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    Black Thoughts and Theory: The Radio Show- Melanated Self-Defense

    in Culture

    Melanated Self-Defense

    Some of you believe that we cannot defeat those who would subdue or slaughter us. Well, I do not share such cowardly and ridiculous thoughts. Sure we have to be smart because they are formidable, but if I may paraphrase Garvey, the power that holds African Americans is not divine ... it is flesh and blood. 

    Join Alex Primo, Asha Zuri, and Zhe Levels Scott Thursday October 1 at 9 PM EST as we discuss not only what is possible in regards to Melanated Self-Defense, but we will explore and examine what our great forerunners did in the past to protect one another. We will look at a Black Doctor who knew he had to take up arms to protect his family and people. We will look at a brother who believed in shoot first and shoot last. We will also look at Indigenous Americans fighting the Klan and more. 

    And of course the good brother Dennis Jefferson will be bringing us another fantastic episode of Healthy Matters.

    This is going to be a HOT one so get ready to tune-in.

    You can call-in at (917)889-2830 to speak with your Hosts


    You can log on here to listen LIVE.

    And Remember Always Keep It On-Point and Keep It Real.

  • Why California's Racial Profiling Bill Isn't Enough.

    in Entertainment

    So we took a look at California's Racial Profiling Bill and of course we have critiques about it. 

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    Azealia Banks: Singer Compares LGBT Community to Ku Klux Klan on Social Media, Reports Say
    "LGBT community (GGGG) are like the gay white KKK's. Get them some pink hoods and unicorns and let them rally down rodeo drive," she reportedly posted on Twitter. The tweet has since been deleted.

    Illinois Budget: Power May Be Cut Off at Government Facilities Due to State Budget Standoff, Official Says
    The state budget for the fiscal year beginning July 1 has not been approved, preventing some payments. Secretary of State Jesse White outlined risks in a letter to Gov. Bruce Rauner.

    Michael Sam: Former NFL Player Says He Would Still Be in League if He Hadn't Come Out as Gay
    Sam said Friday on "The Dan Patrick Show" that he didn't intend to come out as gay before making an NFL roster and that he probably would still be on a team's roster if he hadn't said anything.

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    9MIND Cosmic Frequency Monday Show

    in Dads and Family

    What up 9MIND klan and tribe? No time to write descript.

    Let's get it innn ok...

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    Who are U based off your Zodiac & Baby Beast or Baby Humans?

    in Women

    What's up 9Mind Sacred Cosmic Frequency Sisterhood, family and klan?
    My apologies for not doing yesterdays SunDay show. I received un-announced company and had to choose betewwn doing the show or asking my guest to leave. Of course I chose the company of my guest and all is good and instead of making y'all miss me all the way to next week. Tonight will be yesterday's make up show. 

    Tonight my mon·o·logue will include going over some FB post, current news and of course the main topic of our RELATIONSHIPS with one another, our children and or strangers and what is needed to take place for those relationships to become better, stronger, and FUNCTIONAL.

    Too many of we are experiancing non functional relationships where we are with people are permanently around people we are not building a damn thing with.

    What uh WASTE huh? I personally don't like hanging out with persons I'm not building with so when I meet you. I must quickly access whether or not the potential for (we) to BUILD ie.... create something is there. If it isn't then there is no reason we should become companions, or associates simply for the sake of having a NEW useless FRIEND to go eat some fried tacos with.

  • 9Mind Cosmic Frequency Old School Music Master Mix

    in Music

    What up 9MIND Cosmic Frequency Sisterhood, Family and Klan? Feel like listening to some good music that brings back memories of when we (knew) we where Black aka Negro aka Colored aka now African American's, UNIQUE ~ SPECIAL & AWESOME???? 

    Well welcome to 9Mind Cosmic Frequency Music Master Mix.

    Let's go...


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    Black Thoughts and Theory: The Radio Show- Black America: Lost & Stolen Land

    in Culture

    Black America: Lost & Stolen Land

    What would you say if I told you that African Americans have lost over 50% of their land ownership over the last 100 years?

    Let's talk about landownership in America. Most of America's wealth, on the personal level, is typically based on or around landownership. Guess who doesn't own much land and who is the first to lose their land when the stuff hits the fan? 

    Join Alex Primo, Asha Zuri, and Zhe Levels Scott Thursday September 10 at 9 pm EST as we explore some of the unfair practices, criminal acts, and missed opportunities that have kept Melanated(Black) persons on the outside looking in when it comes to gaining wealth by way of landownership. 

    We will take a look at being denied for loans, unfavorable loans, being forced out of homes, and chased off of land. We will show you how America has systematically limited Black land acquisition and ownership. We will explain how racism, racist policies, and white supremacist groups worked in tandem to prevent and curtail the advancement of Melanated people. 

