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    power of perception writers Kristen Rogers

    in Motivation

    Kristen Rogers has always had a passion for writing, but found her calling in poetry at the age of 14. Since then, Rogers has written poetry as a way to cope with the everyday trials and tribulations that we face in our lives. Rogers’ poetry centers around her life, friends, family, experiences, things she is passionate about, or that spark her interest. In November, she released her first book of poetry entitled ‘Kristen’s Diary’ that is available for purchase on Amazon.com and Barnesandnoble.com. Kristen’s Diary chronicles Rogers’ life, and tells a story of heartache, triumph, and perseverance that everyone can relate to. In addition to writing poetry, Rogers has also written for blackgirldangerous.org about her experience as a bisexual black woman, as well as help start a business called the Black Excellence Network. Kristen Rogers is a 2nd year graduate student at Adler University in the Clinical Mental Health Counseling program in Chicago, IL. Her plans after graduating include finding work in consultation, and starting a PhD program in public policy. She is passionate about the #BlackLivesMatter movement, LGBTQ rights, and reproductive rights. Her hope is to use her platform as an artist and business owner to speak out against inequality in our society.

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    Awakening Your Inner Wisdom and Higher Purpose with Kristen Alexander

    in Self Help

    Awakening Your Inner Wisdom and Higher Purpose, The 5D Path to Raising Your Frequency & State of Consciousness

    Dr. Anastasia Chopelas invites Kristen Alexander to show you how to raise your frequency and access your inner wisdom for a healthier and more fulfilled life.  She draws on extensive training in healing, her ability to see your energies, and her spirit guides and angels. 

    The powerful, talented Kristen Alexander, actress and producer, recently experienced a rapid and wide awakening of her spiritual self, then left her thriving film career to help others awaken and heal. Now, her new show Hollywood Healer is in production.  

    Dr. Anastasia Chopelas, author, physicist and the Scientific Healer, is the  founder of Diamond Healing Method, a fusion of vibrational physics and ancient healing arts. Experience more energy and a clear mind with her free brief powerful healing audio.  

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    Kristen Rae's Story

    in Health

    Our guest, Kristen Rae Stevens, is an Ayurvedic Practitioner and an Ayurvedic Yoga specialist and she tells us,"Ayurveda, literally translates as "the science of life”.  This method of art, science and health practice aims to prevent disease and rejuvenation methods through the use of lifestyle, diet, herbal formulas and specialized treatments and adjunct practices so that an individual not only heals at a functional level but thrives in all ways of being so that he or she is able to live to their full potential”. People come to Kristen Rae to see to learn more about this form of healing practice and to explore how Ayurveda can help with their life and the varied health conditions that they face. She began her career path as a dancer,ballet and modern dance and she experienced the great demands that dance makes on the body.This lead her to earn more about the body and she studied anatomy and kinesiology and then taught this to dancers, actors and massage therapists. Her quest to learn more led to a study of Ayurveda and now to the practice and teaching of this ancient, but very relevant healing system that originated in India thousands of years ago.


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    Web Camming with Sammy & Sage Episode #62 with Guest Joyce Smith

    in Entertainment

    Happy Cinco De Mayo!! We have the beautiful Joyce Smith with us today so sit back and enjoy this sexy hour we are about to bring to you.

    Joyce Smith is a cam model on Streamate with KGB Studios, Joyce has been camming for 2 years and loves it.

    Here is a little bit about this sexy PNW cam girl, she loves to cook and enjoy delicious food, besides masturbating she loves to laugh and have fun. She also enjoys catching a good stand up comedy show as often as possible. Her favorite shows are Park & Recreation and Bobs Burgers.

    Joyce loves music and her new hobby is collecting records, you may see Joyce in Norway soon as she is planning a trip to visit her good friend and our fellow cam model the Sexy Kristen Kavallari.

    Catch our live cam shows: Sammy_Brooks.cammodels.com SageMontanaXXX.cammodels.com Joyce_Smith.cammodels.com

    Follow us on Instagram: @SammyBrooks69 @SageinVegas

    Follow us on Twitter: @SammyBrooks69 @SageMontana1 @JoyceSmith888 @AdultCamAwards @AdultCamNews @CamModelForums @Dollhouse_Radio 

    You can catch us live Thursdays from 7-8pm ET on Dollhouse Radio.



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    Who ya gonna call? Bach rockers

    in Pop Culture

    Nicole Franz, web editor at the Northwest Herald with Shaw Media, and Jason Pfrommer, features writer with Shaw Media discuss some of the anticipated blockbusters coming up this summer.

    Franz and Pfrommer also talk about the unexpected death of rock icon, Prince. 29:50

    Franz along with Valerie Katzenstein, features editor at the Northwest Herald with Shaw Media, discuss Game of Thrones, season 6, episode 1. 21:25 - 29:10

    Jami Kunzer, entertainment editor at the Northwest Herald with Shaw Media, interviews Petar Kecenovici of Classical Blast. Kecenovicitalks a bit about his latest album, "Metamorphosis," as well as the band's upcoming performance at the Woodstock Opera House on April 29th. Take a listen to Classical Blast's mash up of Phil Collins', "In the Air Tonight" and Handle's "Sarabande" following the interview. 35:34

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    Wildfire Season is here! Wildland Firefighters Benefit Concert

    in Lifestyle

    Listen in as author Kristen Moeller is interviewed on Salida's community radio station KHEN with Jane Carpenter.

