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    Tantra for the West: A Direct Path to Living the Life of Your Dreams

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    A Direct Path to Living the Life of Your Dreams

    New World Library publisher and author Marc Allen, who has been practicing tantra over 30 years, illuminates this ancient tradition so that it becomes a useful, powerful set of tools for modern Westerners. He shows how the tantric awareness that embraces everything, rejects nothing, and emphasizes the present moment offers a path to inner peace and fulfillment.

    Marc Allen is the author of several books including Tantra for the West, The Magical Path, The Greatest Secret of All, Visionary Business, and others. He is an internationally renowned seminar leader, entrepreneur, author, and composer. He co-founded New World Library (with Shakti Gawain) and has guided the company, as president and publisher, from a small start-up to its current position as a major player in the independent publishing world. He leads seminars in northern California and gives teleseminars that reach people all over the world. For more information visit www.MarcAllen.com or www.NewWorldLibrary.com. 

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    mrs. diamonds and pearls.samantha chambliss

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    marilyn monroe,ann margaret, trinute artist, just to name a few . plus. singer, dancer, all around entertainer. she will take your attention and your heart.join us live as we take your calls and question. at 718-766-4118   

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    #ThriveLifeNation Monday Morning Motivation/Mindset Call 6-29-15

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    Today we will be talking to 40K VIP Rockstar Jessica Hernandez!

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    Artistically Inclined with DJ Cali Special Guest Be'n Original

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    Music and the Arts have always played an essential part in our daily lives. Something is being created each day that brings about an emotion of some sorts for each of us personally. New artist from music, sculpting, writing and dance often find it hard to be featured in shows or on air. Artistically Inclined hopes to bring a forum for the creators and their followers, as well as new, a place to be showcased. Join us each week as we shed light on the world of Arts & Entertainment. 

    About our Guest

    With a client list that has included several major businesses (Def Jam, American Greetings Interactive, Warner Home Video, RockStar Games, XXL, The Source, Yahoo!) and renowned celebrities/executives (Teri Woods, Tonya Lee, Necole Bitchie, etc.), decorated combat veteran BE'N ORIGINAL has unequivocally established himself as one of most versatile and multi-talented individuals in the entertainment industry as whole. 

    Whether contributing to several leading media outlets including The Source, XXL, King, Vibe, and Yahoo! music, producing content for entertainment titans like Def Jam and American Greetings Interactive, designing marketing decks for Grammy Award events, or promotional art for the Jamaican Consulate, his wide ranging talents cannot be denied. 


    If you are a new artist, promoter, musician or the like and would like to be on our show as a guest, email: DJCalimidday@Gmail.com

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    Canadian Moto Show with Brent Worrall

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    The Canadian Moto Show is on the Air 'Live' at 6:00 pm pacific 9:00 pm eastern and can be found right here http://www.canadianmotoshow.com This week we take a look back at the Western rounds of the 2015 Rockstar Energy drink Nationals with Chris Pomeroy. We will also speak with Gopher Dunes Honda Canada's Jeremy Medaglia who got his first taste of victory this past Sunday in Regina. The series next stop will be the home race of Gopher Dunes for Jeremy.

    Tonight on the show we continue our weekly features which include our Parts Canada Walton Trans Can amateur national profile with Tyler Gibbs. We also look forward to continuing our KTM Canada rider profile with Damon Burbine who was in action this past weekend at the Josh Damery Arenacross in Springhill Nova Scotia.

    Ryan Lockhart was also at the Damery in Nova Scotia and we will continue our Lockharts Locker segment tonight with Ryan. Tonight we also contiue to set up RD-6 of the Canadian Kawasaki Future West Moto Series that goes this weekend at the Popkum Motor Park.

    The WCAN is July 2-4th in Raymond Alberta and we will chat tonight with a couple behind the scenes there that are doing their best to see that event is as good as it can possilby be. Rylan Pozdnekoff and Scott Lowry will join us for an update from Southern Alberta on that great event.

    Our call in to win giveaways continue teamed up with Motocross Performance Magazine, Ryno Power Sports Supplements and 2UNDER so have your phone ready to call in to win when the gate drops on giveaways. Join the online chat board and Lets Go Bench Racing.



