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    A Very Special Interview with Kendra Lee

    in Business

    Hold the date for this very special interview with Kendra Lee!

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    Inama yabakuru b' ibibuhugu mukarere kibiyaga bigari i kampala irangiye yemeje ko M23 Isenyuka. Kagame azabyifatamo ate?
    andikira radioitahuka@gmail.com cyangwa utubwire niba hari ibyo uzi ushaka kutubwira hano kuri radio Itahuka facebook/ijwi ryihuriro nyarwanda/itahuka follow us on twitter: rnc_usa call in to listen Live 347 945 6449

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    Alba Voce with David Baillie

    in Culture

    History Lesson Night featuring Dr. William Pierce -
    Tonight I will be playing several broadcasts by Dr. Pierce recorded in 1999, specifically discussing the United States involvement in Kosovo, bombing Serbia, and claims that the Serbians had been committing genocide against the ethnic Albanians, when, in fact, they were fighting against the gangster Muslims known as the KLA, Kosovo Liberation Army.
    Dr. Pierce discusses the role of the Jews in Washington DC and the way the ones in Kosovo had invoked their alien status to avoid harm when the Muslims were going on murderous rampages against Serbs leading up to the confligration.

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    Inner Voice Intuitive Hour welcomes Bo Arnold

    in Spirituality

    Bo L. Arnold is a  columnist for VIVA GLAM Magazine, one of the top US magazines today founded by one of the most successful models in the world, Katarina Van Derham. Bo’s articles reflect the material in her first book, currently in the submission phase. In addition, Bo’s Youtube channel, Bo Arnold TV and her daily Tweets of Truth have earned her a loyal fan base. 
    Bo’s work in the area of energetic transformation through the power of love has supported many on their journey to a more peaceful and healthier life.  Adding to that, Bo is also a Reiki Master, an animal communicator, a bodybuilder and a safety risk manager and has promoted personal safety, high-quality nutrition and superior health for more than 25 years. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Miami University. Bo started KLA Risk Consulting in 1998 to assist employers with reducing the injuries and illnesses for employees and has presented more than 200 workshops, lectures and seminars in the past 25 years. Bo has also successfully assisted a number of clients with diet and exercise training under the bodybuilding umbrella of her experience. She has authored numerous articles that have been published in professional trade magazines, newspapers and newsletters for the past 20 years.
    Bo shares her time between Columbus, OH and Perth, Scotland.
    Jenny Sieck is a Jungian focused intuitive counselor as well as the host of this weekly forum that explores the intersection between our imagination, our intuition and our most persistent dreams!
    To check out Jenny's offerings check out: http://www.innervoiceintuitive.com.

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    Chef Khristianne Uy, or "Chef K," as she is called, is an accomplished chef with a strong combination of award-winning menu creation, preparation and background, combined with over ten years of culinary experience and management skills. Chef K is thoroughly familiar with a wide assortment of international cuisine. Her application of nutritional knowledge necessary to adjust traditional recipes to lighter alternatives and high skill in creative flavor and presentation in her catering business put her in demand with high-profile clients including The Royals of Saudi Arabia, director James Cameron, The Coppolas, and Charlie Sheen, who tweeted during her winning finale on ABC's "The Taste," recently, "The fate of my personal chef "K" rests on the finale of "The Taste" tonight on ABC..! Watch...and C. The Sheenius only works with #winners."   Chef K was on former two-time recent guest, Chef Brian Malarkey's team. Her winning combination spoons ("tastes") started with a Peking Duck Confit as her first course. Next, she served up Seafood Bouillabaisse, and her final spoon was Rootbeer-Braised Short Ribs. My mouth waters just reading and reliving these moments!   Chef K also appeared on Bravo's "Millionaire Matchmaker" on this week's episode, March 19th.   Her website is http://chefkla.com/ And you can follow her on Twitter @CHEFKLA

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    Kendra Lee-The Sales Magnet on EGG Live!