    Plus the brother Dennis Jefferson will be returning with another excellent episode of Healthy Matters, promoting Melanated health and well-being.

    You can call-in at to speak to your Hosts at (917)889-2830 


    You can tune-in and listen LIVE online here.

    And as always, Keep it on point and Keep it real. #One

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    Truth Serum with LONE WOLF

    in Current Events

    Tonight’s Topics “NiggERS Coming To Texas BEWARE.” Devilish Caucasoid threats against black lives on video goes viral. ‘A Natural Progression. From the White Hoodies To The Blue Uniform.” Why it makes perfect sense for klan members to graduate to law enforcement. “Let Justice Prevail.” Circuit judge let charges against Freddie Gray’s murder stand. “They Must Think We We’re Stupid or Soft.” “All Lives Matter?” WHEN? “White Envy of Black Success.” How Black Wall Street failed to protect itself against PROVEN Devils. “We Need Our Own SHIT.” Larry Johnson repeats call for blacks to form their own version of the NBA. “Africa Rising.” How certain parts of Africa is becoming a major player in the auto manufacturing industry. ““On A Positive Note.”

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    9Mind Sacred Sisterhood Cosmic Frequency News & Talk

    in Family

    What's up 9MiND Sacred Tribal Klan and Family? THis evening I want to just read some in the news clips and play this bomb azz spoken word poem titled; TO BE BLACK AND WOMAN AND ALIVE by two sisters who are now discusssing boldly and with no apologies the very topic for which I started the 9MIND Sacred Sisterhood Cosmic Frequency show back in August of last year. It was to get we Black women aka Sistuhs to FACE that which we have not wanted to face for a very long time concerning and pertaining to our blk men and males here in America and (their) unquestionable HATRED of US. And of course continue my weekly monologues and discussions on we the American born and bred n*gg*rstock who dont know or think we n*gg*rstock because we "LOOK GOOD", smell good, dress good, some of us speak well, are well fed and are the most spoiled and arrogant niggaz in the world but at the same time the most mind fucced aka mind controlled niggaz and negreasses this side of the SUN. Yet our own inability as Blacks living in America to admit or acknowedge this very SAD TRUTH is why I do the 9MIND Sacred Sisterhood Cosmic Frequency Blogtalk Radio show each week. We have walked around with our eyes wide shut and there are those who get MEGA RICH insuring we stay xactly that way. Especially, the women....



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    The Purpose (LADIES edition)

    in Music

    Black Wall Street, the name fittingly given to one of the most affluent all-Black communities in America, was bombed from the air and burned to the ground by mobs of envious Whites. In a period spanning fewer than 12 hours, a once thriving Black business district in northern Tulsa lay smoldering – a model community destroyed and a major African-American economic movement resoundingly defused.


    The night’s carnage left some 3,000 African Americans dead and over 600 successful businesses lost. Among these were 21 churches, 21 restaurants, 30 grocery stores and two movie theaters, plus a hospital, a bank, a post office, libraries, schools, law offices, a half dozen private airplanes and even a bus system. As could have been expected, the impetus behind it all was the infamous Ku Klux Klan, working in consort with ranking city officials and many other sympathizers.


    Visit this link to get rest of story: http://sfbayview.com/2011/02/what-happened-to-black-wall-street-on-june-1-1921/

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    Soul Progressive Sundays – September 06, 2015

    in Current Events

    Another week of the most Soul you gonna get.

    ·      James Bond author says Idris Elba ‘too street’ to play 007

    ·      Officer fired after photo surfaces of him giving Nazi salute at Klan rally

    o   “I’m standing at a rally against illegal immigration. There’s not much to be said about the picture. I’ve never denied it was me.

    ·      Bathroom access for transgender teen divides Missouri town

    ·      White woman LA speed chase

    ·      This months 'Watermelie Award' nominees

    ·      Finally weighing in on Bill Cosby scandal

    ·      Steve Harvey

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    Episode 23 Journey-In-Rhythm: Uneek Gifts of Touch "A Woman's Point Of View" w/T

    in Radio



    "They come to mind and it is a topic that keeps resurfacing in the conscious community and general public. It is the subject of accountability. In our community we are always looking for the answer to come from outside of us or our community." by Tamara Matthews


    "How strong She is! Without contender,

    She honors Her name as Hmt of the Cities.

    Sharp-sighted, keen as Ntchr's protector, Right Eye of Ra,

    Disciple facing Her great Neb, bright with the Glory of

    Ntchr, Wise upon Her high throne,

    She is Most Holy of Places,

    A mecca the world cannot parallel." - Leyden Hymn10 (excerpt from resource "Spiritual Warriors Are Healers", Mfundishi Jhutyms)


    !!!!Akanfo Klan Unite and Fight ignorance!!!!


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