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    PWR SLAM! Featuring Kongo Kong & Jesse Neal

    in Wrestling

    PWR SLAM! returns to give you an enziguri to your ear holes! Another LIVE, UNCUT, & CONTROVERSIAL 3 hours is on deck.

    Be listening for info on our PWR Trivia Contest for Sept. Winner will get a personally signed copy of Bobby Blaze Smedley's "Pin Me Pay Me"

    THE OPENING BELL: (subject to change) We sit down at the Roundtable discuss the week that was in wrestling. From a terrible glorified yard show to Jake The Snake, to AJ, Hogan, Punk & more.

    FEATURE PRESENTATION: You've seen him on JCW cards... Seen him on IWA-MS cards,heard him with us after the Hardcore Road Trip debacle, see his picture on the Heroes & Legends poster & have seen him getting rave reviews & top listing on the Indy Power Rankings for months. We bring him LIVE. 6-foot-6, 346-pounnds....  KONGO KONG!

    MAIN EVENT: Last time he was on, it was a shoot. Who knows what he will say this time around. Will the Dog of War fire his cannons again? We will find out when we bring back.... Formner TNA star... JESSE NEAL! We'll catch up with Jesse about wrestling, being a husband & father, moving, his recent alter ego, & more.

    The Aftermath: During any time remaining, we will have a spotlight promotion (this may become the opening segment)

    Get ready to listen to PWR SLAM continue to lead the Pro Wrestling Radio Revolution!

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    Live : Celebrating the works of Ledgendary Ken Boothe and Derrick Harriott

    in Music

    The Legendary Ken Boothe, O.D Boothe began his recording career with Winston 'Stranger' Cole in the duo Stranger And Ken, releasing titles including 'World's Fair', 'Hush', 'Artibella' and 'All Your Friends' during 1963-65. Thereafter he released a series of hits on Clement Dodd's Studio One Label. When the rocksteady rhythm began to evolve during 1966 Boothe recorded 'Feel Good'. In 1968 at the age of 17, Ken Boothe released his first album "Mr. Rock Steady", which included numerous hits such as "The Girl I Left Behind", "When I Fall In Love", "I Don't Want to See You Cry", "Home, Home, Home", and the title many regard as one of Boothe's best exponents of song, "Puppet On A String". He recorded the local hit 'Say You" and "Lady With the Starlight". in 1968. In 1971, he inspired the world with his hit song "Freedom Street" on Leslie Kong's Beverley's label. This classic was co-written with BB Seaton, whom Ken had worked with from their Studio One days

    Derrick Harriott (born Derrick Clinton Harriott, 6 February 1939, Jamaica) is a singer and record producer. He has produced recordings by Big Youth, Chariot Riders, The Chosen Few, Dennis Brown, The Ethiopians, Harriott embarked on a solo career and later formed his own record label, Crystal. His first solo release, "I Care", was a hit, with further hits following with "What Can I Do" (1964), "The Jerk" (1965) and "I'm Only Human" (1965), all of which were included on his debut album, The Best of Derrick Harriott. In 1967 he had further solo hits with "The Loser" and "Solomon", as well as with productions of other artists, including The Ethiopians' "No Baptism", and Keith And Tex's "Tonight" and "Stop That Train

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    Timeless Awareness: Reclaiming Self-Esteem with Larry Kiser

    in Spirituality

    Larry Kiser, Chinese Energetic Practitioner, will join me on the program today to discuss the Reclaiming of Self Esteem. Larry will introduce the idea of Timeless Awareness and his intention for the call is to support listeners in releasing old patterns of inner conflict through immediate corrections at the subconscious level. Thus listeners may actually have a healing while listening to the call! 

    Larry says that freeing ourselves of resentment and letting go of blame, accusation, regret and judgement allows more energy and emotional resources for being more of the person you want to be.  In addition, Self Esteem is greatly enhanced with the healing of major life events such as divorce or illness, inner conflicts as well as well as the healing of life shaping events such as conflicts with peers, parents, teachers or one's boss. 

