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    American Broadcasting School - The Show with Bad Billy #17

    in Entertainment

    Bad Billy's 17th broadcast as a student of American Broadcasting School. The broadcast includes songs from Big Smo, D-Ramsey, BB Chung King & The Buddaheads, Motion Device, Busta Rhymes, Halestorm, Soulblock, Godsmack, Jack Parow, The Pretty Reckless, Danzig, Kanye West, Abrupt Edge, MC Search, Seether, Benedictum, Bonez, Blunt Force, DMX, Living Sacrafice, Kriss Kross, and The Lady of Rage. Be sure to follow Bad Billy on Twitter (@BadLandsCSR) and like American Broadcasting School - The Show with Bad Billy Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/abstheshow.

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    Fields Family Outreach Ministries International with Evangelist Montell Fields

    in Religion

    Fields Family Outreach Ministries International with Evangelist Montell Fields with Special Guest Speaker ...Before becoming a believer, JGP played in bands starting at the age of 14 years old. Throughout those years he has been the vocalist for 2 metal bands,toured with world famous bands, played guitar, for a punk rock band, recorded hip hop tracks and owned his own recording studio.

    His testimony of transformation is nothing less than a miracle. From dealing drugs, to jail, to becoming a dedicated follower of Christ. 

    After becoming a believer in the Messiah, he decided to take a break from music to learn the scriptures, and become closer to Him, He wasn't sure if he would ever do music again.

    In 2013 he helped form a record label called Nkosi Records in Evansville Indiana. Being involved in leadership with Nkosi Records, JGP never thought he would get back into making his own music. His focus was on helping others perfect their craft and reach out to the community. Nkosi artist, Yung Kriss, asked JGP to be a feature on his mix-tape “Church Music”, which would be his first track in over 6 years.

    Later, JGP signed to Nkosi Records. Wild Ones, his first single due to be released in April is already creating a buzz.


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    SPEAKING TO HARMONY: Authors on the Rise - Black History Month Panel Discussion

    in Social Networking

    You MUST join us for the exciting and enlightening panel discussion on Black History and bring your comments and/or thoughts to the table.


    Jerry Jackson - Published author searching for focusing black authors and stories featuring black protagonists.

    Milton Davis - An American musician, songwriter and producer from Birmingham, Alabama.

    Andre Holmes - An Associate Producer Designer and Content manager at The Music Origins Project

    Therone Shellman - An award winning author, as well as motivational speaker, self publishing consultant, and journalist.

    Chris Smith - Entrepenuer and CEO/Founder of an accounting firm in CA.

    Dr. Antonio Webb - An Orthopedic Surgeon resident and Motivational speaker and published author who has a passion for helping others.

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    Round Table Ep.14 (Does Israelite Camp Doctrine Hinder Our People?)

    in Spirituality

    As we know they're many of our Hebrew Israelite Camps all around the world.  Is it priority to join a camp?  What are the benefits of joining and what are the downfalls?  You don't want to miss this powerful discussion.  

    Special Guest:

    Brotha Sha'ala


    Daniel Ben-Yaaqob


    Yasha Ben-Yishrael


    Jason Sosa


    Kriss Watson Smith

    Bentray Reed


    Duane Bonton



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    The Montana Republic: Illegal Immigration Amnesty

    in Politics

    Illegal immigration amnesty.  What will it ultimately cost and more importantly what will it do to our Constitutional republic.

    This is the game changer folks.  Lets talk about what we can do.  I join the Sister Thunder Radio show on the same subject at 6 mountain time.  Thats 4 hours of blogtalk radio discussing how this is going to cripplebour republic.  Join me and if you can join the Sister Thunder show and be part of the solution.
    Contact Wolf  libertywolf76@gmail.com 
    1 406-570-5202

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    The Montana Republic: Open Phone Nite

    in Politics

    Citizens arrest, Committees of Safety, appointments by the Clown in Chief, Corruption in every branch of government, and our "new saviors" in the Republican congress......and then we have our DUTY.

    Which option do you choose?  Open mic night.  Call in,  express your opinion because I already know mine.

