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    our first show

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    Phoenix Rising And Ms.P Chat With Kream

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    As a young woman Kream began to blend scents and always had a interest in all natural products.  As time grew, her love for all natural products also grew, landing her in her own realm of natural soy candle making.  With a passion for candles and beautiful scents, she embarked on a journey that has been something no one could ever fathom.

    It began as an idea with no specific destination in sight.  Success did not happen overnight. There were many twists and turns along the way. The break-through moment came when the demand for the soft signature presentation of the candles along with the natural scents were becoming highly demanded by many (Vh1, radio hosts, NBA players, NFL players as well as BET rip the runway and many gift bag ideas) results were immediate.  They were a hit.

    Kream believing that great quality products, rather than the usual plain marketing, the people who fell in love with Kreamie's would spread the word.  She was correct.  We appreciate our growing family of natural candle and body product aficionados and earth-conscious connoisseurs to people who just love great quality products!

    Kreamie's Collection was born from the idea to "just try it" - now we are doing it.  Everything all natural.

    Bringing happiness, joy & love to customers' hearts, skin & homes is what we strive for daily.

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    Tissue In The Tape Podcast: Ep.16: Hip-Hop 365 x Shoezeum, It's Da Shoes, Money‏

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    Today is special because we are talking Sneakers (Hip-Hop) of course)! 

    Sneakers like Jordans, Air Maxes, Lebrons, Yeezys, SBs, Adidas and even Reeboks.. 

    We can't wait to talk about how Hip-Hop has influenced sneakers and the symbiotic connection between the two cultures.

    We'll discuss some of our favorite sneaker-themed songs and Hip-Hop themed sneakers, iconic songs and lyrics about sneakers and dissect the list of Hip-Hop's biggest sneakerheads.

    To help us do this we've called upon sneaker aficionado and Guiness Book of World Records title holder, Jordan Geller of the Shoezeum, the owner of the world's single largest collection of sneakers. 

    Hip-Hop 365 x Tissue In The Tape x Shoezeum

    We out chea' ballin', we know you hear our sneaks..

    Let's Go!

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    Press Tour Pit Stop | K'Ream's Journey From Switzerland to ATL!

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    International R&B sensation, Karim Bhorania is a hot music producer/singer/songwriter based in Switzerland. On stage K`REAM’s remarkable voice gives you the shivers and together with his live band, he is sure to keep the house rocking. He has enthused audiences as the opening act for many notable artists, including Grammy Award-Winning Ne-Yo.

    As of February 2014, he is the freshly signed aspiring International import to platinum producer Mark Berry, President of AMG/Universal and his partner Kelo “SE7ENFIGURE” Bigkey based in Toronto, Canada. K’Ream kicked off his press tour in the heart of the south, Atlanta, GA beginning April 1st. He has already been in the studio with Music Producer, L-Roc, and was featured at Spotlight in the City at the Star Theatre this past weekend.  

    I will be speaking with K'Ream as he shares his press tour de' Atlanta! Learn about the cultural differences in the music scene and where you can find him next! 

    Follow our conversation via Twitter @OfficialKream @DilworthPR @GiselleAvenue and be sure to Like his page!




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    We have a specail guest on the show today
    Royal Kream Productions
    We Got hot trending artist on the come up and there new music

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    Dr. Nycole Lyles-Belton Life Coach

    in Spirituality

    HOST: Melissa G. Jordan interviews Pastor & Life Coach Dr. Nycole Lyles-Belton
    Dr. Lyles-Belton is currently an Ordained Reverend. She is affectionately known as a “Fire Ball” for her fiery messages of encouragement and pursuit of Greater and Greatness in this walk of life. Some of these messages include: “Thanks for Making Me a Fighter”, “Somebody’s Gotta Die” and “Make Your Next Move Your Best Move”. When she is not functioning in her church home she can be found spreading the word in various states and facilitating numerous workshops and seminars as a Motivational Speaker. She has recently written two books, “Loving Me Beyond What My Eyes Can See” and “30 Days to Greatness: An Inspirational Journey to the Greatness In You”. She is currently writing a book entitled, “But I Love Me More: A Guide to Walking Away from Unhealthy Relationships. Dr. Lyles-Belton is also a Host for WEHA Gospel 88.7 and 99.9 FM “Power by The Hour” on Wednesdays and Thursdays as well as the Host of her own BlogTalk Radio Show, “Pregnant With Destiny”.   In addition, Dr. Lyles-Belton has taken her love of and for music to another dimension by stepping out of the boat and walking on Water as a Female Gospel Hip Hop Artist. Her first single produced by Mr. Kream of Kreamery Music Group is called, “4-EVA”. This song speaks of the Promise that the Lord will be with us forever. Through her love of Rap Music she continues to encourage, inspire and empower all to walk in their Greatness and to Live the life the Lord has ordained for them to live in spite of what they have done in life and in spite of what they have been through.  
    www.nycoleplylesbelton.com http://www.youtube.com/user/nycolepw#p/a  

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    The Rules of the Game In The Entertainment Industry

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    Perfection is impossible but when you are a celebrity you have to be perfect or you loose endorsements, fans, followers, friends and most of all you loose The reason why many play this risky game where the odds are generally against you all the time, you loose the Loot, Cash, Perdium, Green, Dinero, KREAM, Cheese, The Money Man! You loose the MONEY!

  • Role Models

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    The youth of today needs someone to look up to. So who do they consider to be good role models ? Rappers, Ball Players ? or local Gangbangers ? When young teens watch what they see & hear on BET, VH1, & BET, They become what they see, That is why when you see a young girl at the age of 12 and already catching feelings for another young girl then you have to ask yourself what the hell is going on ? Todays Rappers love to Exploit females in there videos doing erotic things, And our kids have to look at that, And that is why we need real role models for our young, So people please share your input on this topic.

  • Aaliyah VS Beyonce!!!

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    Ladies & Gents, If Aaliyah were still alive do you think Beyonce would be as big as she is today ? Well maybe or maybe not ? But Beyonce were always in a League of her own, And Baby girl has always had her own Urban R&B Style, But i really dont think Beyonce would be as big as she is today, Because baby girl had a very mean swagg. And Aaliyah would out shine her. So people please express your opions!!!

  • Welfare Brats ?

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    Hello ladies & Gents, Its ya girl Mocha, And i am always comming up with a new Hot topic every day, Talking about issues that effect you and the people around you. Ya know i want to ask you this question. Are young girls who have has kids at a very young age & left school because they might have thought it was best to do so. Are they using the system to further thereselves in life ? Meaning since they cant get a job. or get a descent place to live the welfare system is there to help them out,  But each month on the 1-5 most of them take there welfare check. The money that is comming out of tax payers dollars with & buying I pads. I Phones, & etc. So give me your out put on this issue. Are most women using the system to make there selves look good ? or are they trying to seek help ?


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    We in the African American Community has heard about Black Men on the Low. Well what about Sistaz on the Low ? We in the black community are so quick to criticize & judge each other, While at the same time we all have secrets of our own. But who are we to judge ? Even though most of these women maybe Dating other men, Engaged to other men, or even Married to other men, Who may even have families!!!!! How would you feel my brothers if you found out your lady was flirting and cheating on you with another women ?