    After the healing from Larry, listeners are welcomed to share their experience and how they NOW feel.  

    Larry Kiser has worked in the healing field for over 20 years.  His practice is influenced by study and work with Russian scientists, an ex CIA operative, Mayan Elders, a Shaolin Master, the Emissaries of Divine Light, various Spiritual teachers, years of working with clients, and his own Spiritual Guides. His teaching and practice includes national and international work in the U.S., Canada, Germany, Latvia, Mexico and Hong Kong. As a former lawyer he taught classes in universities and lectured in various states.   

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    Ep 88: Marion Reneau, Muhammed Lawal plus UFC Fight Night 62, Titan FC 33 & more

    in MMA

    Welcome back for another episode of MMAPowerTalk. Tonight MMAPowerTalk will be joined by first by UFC Woman's Bantamweight Marion "The Brusier" Reneau. We will look back at UFC Fight Night 62, Koscheck's last stand, a four horseman's last ride & the Dober Conspiracy. Mike and Jeremy will also look back at Titan FC 33 and the crowning of four new champions, plus the RFA vs LFC cross promotional event and much more. In the final hour of the show, we will be joined by Bellator MMA's Muhammed "King Mo" Lawal, coming of his decision victory over Cheick Kongo.

    Follow: @BelizeanBrusier, @KingMoFH, @MMAPowerTalk @JeremyBrownFunE @VYBXUSA, @BeastApparelco, @imouthguards, @CombatCorner

    www.vybx.com www.beastapparelco.com www.combatcorner.com www.impactmouthguards.com www.foralltherightreasons.com

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    STR #207 03/17/15 S7e17 "Hong Kong Hustle" Recap

    in Television

                                                    ************ NOTICE  **************



    Hope you were able to watch last night's Castle episode, entitled "Hong Kong Hustle". It gave us a tiny glimpse into what kinds of things "Beckett" thinks about regarding her life, career and future with Castle... along with several of Castle's funny attempts to appease and even encourage his wife that she truly is THE BEST! Definitely a must-see episode in the 'Evolution of Caskett' and for every fan looking to the future for this beloved couple and for the entire Precinct Team. "Hong Kong Hustle" was directed by Jann Turner and written by Chad Creasey.

    After the latest news, we'll open up the STR Round table for your thoughts on this episode. Hope you can join us, here are Elena's questions for tonght's discussion:


    Photo credit/copyright[above and in random BTR order] ABC Studios/Network.

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    ArrowTalk Podcast - Episode 62 - S3 Ep 16 THE OFFER

    in Television

    Ra's al Ghul tries to convince Oliver to take over as the head of the League, and explains that the localized pool of water in Nanda Parbat has healing effects that have allowed him to live far longer than any mortal man. The pool is becoming less effective, so Ra's is looking for a replacement. In a show of good faith to convince Oliver to take the offer, Ra's releases Diggle and Merlyn and forgives all blood debts. Oliver returns to Starling and releases Nyssa, much to the confusion to the rest of the team. Oliver and his team return to stopping crimes, but Captain Lance is done helping the Arrow when he realizes the vigilante lied about Sara's death. Afterward, Oliver realizes that he is not ready to give up being the Arrow; Oliver informs Maseo of his decision, who warns Oliver of the consequences to defying Ra's. Upset with her father for his offer to Oliver, Nyssa returns to Starling City and agrees to help train Laurel. Ra's, dressed as the Arrow, frames the vigilante for murder. In flashbacks to Hong Kong, Oliver and the Yamashiro's son continue to be on the run, during which they seemingly stumble across Shado, who is alive.

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    Curvy Metalhead Show Exclusive: Interview With Sulinh Lafontaine

    in Entertainment

    Ethnically ambiguous, she is a mix of Vietnamese, Chinese, French, Hungarian, and Native American. She is a native New Yorker but she has lived in Paris, London, Milan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, and currently resides in Hollywood.

    You can also catch her in the new festival hit "Myrna The Monster" which premiered at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival and is an official selection of SXSW in March. She also has a featured role in the upcoming "Fast and Furious 7."


