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    Kleftikos Radio: This Is Halloween

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    Kleft Jaw and Kleftikos Radio had so much fun doing their second open mic show a couple of weeks ago, they're bringing that fiendish concept back for Halloween.

    Join us on October 25th (8pm WST/9pm MT/10pm CST/11pm EST). Kleft Jaw staff will be joined by a host of surprise guests. The theme for the evening is Halloween, and the door is wide open as to what that can entail. Surprise guests and callers just like you will join the show to offer their favorite horror stories and poems. These can be original works, or just pieces that have kept them awake during those long, weird nights.

    Rumor has it that Vincent Price himself is going to drag his old body out of the grave, and join us for a conversation on the works of Edgar Allen Poe. Kleft Jaw cannot confirm the validity of this terrifying rumor at this time, so you're just going to have to tune on October 25th.

    Whether you want to contribute your own original or favorite scary stories/poems, or if you just want to creep us out, tune in on October 25th (8pm WST/9pm MT/10pm CST/11pm EST), and scare the living hell out of Kleft Jaw.

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    Kleftikos Radio

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    9/17/14- Kleft Jaw ed. staff members open up the lines for a free for all. Open Mic call in shows may be a thing of the past, but then again, we like to dig on skeletons. If you have a something to contribute, call in and read your workin the parthenon of transcendetal realism.


    8pm wst/ 9pm mt/ 10pm cst 11pm est

    Live Free Write Forever. Write Free Live Forever.


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    Kleftikos Radio

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    Welcome to Season 2 of Kleftikos Radio. Tonight, KJ ed. staff members sit down with KJ #6 contributor Paul Koniecki about his editing work at MadSwirl literary journal, as well as about the possibilities of publishing a future manuscript through Kleft Jaw Press. 

    8pm wst/ 9pm mt/ 10pm cst/ 11pm est

    Check out all the semantics from Season 1 here: http://kleftjaw.com/kleftikos-radio/


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    Greatest NFL Comebacks; Seahawks, Andrew Luck, and Deflate Gate

    in Sports

    This podcast we'll discuss this past weekend's NFC and AFC Championship Games. There's a lot to talk about dealing with Deflate Gate as well as Seattle's epic comeback for the ages when others thought they were deflated and out of air. Also, Andrew Luck and his legacy 3 years into the National Football League, as well as his impressive Marshawn Lynch impression, and even the NBA's Russell Westbrook tries at it!

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    Superb Win Last Night and Friday Night By Charlie Zelenoff Hands Down The GOAT

    in Sports

    i won 2 title fights (Underground UBF) 2 days in a row Boxing History In the making. who the fuck is deontay wilder wait isnt that the Punk I tkod in 2014 oh yeah thats right, that glass jaw bitch shit hes not even worth the mention. Im the Greatest We Both Won Decisions Last Night But the night before wilder fought I won a fight too. 2 days in a row cant find that in "mainstream boxing" espn2 is delusional Charlie Zelenoff Is #1P4P 




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    NFL Conference Championship Spoiler Alerts

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    Listen in for 30 minutes if you don't mind hearing spoilers on who wins the games between the final four teams in the NFL playoffs, and the x-factors in those matchups, brought to you by Michael Davis himself.

    Live listeners may call into the show to place their input, so keep your ears tune for a phone number to dial.

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    NFL Divisional Round Rap

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    Listen to this brief 30 minute podcast where Michael Davis discusses the playoff games from this past weekend in the NFL, including the controversial decision to rule the Dez Bryant play an incomplete pass, leading to a Packers victory.

  • Ladies Let's Talk with Coach Jeanna - The Healthy Game Changer

    in Self Help

    Ladies Let's Talk radio is a weekly show for women about women as it relates to family, lifeskills, wellness and business. Guest and listeners are global, all over the world. Women make up a huge part of small businesses and are extremely good networkers. Stay with us. Ladies Let's Talk...

    This week the first Wednesday of the new month of the new year 2015. We have a great show for you, the health game challenge. Our guest Karyn has a jaw dropper story. Join us were ever you are. It is so fun to be apart of a community doing what you desire to do, stay healthy. Some times as we all know, its not easy.

    Share with your friends and if you miss us live click for the archives.

    Wednesday, 8:00 tp 8:30p PDT. Tell your friends. Happy New Year to you!

    About your host Jeanna Brown. http://CoachJeanna.com


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    Live in the cage: Rob Hanna, Korey Kuppe

    in MMA

    Tonight on ACSLIVE.tv's Live in the Cage, Dave "The Butcher" Clifford welcomes undefeated professional lightweight Rob Hanna to the Genco Boots virtual studios. He'll be talking to Rob on the Every Victory Earned hotlines about his challenge to take on the toughest competition he can find in Michigan. Thing is, Rob is from Ohio. Call in to accept the challenge, or to jaw jack in any way you'd like at (347) 857-1024. Second guest of the night is Macomb Martial Arts' coach and professional welterweight Korey Kuppe. Korey is fighting (alongside his brother, a MICHIGAN LIGHTWEIGHT... just sayin' lol) Feb 21st for Joe Battaglia's TXC promotion in southern Michigan (not far from Ohio). 

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    Miracles Happen

    in Education

    Tonight, Ken Collins will talk about the miracle of brain injury by interviewing John Class a recent stroke survivor about his miraculous recovery.  John has become a real hero in Reno, Nevada after his stroke.  There are many doctors in Reno who are praising his recovery.  You will not believe how well John is recovering from his stroke and this interview will inspire everyone who listens to his amazing story!  Ken will also talk about the brain injury he had at 3 AM on December 31, 1976.  On January 1st, Ken was recovering from his brain contusion and basilar skull fracture at Sacred Heart Hospital in Eugene, Oregon.  Ken ran Pat Moore’s snowmobile headfirst into the side of Bob Brewer’s Ford Pinto.  On impact he fractured his skull and also broke his left jaw below his chin and rammed his right jaw bone into his ear canal.  Ken only remembers Christmas Eve and doesn’t remember anything until he awoke in late January 1977, picking the wires in his mouth in front of a mirror in his parent’s bathroom.  His mouth was wired shut because of his broken jaw.  Ken still doesn’t remember what happened to him after all these years, but has many lessons he would like to share with you to make your journey after a brain injury easier.  Please call in with your questions or ideas you would like to share about your recovery.  All questions are good because the only way people can understand brain injury is by us telling people about what we go through.  This information will not only educate them but will help other people with brain injuries and stroke survivors too!  Thank you for your time and consideration of this information and hope we make 2015 a better place to live for all people with brain injuries and stroke survivors everywhere!        

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    Charlie Zelenoff Snapped Deontay Wilders Jaw On video I wanna hurt him again

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    I tkod deontay wilder with 1 punch i wanna hit him again except this time hit him so hard that hell get knocked out cold and wont be able to get up. see Its obvious I tkod him his arms raised up in the arm and the ropes held his back up from getting knocked the fuck out but the indenial deluded glass jaw alabama boxer denys the tko his team says lucky punch what ever and that he wasnt phased hey thats why there should be a rematch. wilder lets Fight Again I will put you to sleep you are not in my league muthafucker answer your phone lets set up the Match we can do it where i beat Geo Zavala Or We Can do it where I smashed your bitch ass the 1st time. 

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