awlays, we got #TodayInSportsHistory, #Headlines, B. Eazy's #SlapYoSelfSegment, Zoo Kesha is conducting the interview w/ Chalie Boy, #MrWinsDayNight (Mean Gene) is in da building, and Jasmine Monique debuts #5Questions.
    "Like" us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/DBTRadio
    Follow #DaCoolKids of Da Black Top Radio:
    Follow our special guest: Chalie Boy - @D3CHALIEBOY
    *Special shoutout to::
    Brian Dibbles (Mgr for Chalie Boy)
    ...and most improtantly, you!

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    Wins Day!!!

    in Sports

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    Perry Funny, Guys!

    in Sports

    All-Star comedian, actor, star from Tyler Perry's Madea's Big Happy Family, and host of Bounce TV's Off The Chain - Rodney Perry joins #TheCrew to talk to us about his movements in Hollywood, and of course, we act a complete fool providing a mix of comedy and sports. We're rendering salutes to our uniformed members serving our country and rendering laughs to completely give you an ab-workout this Veteran's Day weekend.
    Follow Rodney Perry on Twitter: @rodneyperry
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    Bamm'n Sports Radio 2

    in Sports

    After we first had Micah Bamm-Bamm White on the show, we just couldn't get enough of his presence. Therefore, he has returned, by popular demand. He's here for the whole show to completely act a fool with Mike Jay, K-Roc, B. Eazy, ZooKesha, and Jasmine Monique. I hope you're ready for this ab workout this beautiful Saturday afternoon!
    Follow Micah Bamm Bamm White on Twitter: @comedianbamm
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