    IMDb:  www.imdb.me/sulinhlafontaine

    Website: www.sulinhlafontaine.com

    FB: www.facebook.com/sulinhlafontaine

    Official FB Fan Page: www.facebook.com/pages/Sulinh-LAFONTAINE/112708618806376




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    Interview With IFBB Pro Bodybuilder and Owner of ZKK Reseach ZACK KHAN - #332

    in Fitness

    Zack "King" Khan is one of the most popular and charismatic professional bodybuilders on the planet. His "real, raw, and authentic" approach to training and every other area of his life has created a massive and passionate fan base. During this podcast interview, Khan talks about how he was inspired to start working out after seeing Arnold Schwarzenegger of the cover on a muscle magazine.

    The IFBB Pro talks about the tough decision that he made leaving Nutrex and start promoting the ZKK Research supplement line. You'll learn just how important loyalty is to him. Zack tells you exactly what happened. He offers some great business advice to aspiring bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts. To him, hustle is the name of the game. Khan gets real and discusses the "dark side" of the bodybuilding and fitness lifestyle and the personalities it attracts.

    He explains how a toxic mix of overt sexuality and social media create horrible environment for people to grow as balanced human beings. Zack also talks about the "hater" mindset on the internet, how it first affected him, and how he chooses to deal with it. The ZKK Underground Gym owner gets brutally honest when he talks about the decline of "Manhood" and the rise of the "boi." If you are interested in attracting more women, Zack "King" Kong offers some great advice.

    Six-time national champion bodybuilder, one-on-one peak performance coaching specialist, Mass Machine Nutrition supplement company owner, and speaker, Skip La Cour, offers his expert advice on training, nutrition, and motivation that will help you take your efforts to the next level. 


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    Julien WILLM, Guest Energy Healer, Taking Your Calls Live!

    in Psychology

    Julien will strengthen individual callers and the group by deleting energetic weaknesses and identifying their root causes. Change your life and reach your full potential with the gift of neutrality through energetic clearing.

    Born and raised in France, Julien spent 10 years in the corporate world after completing his BA in International Business Management. To further his career, Julien relocated to Hong Kong in 2003, where, influenced by the Asian view on holistic healing, he developed a strong interest in alternative therapies. What first started as a passion turned into a life changing process, which eventually lead Julien to leave the corporate world in 2007 and focus on his true purpose.

    After 10 years of working and learning in Hong Kong, Julien has now brought his knowledge to North America. Based on the Canadian East coast, Julien travels frequently to Asia, Europe and North America to teach workshops and visit clients.

    Highly intuitive, Julien has consulted with satisfied clients of all ages, cultures and walks of life, as well as businesses and animals.

    Julien is proficient in various energetic techniques and alternative therapies, which gives him a unique and highly intuitive approach to facilitating the changes that his clients want to see in their lives.

    Julien provides a holistic approach through his knowledge as:
    Certified Yuen Method Master Teacher, Certified Hypnotherapist
    Certified Regression Therapist, Matrix Energetics Practitioner
    Reiki Master Teacher, Rahanni Celestial Healing Practitioner
    Applied Kinesiologist - Tropper Method for emotional release
    BioGenesis Practitioner, Julien is also a member of the Canadian Academy of Naturopaths and Naturotherapists.

    Conscious - Happy - Neutral

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    #095 Castle 07x17 Discussion CBR Spotlights RN Margaret PT2

    in Television

    Castle Bones Radio (CBR)

    Wednesday, March 18, 2015


    9 PM ET/ 6 PM PT


     CBR Radio Spotlight Interview with RN Margaret Part 2 – 911 first responder

    Castle Season 7 #17” Hong Kong Hustle” discussion.

     Castle and Bones news, ratings and spoilers.

    Call in to speak with the host


    Come chat with us and join in the fun.

    All photos and audio clips used on the broadcast copyright ABC,  Fox, RN Margaret and host PamfromCalif

Join Host Live Chats

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