    Moeller lost her house in a 2012 in a devastating wildfire that destroyed 21 homes and killed three of her neighbors. Her latest book Phoenix Rising: Stories of Remarkable Women Walking through Fire tells the heart-wrenching stories of twenty women who suffered devastating loss in western wildfires.

    To honor these men and women who put their lives on the line to fight our fires across the West, on April 9th from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the Salida Steam Plant (220 W Sackett Ave, Salida, CO), Kristen is hosting book launch and benefit concert. 

    World-renowned band "The Kin" along with opener Salida’s own Lily Pinto for a hot night in our little Mountain town! All proceeds will benefit the Wildland Firefighter foundation.

    For more info visit www.PhoenixRisingFund.com

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    GNAC Insider: Episode 91

    in Sports


    Central Washington football defensive back and SAAC president - Drew Wallen

    Montana State Billings women's golfer - Kortney McNeil

    Western Washington women's golfer - Kristen Hansen

    Northwest Nazarene men's golfer - Keynan Fanslow 

    The host for season 4 is Rob Lowery.  Produced by GNAC Media Relations Assistant Iain Dexter, this 30-minute program will air live Tuesdays at 7 p.m. Pacific time during the 2015-16 academic year.

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    Gotham Talk Podcast #40- S 2 Ep 17 INTO THE WOODS

    in Television

    James Gordon continues to flee the law as he tries to clear his name. When Gordon secretly approaches Edward Nygma for help, he quickly deduces that Nygma framed him due to Nygma's suspicious behavior. Nygma electrocutes Gordon into unconsciousness, but Gordon awakes just as Nygma is preparing to kill him. Gordon asks Harvey Bullock and Selina Kyle to report to the GCPD. Gordon follows Nygma into the woods, where he is going to destroy evidence of Kristen Kringle's body. Nygma admits that he framed Gordon, as the GCPD eavesdrops on the conversation. They arrest Nygma before he can kill Gordon. Nygma is placed in Arkham Asylum. Nathaniel Barnes offers Gordon his job back, but Gordon declines, as he has other matters to deal with. Barbara Kean is released from Arkham Asylum after she stops showing any sign of mental illness. Following the death of his father, Cobblepot is bullied by his step-family. However, when he discovers that they killed his father, his former self returns and he murders his step-family.

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    Great Film Comedians Encore Show

    in Movies

    Comedy experts George Bettinger, Nancy Lombardo and Steve Mendoza discuss great film comedians past and present in this encore presentation. All three guests boast impressive experience as actors and comics. For example, Bettinger has won acclaim with his uncanny impressions; Lombardo appears frequently in Saturday Night Live skits; and Mendoza makes people laugh with his amusing take on life. Also, through the power of imagination and technology, joining in the fun are Groucho Marx, Mae West, W.C. Fields and Jimmy Durante.  George Bettinger, aka Mr. Show Biz, hosts the entertaining Mom & Pop Shop Show on DreamStreamRadio every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 4 p.m. Eastern Time; Nancy Lombardo is the hilarious host of Comedy Concepts on BlogTalkRadio every Monday and Friday at 10:30 a.m. Eastern Time; and Steve Mendoza has appeared in several movies, performed stand-up comedy, and is an accomplished chef and radio host. Among the comedians to be discussed are Charlie Chaplin, Madeline Kahn, Buster Keaton, Jack Black, Jim Carrey, Kristen Wiig, Will Ferrell, Steve Martin, Lucille Ball, Eddie Murphy, Peter Sellers, Jerry Lewis and many of your other favorites. What fun!

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    Joanna Langfield's Movie Minute Review of The Boss.

    in Entertainment

    The Boss

    A titan of industry is sent to prison after she's caught for insider trading. When she emerges ready to rebrand herself as America's latest sweetheart, not everyone she screwed over is so quick to forgive and forget.

    There’s no question McCarthy is one of the best comic actors around. Her timing is impeccable, her charm a fascinating counter to her signature I’ll-do-anything gumption. And yes, I, like so many others, do get a kick out of the fact that this loveable force of nature doesn’t look like the stereotypical movie star. When Melissa is great (Bridesmaids, Spy), she’s amazing. But when the material around her doesn’t match her talent, watch out. Sadly, that’s the case with The Boss.

    See review at: http://themovieminute.com/TheBoss.html


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    ScreenPicks Movies: The Boss, Hardcore Henry, Demolition & More

    in Movies

    On this week's ScreenPicks Movie Show, we review four new films. First, we look at Miss India America about a high school valedictorian competing in an Indian beauty pageant. Then we review The Boss with Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Bell, and Peter Dinklage. After that we look at Harcore Henry with Sharlto Copley. And finally, we review Demolition with Jake Gyllenhaal, Naomi Watts, and Chris Cooper.