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    Celebrity Matthew Tiger Impersonator Interview Fret Michaels Impersonator

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    Day in life of a rockstar aka Bret Michaels look alike.From humble beginnings to the fantastic present.Your calls,questions,and discussions.Home of the best tribute artist in the nation...all things music, to give everyone a chance to interact with their fans in a way that would normally not be. And whatever people do in life is a rockstar. Life As A Rockstar is about everyone.so join us weekly. Always Believe and keep on rockin.Tune In Wed june 24/2015 at 5pm EstCall In 5pm EST 347-327-9117

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    My WordPress Help Desk for June 20th

    in Internet

    WordPress Rockstar Ken Freeman brings you a fresh look at all things WordPress.

    In this podcast, here's what you will hear:

    Page One:   WordPress news


    Page Three: WordPress Q&A

    Our Sponsors for this week include:

    Our Sponsors:  www.site-keeper.com   www.wp-sitemakers.com   www.hosting-master.com  www.prc-solutions.com 

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    Canadian Moto Show with Brent Worrall

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    The Canadian Moto Show is on the Air 'Live' at 6:00 pm pacific 9:00 eastern and we have a great show lined up that can be found right here http://www.canadianmotoshow.com. Tonight we continue our great Canadian Moto Show giveaways teamed up with Ryno Power Sports Supplements, 2UNDER, Ride 100% & MXP Magazine. We will open up the phone lines to give you a chance to call in to win a great prize package that inculudes a T' Shirt, Goggles, 2UNDER & more.

    We are now 3 rounds into the Rockstar Energy Drink Nationals, the Show was in Calgary and caught all of the action. Tonight we will catch up with MX-101's Dylan Wright off his first Pro podium finish in Calgary. Kyle Keast of Gopher Dunes Honda Red Rider support also checks in with the show tonight.

     Ryan Lockhart will continue the ever popular 'Lockharts Locker' segment; the show also looks forward to catching up with Shawn Maffenbier as the National series moves to the Saskatchewan natives backyard.

    Sara King is the new champ of the Canadian Pro Womens West series that concluded this past weekend in Calgary and will check tonight. Our KTM Canada rider profile will be Tanner Ward who is back in action on his way back up the ladder in Canadian Motocross and beyond. 

    Kyle Springman has also been banging bars at the top level and we will get all the goods from the likeable Holeshot Motorsports Big Steel Box rider. So log in and hit up the popular chat board and Lets Go Racing

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    My Vegan Father’s Day Celebration Rocks!

    in Food

    Today Laura Theodore, the Jazzy Vegetarian, rocks out with tips and music for a fabulous vegan Father's Day celebration with guest, Rebecca Gilbert. Laura Cheadle, Rockstar Vegan shares music and tips for Father's Day and Micheal Castaldo will join us to share his new single. 

    Premiering July 1, 2015: Jazzy Vegetarian on public television is back for a fifth season, featuring QUICK, EASY meals. From Sunday Brunch to a Garden-Fresh Dinner, TASTE award-winning host Laura Theodore—with help from celebrity guests like Lidia Bastianich and Rickey Medlocke—shows how to cook healthy, delicious vegan food.

    Rebecca Gilbert is a former competitive figure skater whose switch to a vegan diet healed her chronic joint pain. She is the founder of yummyplants.com and author of It's Easy to Start Eating Vegan! Yummy Plants 101. Rebecca has been a speaker at Vegfest events including the NYC Vegetarian Food Festival, Vegetarian Summerfest, and Paris Vegan Day.

    Laura Cheadle, the Rockstar vegan lives the hectic, busy life of a popular musician, and is not able to spend much time in her kitchen, but she finds ways to maintain her vegan diet, and is eager to share her ideas with us, along with songs and clips from her award-winning, rockin’ recordings. 

    Award-winning Italian tenor, songwriter, and producer, Michéal Castaldo has entertained more than 500,000 people across the USA, Canada, and Europe.

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    Mr. Showtime Dre Hilton

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    he is motivational speaker, part of one of most popolarist shows in pigeon forge tennessee soul of motown. he is mr. dre hilton. live on the show . dont miss it,

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    Talking About Instagram with Tar'lese Rideaux

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    My guest this week is a woman of many talents and I specifically invited her on the show to talk about her vast knowledge of Instagram. As expected, I was not let down. I was taking notes about websites and strategies as fast as Tar'lese could spit them out.  I've known Tar'lese for a few years online and actually met her in person for the first time earlier this year.

    We've both traveled a lot of the same paths in our lives. We have a ton of mutual friends and her soon to be husband is a legend in the game. I'll get her to make him come on here at a later date ;-)

    On this show you can expect to get a detailed description of IG, the psychology behind it, hashtag searching and so much more. Make sure you're somewhere with the ability to take notes, you'll want to take plenty for this episode. 

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