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    Kp Radio Hawaii 10-05-15...

    in Education

    Show link: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/kpradiohawaii/2015/10/05/kp-radio-hawaii-10-05-15

    Talked about (among other things):

    Addressed today’s blog post.
    October 8 is one-year anniversary of blocking of the TMT groundbreaking.
    Setting boundaries.
    Yawned several times, which was a signal to end the show.

    MP3 download link:


    [Pre-show notes: “Not sure.”]

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    Cook & The BaD GuY Fantasy Experts

    in Sports

    Are you a die-hard football fan? Come join Cook & The BaD GuY for a football show like no other! Each week we give you our ranks, answer start-em/sit-em questions and guide you to the goal line! THE BaD GuY is a LEGENDARY Fantasy Champion with several championships and his knowledge will give you the edge you need. Cook offers up in-depth analysis of all things football to offer a unique perspective. Join the guys as they give you what you need!

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    #GoodCop - Boynton Beach cop rape trial

    in Entertainment

    Hey gang. 
    We have our news and comment along with an update to a story we've been following. 

    We also have exlcusive, members only content that you can access here. 

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    A Palm Beach County jury returned to court early Tuesday to begin deciding the case of Stephen Maiorino, who could face life in prison if convicted on allegations that he raped a 20-year-old Wellington woman while on duty last year.

    The panel began deliberating Monday, ending an emotional week-long trial surrounding what Maiorino’s attorneys say was consensual sex in October between the 36-year-old former officer and a woman he offered to drive back to the police station after her friend was arrested and his car towed.

    About an hour into their deliberations Tuesday, jurors at about 10 a.m. asked Circuit Judge Samantha Schosberg Feuer to define a few words in the law for unlawful compensation or reward for official behavior, the last of the four charges Maiorino faces.

    Maiorino has also been charged with two counts of armed sexual battery and an armed kidnapping charge.

    The question on the last charge could mean that the four men and two women on the jury have decided the other parts of the case.


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    Bones To Pick and the paranormal team will join us tonight!!!

    in Spirituality

    Ahmadi Riverwolf (Yayi Nganga Tormenta Kalunguera) has been initiated in Palo Kimbisa since 2007. She has also been involved in Earth-Centered religions since 1989. Ahmadi is a medium and has skills in not only speaking to the Dead, but in fostering relationships between them and those that are now living in the places where they once dwelled. She believes very highly in the ability for the Living and the Dead to be able to coexist in harmony once the needs and the wants of both parties are known. She feels a sacred duty in helping the Dead to have a voice in these conversations. She is a part of the group Bones To Pick and the paranormal team, Northernbound Souls based in Cressona, Pennsylvania and gives readings both over the phone and in person depending on where you are, how far you are willing to travel (or have her travel), makes personal prayer beads, medicine bags, herbal cleansing baths and cleans houses spiritually .Joseph Atreides is a theriomancer, spirit-worker and psychopomp, as well as an initiate in Palo Kimbisa. He is a human services professional, and his hobbies include animal husbandry, hiking, scavenging and bodyboarding.

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    Americans Aim is the Almighty Dollar, Do or Die

    in Politics

    Americans aim for the almighty dollar, do or die. Everyone is caught up in this system as it exist. This system exist because everyone is not equally involved in a better America every day. The issue is earning dollars based on the lifestyle chosen by us. The issue is Americans who aim for peace, safety and do unto others waits for others to help them make it attain peace, safety and do unto others. Peace, safety and do unto others falls at the bottom of the list of American whose aim is the almighty dollar, do or die. The solutions is yours and mine.