    in Business

    This on demand audio series is a part of the Executive Girlfriends Group Vignette Series. Chicke Fitzgerald interviews Kendra Lee. The original live interview was 2/22/13.
    Many of you may be entrepreneurs who started your own businesses and were forced into sales to be successful. Or you were dragged into selling reluctantly because your job role changed. Some of you, like me, actually chose to make the move because sales sounded more exciting and lucrative.
    Regardless of how we all got here, we're in sales with personal goals that require us to find prospects to achieve them. But where do we find those people? Most sales training programs begin with, when you have a lead or as you begin your sales process. Short of telling you to make cold calls, they don't provide any advice on how to go about getting the leads you need. Kendra wrote this book as a resource for you in attracting prospects from your list of small and midsize companies. It includeds loads of tips, techniques, and examples you can use to successfully draw prospects to you.
    Kendra Lee is a Top 50 Sales & Marketing Influencer for 2012. She is a Prospect Attraction Expert, president of KLA Group, and author of the award-winning book Selling Against the Goal and The Sales Magnet. Specializing in the IT industry, KLA Group helps mid-market companies break through tough prospecting barriers to exceed revenue goals. Ms. Lee is a frequent speaker at national sales meetings and events.
    Kendra’s website is www.klagroup.com/
    To order her book click HERE
    For more information about the Executive Girlfriends' Group see: http://www.executivegirlfriendsgroup.com

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    Cold Calling a viable prospect strategy or not?

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    Need help with cold calling? Ask Lita.  
    Ask Lita for a Business People Connection to sales trainers specializing in cold calling.  Need sales consultants, ask Lita.
    Is telemarketing dead?  How do you cold call in a "do not call list" environment?  Some might say, "referrals."  New business referrals are great, especially for quality business.  Yet, anyone experienced in starting a business from scratch or anyone with the need to develop new business leads immediately knows that referrals may not arrive in the quantities and time frame needed.  
    Over the years, the "do not call list" and caller ID has caused a steady decline in telemarketing.  Today there are varing views on whether cold calling remains a viable prospecting method.
    Mentioned: Rob Glessner a Promotional Marketing Strategist and Owner of Glessner Promotional Agency LLc and Dean Thedos, President at Livable Art Partners Consulting Group 
    Featured guest Kendra Lee is a top IT seller, prospect and lead generation expert, sales advisor and business owner who knows how to shorten time to revenue in innovative ways.
    She is author of the award winning book Selling Against The Goal and president of KLA Group.  Specializing in theIT industry, KLA Group helps companies rapidly penetrate and sell to small and medium sized companies. Clients include such Fortune 500 companies as Apple, Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard and numerous small and mid-size companies. 

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    Was Milosevic innocent?

    in Politics Conservative

      The Serbs defended themselves from political Islam and were demonized. This is a case example of how Islamo-Fascists successfully fooled and lied to the world. We shall be examining the evidence of why the Serbs were on defense and, rather than be the perpatrators of genocide and ethnic cleaning, were in fact the victims.

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    Benyamin Solomon's Truth Zone

    in Politics Conservative

    Time to expose the hardcore truth with the most brilliant, the brightest, most clever, and best Blog Talk Radio host here on BTR.

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    Robert Thompson's Leader As Coach

    in Management

    Glenn Hughes…Speaker, Author and Director of Global Learning for KLA-Tencor Corporation and founder of Smart as Hell, joins Robert Thompson and Daren Blonski to talk about tools.  His mission is to provide tools that provoke deep conversations. Tools that drive alignment. Tools that demand accountability. Tools that spur results. Tools for the workplace and the home. Tools that create the world we want to live in. You might even call him “Glenn the Tool-man." Be sure to listen and learn.
    Each week, Robert Thompson's Leader as Coach brings you practical, simple and straightforward advice from world-class executive coaches and their clients who continue to benefit from the coaching experience.

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    Supermodel Kaila Idowu is LIVE on the air! TUNE IN and learn more about her!

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    OMG. This is going the be the biggest thing to pop off in a long time tune in as we host the hottest show to date. RIGHT NOW 9:30PM (EST) from Miami on 104.7 and right here... call in 786-220-2685.