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    Introducing Kno Joke

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    Introducing the world to the greatest up and coming label in the world... Kno Joke Entertainment. 

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    !!!CYPHER SUNDAY 9PM EST/ 8PM CST 657-383-1848!!!

    We hear artists always say "I've got BARZ" well now is your chance to Show and Prove... If you don't freestyle then DROP a HOT 8-16 and bring it to the table... Let the world hear what you got outside of the studio and engineering... This is not a rap battle or free for all. This is a platform to showcase your lyrical talent to the world... You never kno who will be listening... So get ready an bring it to the RADIO.

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    EP#5 Racism or Realism: Defining the Black Power Movement

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    Racism or Realism: Defining the Black Power Movement
    Gonzo After Dark host, Kno Betta, examines "racism" as a definition for explaining the difficulties African Americans have had on the road to empowerment. It is often given as the reason for police brutality, profiling, why blacks don't get the best jobs, or why they are passed over for promotions. It explains the gaps in education, the widening economic divide, and a multitude of other differences in the black community. Or does it? Kno Betta compares the implications of defining the American Black experience along racial lines verses a broader struggle for power and hedge money.


  • Lamar Odom, is Khloe trying to literally kill him?

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    Lamar Odom divorce disappears under mysterious circumstances and Khloe Kardashian is looking more and more like your modern day Klansman, she now has banned contact with Lamar's REAL family, is there a payoff by the Kardashisnd to keep Lamar silent by any means neccessary? Yall kno they say OJ is herLets look at some seriously frightening facts. t back but do NOT relax!

  • Musik Monday! Interview with @JordanJordan901

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    JordanJordan is a South Memphis Native. He is currently working on his first album entitled "For My City". Also known as "Mr. Want U 2 kno" is featured on Yo Gotti's "Chapter One" mixtape and on a song by CMG artist Snootie Wild. "Want u 2 know" It was played on a lot of major stations. Jordan also has a song w/ "Hit The Quan " creator Iheart Memphis called "Instagram Girl" which is on iTunes now. Currently pushing his new single "Exotic" which featuring Paper Route Empires' artist Young Dolph and Bino Jordan is ready to take his place in this game. Listen LIve at 10pm or Ondemand at NiaBoom.com Lets GO! 

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    LOVE AND HAPPINESS: Is love enough of a basis to plan a future with someone?

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    Perhaps the most important decision of a lifetime is the choice of partner to build a life with. Host Kno betta explores the marital or relationship contract people make to join each other in creating a joint future on the basis of love. He questions whether todays world requires more thought and more detailed elements established at the foundation of a relationship. Or, does the elation one experiences constitute enough value to move forward in faith that a great future is possible.

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    Music Artist D-Kno Money

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    Host B Rich will be interviewing D-Kno Money on the show tonight. 

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    Beautiful Butterfly Welcomes Author of Meet the Commodores Sunny Giovanni

    in Lifestyle

    In southern Dallas, Texas, Sunny Giovanni-- or "Gio" as she likes to be called-- was born on the fifth day of June in 1989. Born to a mother who was a teacher and a graduate from Texas A&M University you couldn't so much as watch a Disney movie if you hadn't read the book beforehand. Gio has had a very strong history with literature, diversifying from poetry (winning placements in oratorical contests), to thriller short stories as a way to vent her frustrations.

    The pen was handed down to her from an older sibling as a means to focus her negative energy and anger into something different but was used as a way to alter her own situations.
    As a preteen Gio witnessed how much her writing could touch someone when she left one of her prized spirals in a classroom without knowing. Two weeks after it went missing someone brought it back to her asking for more, letting the young author know that almost everyone she knew read the story, but without knowing it was her in the story she had written.
    Sunny Giovanni is an advocate for gay and transgender rights, and says: "You can't help who you are and you damn sure can't help who you love. You should be true to who are rather than to conform and live the ultimate lie and live miserably until the day you die." Credited from the poem she penned "Titanium", modeled after her novel.
    Gio is a mother of three children, the founder of Lucid Legends Publishing/ Photography, Kno Joke Entertainment, the host of "We Talk TOO Much Radio" on BlogTalk Radio and blogs on Tumblr under the name "KnoJokeGio". She is a friend to many and prides herself on making a smile out of an extremely horrible day. "It doesn't matter if you're having a bad day... a smile could make everything else seem so small. Crack a joke when someone is hurt and see how fast they cheer up. 

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    In The Kno w/ Domo

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    We rep the INDY-stry heavy...but we know sometimes you need your industry fix!

    Tune in every Weds from 7-9 pm EST to get In The Know with @Domo_TheDame. She keeps you current on all things entertainment.

    Are you an aspiring actor, personality, or host? See how you can co-host a show with Domo: IndyDynastyRadio@gmail.com

    Indy Dynasty - Where YOU are the INDY-stry is the home for independent entertainment professionals. We offer interviews, promotional services, and play music! For more information on Indy Dynasty please visit www.IndyDynasty.com

    To stay "In the KNO w/ Domo, visit: http://iknoDOMO.com

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    Detroit Grudge Talk with Nrva Scared's Big Wayne

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  • Pat O'Toole Talks H2A and Sheep

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    Mr. Pat O'Toole a famly Rancher will be on today's show to talk of the many issues going on with the Goverment and Ranching

    After just a bit of reading the information Mr. O'Toole sent and a brief call to me I can not think anything else then we have a war going on by our Goverment on Farming as we kno it.

    Mr. O'Toole is a Rancher a man who has served his counry and farming his whole life hear his story