    Contact Wolf  libertywolf76@gmail.com 
    1 406-570-5202

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    A Chat with @AngelaRoquet, author of the Lana Harvey, Reapers Inc. Series

    in Books

    Bewitching Tours and Kriss Morton of Cabin Goddess are excited to have this chance to chat with Best Selling Indie author Angela Roquet. Oct 14th, Psychopomp, book 4 in the Lana Harvey, Reapers Inc. series, released. 

    Pyschopomp (Lana Harvey, Reaper Inc. Book 4):

    In war, everyone loses...

    Lana Harvey is finding out the hard way. When Jenni Fang recruits her for a special mission, the biggest victory over the rebels is tainted by a crushing and immediate reprisal. The rebels have a new general working in the shadows of Limbo City, luring gods, reapers, demons, and souls to the dark side.

    The Afterlife Council’s orders to locate the new rebel base are overshadowed by a desperate and mysterious plea from Grim to find the abducted Greek god of sleep, Hypnos. Where they find one, they hope to find the other. But some discoveries have a way of bringing one to their knees.

    Find Angela around the web

    Website - Newsletter - Twitter - Facebook - Goodreads

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    The Montana Republic: The Black Militia 21st Century

    in Politics

    The Black Militia's Role in the 2nd American Revolution.
    That's right folks, its time to decide to stay divided or realize you can not undo the past but only alter the future.    To that point.....what role did the black militia and black patriots play in the 1st American Revolution.   Freedom was worth fighting and dying for back then.......why not now?
    Join me as I bring for the history of blacks in the Militia.  Yep folks I said that big bad M word.   Better get used to it because the future of America, just like in 1775, depends on PATRIOTS of all races, faiths, sexes and nationalities.   
    This is a pre show to my friend Sister Thunder's Radio show.  Join me and then join her in the following days. 
    Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness can not be the goal of only one race, faith, sex or group of people.....it must be by all American's who realize that with law agents murdering over 5000 American's since 9/11/2001, judges racking up retirement by railroading and intimidating defendants to give up their rights and by politicians who continue to make "laws" so that they can take more of your money and freedom.......its time for us to realize....
    Were all slaves.....are you sick of this shit yet?  The Militia is the answer....just like it was 240 years ago.
    Contact Wolf  libertywolf76@gmail.com 
    1 406-570-5202

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    The Montana Republic- Two Classes of American Citizenship

    in Politics

    "Few patriots know that there have been two classes of American citizenship since the imposition of the Fourteenth Amendment; that is, United States citizens and state citizens. This is further evidenced by the fact that the several state governments have their own constitutions, which are usually ignored even by most of the alternative media. We'll also discuss tonight how the American Bar Association uses legalese to subvert the consent of the governed."
    Join me and my guest Kyle in discussing the reality of the 14th Amendment.

    Contact Wolf  libertywolf76@gmail.com 
    1 406-570-5202

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    The Montana Republic: Are You Prepared?

    in Politics

    Will You be Prepared When the "War" Starts?
    Folks I am a guest on several blog talk radio shows, but I am still here, still kicking and still pissing people off. However, the real question is are you prepared for what is about to happen. Physically, mentally and emotionally.
    That will be the subject of the show. In the second half I have a guest joining me bringing you some basics that will help you survive.
    I'm not selling a damn thing, nor will I tell you where to spend your money.  I just want you to know there is more out there that needs to be done. 
    Also, I will be touching on the subject of coming physically together.
    War is here and the battles are about to begin.....are you ready?

    Contact Wolf  libertywolf76@gmail.com 
    1 406-570-5202

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    Fork Off w/ Krissi Biasiello Radio Show #16

    in Entertainment

    Krissi and Nicole Dorians RETURN !!! to do a special show on whatelse............ with special guest Masterchef Season 4 Winner,,,,,, LUCA MANFE !!

    Talk to you on Monday bitches!!!

    Save this number 718-508-9883,  and call in and talk to us!!

    This show is going to be HYSTERICAL!!

    Don't forget to check out the Rotund Chef's Facebook Page 

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