    in Current Events

    Duke Speed is the Founder and Managing Principal of Full Mission Profile, an Annapolis, MD-based organization that specializes in the design, development and delivery of formal training programs for government, defense, public safety and private sector organizations.
    Additionally, he is employed as an analyst for a U.S. government agency in Washington, DC.
    Speed is a 20-year active-duty veteran (retired) of the U.S. Marine Corps with leadership, operational, and training assignments in Force Reconnaissance, Division Reconnaissance, Special Operations Training Group, Infantry, Aviation, Inspector-General, and Recruiting organizations. He is certified as a Military Freefall Parachutist, Jumpmaster, Combatant Diver, Dive Supervisor, Scout Swimmer, Assault Climber, Mountain Leader, Helo-Cast Master, Rappel Master, Fast Rope Master, SPIE Master, and Close Quarter Battle/Dynamic Assault Instructor.
    Upon retirement from the Marines and shortly after 9/11, Duke was employed by the U.S. Federal Air Marshal Service and served as the Senior In-Service Training Instructor for the Los Angeles Field Office. Additionally, he has been employed as an independent contractor for various private sector companies, including Triple Canopy (U.S. Department of State WPPS Iraq), Fluor / FEMA Katina / Rita IA-TAC Project, and the U.S. Navy Force Protection / Anti-Terrorism Training Program.
    From 2009 to 2014, Duke was employed by the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) where he served as a Senior Instructor and Instructional Systems Design Specialist in the Tactics / Physical Techniques Branch and the Advanced Weapons Branch.
    He has a Bachelor of Science (Magna Cum Laude) in Criminal Justice from National University.
    In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his wife and family, playing the drums and guitar, mountain biking, hiking, and working with charitable causes involving children, veterans, and rescue animals

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    KNOW ME / no me Ins-stitute prayerful journey/" To each is a goal "

    in Religion

    Transmitting the understanding that there is a destiny for alll of humanity is critical to the develop-mental process for all human beings.  The Creator created everything and gave everything its purpose.  The human being has an identifiable purpose, to serve or be an humble servant of THE CREATOR of all life.  The duty we have in serving is to find out how to do it " serve The ONE G-D, The CREATOR.  We have to figure out how,  amongst all that is going on.  We must learn.  The ALMIGHTY does not do it for us. That is a beauty because it allows us to be creative and respectful of all others, insects, animals, trees, waters and their life forms.  There is an entity working against our willing servitude.  What do we do? .

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    The Mixx & Buttins Prefunk Show

    in Entertainment

    Welcome to the Mixx & Buttins Prefunk Show!! Tonight, we take a closer look at a very special ingredient called Castoreum and it's many uses. Most of all, we feel it is our duty to let you know where Castoreum comes from (gross)... We invite you all to join us for some fun on our show. Listen live by web, or by calling (713) 955-0692. You can also call to give us your opinion on our topics on the air live!! Feel free to leave a question or comment on our page here, or email us at mixxandbuttins@gmail.com. Sit back relax & enjoy the show. Thanks!

  • Get an A in Country: 120,000,000 Write-In Ballots: Curtis Clinton, President

    in Elections

    I am about honesty & truth. They haven’t paid off as they should have. This is why I want to see truth in front of us from the White House. This is why I  continually try, almost everyday, to be listened to, to talk to you about everyday truth, so you could get familiar with everyday White House talk and truth. We need to go a long way to be a better nation. Everyday conscious, rules, law, actions, work and rest, need to be upgraded to better than what they are now. I want to lead this leadership while being in the Oval Office. I speak almost the same language as the other known Presidential candidates, using different words: everyone must serve our country over one’s lifetime – all at once, or, in segments, in deference to one’s age. Serve we must and it is not negotiable. Until this happens, we are led by the wrong leader, afraid of her or his duty to serve. We need safe duty, strong duty. We need duty to do a good job, in a good job, not just in a high paying job. We need duty to better law and law enforce-ment: laws and law enforcement that are so right that they are honored, respected and trusted. The same duty applies to the White House and Congress. I can be dutiful to the Oval Office. Please be dutiful. You know I talk about 120,000,000 Write-In Ballots for President. There is good reason to mention that. We are too separate in our ways and thinking. This may be due to separate opportunity and outcome. I am nobody right now. I am unemployed. It isn’t fair. It happens. I am skilled. But I can not show it. My skill set is not as extensive as other candidates. It doesn’t have to be if I am all in for doing everything for us. I speak to America, Everyone, the World. This is what I want to do from the White House. I want to lead Government, Business and Life’s Essentials. Join my Write-In Ballot with yours. bwell  c2it. 

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    The Captain's Very Special Guest: Nanine McCool

    in Politics

    Nanine Mccool - A Family Court Attorney Who Was Disbarred For Fighting For Her Clients And Standing Up To The Lawlessness Of Corrupt And Incompetent Judges

    Nanine Was Accused Of Making False And Misleading  Statements That Violate The Rules Of Professional Conduct, Yet The Actual Written Charges Against Her Were Covered With False And Misleading Statements

    Unfortunately - This Is Now The Norm In Our Judicial System Today

    This Is Not Who We Are A People And We Can No Longer Accept This

    Tune In Tonight At 5pm Eastern (4pm/C) To Hear This Unbelievable Story