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    10 for 10 Network 3/28

    in Sports

    Join Jonny Showtime,Razor Ramon,Whiteboy Stew, and Chuck The Deacon as we return to the airwaves after a week hiatus! We will cover all the crazy news from March Madness, as well as the NBA & all the latest pickups in NFL free agency. So tune in this Saturday at 10 for a jammed packed 1 hour show because we are "THE BEST SPORTS SHOW FOR THE BEST SPORTS FAN!!

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    10 for 10 Network

    in Sports

    Join Jonny Showtime, Razor Ramon, Whiteboy Stew, and Chuck the Deacon as these 4 nutheads bring some of the craziest and most exciting sport news out there. 10 am central...Saturday Mornings....

    "Best Sport Show....for the Best Sport Fans"


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    10 for 10 Network

    in Sports

    Join Razor Ramon & Whiteboy Stew as they hold down the 10 for 10 fort this weekend!! They have a jammed packed 1 hour show with all the lastest topics of the MLB,the NBA, the Super Bowl, & National Sigining Day. Make sure to tune in at 10 to the 10 for 10 network this Saturday because "IT IS THE BEST SPORTS SHOW FOR THE BEST SPORTS FAN!!!!"

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    10 for 10 Network

    in Sports

    Join Jonny Showtime, Razor Ramon, White Boy Stew, and our Newest Co-Host....Chuck Diesel as we bring some crazy Sports news. This week show we will be talking about: D Rose injury, Lebron, TN High School Girls Basketball team cheating, and much much more. JOIN US AT 10 AM CENTRAL.

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    Funny You Should Ask - Part Two - 10 or 20 Commandments?

    in The Bible

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    Do you have questions? The Bible does have answers!

    We will discuss what God’s Word says about the questions we sometimes are asked. If you have a specific question, please send us an email at ask@askthepastornow.com so we can respond. We look forward to your comment or question. Remembe, we do our best to answer from what the Bible says not opinions.

    Join Us Tonight As We…

    Respond to Questions or More Specifically... "Funny You Should Ask - Part 2"

    Love to hear your questions and tonight, a few about Easter...

    Please plan on joining us for a special evening on Ask The Pastor Now!

    Be A Part Of The Next Broadcast and Ask Your Question!

    Leave your question at 1-866-275-4472 after you select option 1. By the way, if you already have a question about the topic or something about the Bible, ask it in advance. Leave your message on the voice mail and we will cover the topic in the broadcast!

    Don't miss out; relax, calm down and get a cup of tea. Turn down the ringer on the phone and listen in as we share from God’s Word.

    Sign up for the WriteLyons Newsletter or Email us at: btr@askthepastornow.com if you have a testimony to share. Please follow us on Twitter @writelyons and visit us on the web at askthepastornow.com.

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    10 for 10 Network

    in Sports

    Join Jonny Showtime, Razor Ramon, Whiteboy Stew, and Chuck the Deacon as we bring you some heated discussions this week. We will talking about NFL Draft, NHL, MLB, and NBA. Get the word out...because this show is gonna hit the roof.

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    10 for 10 Network 2/21

    in Sports

    Join Johnny Showtime, Razor Ramon, & Whiteboy Stew as we cover all the biggest sports stories & share our feel good Showtime Moments!! Tune in Saturday 2/21 @ 10 to the 10 for 10 Network because it is THE BEST SPORTS SHOW FOR THE BEST SPORTS FAN

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    Give Me Five "Romans 10" Readings by Chad Chandler Sr

    in Christianity

    Romans 10:1-21...Scripture reading and reflections by Host, Chad Chandler Sr.

    "Give Me Five" Refreshing and Inspiring program offerings in "5 minutes" or 5X2 (10 minutes) and 5X3 (15 minutes)

    Bible Lessons
    Biblical history or 
    Christian FYI News 

    "Give Me Five" is brought to you by EarthlyMinistry.Org in association with Earthly Ministry Foundation, a non profit organization. (If you desire to help us promote the Kingdom of God, please consider going to our website and leave a donation of any amount).  May God richly bless you!

    Join us also on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/earthlyministry.org

    Twitter #EarthlySalt

    Free Prayer Guide:  Click the link: http://www.earthlyministry.org/images/pdf/prayerguide.pdf

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    10 for 10 Network Valentines Day Special

    in Sports

    Johnny Showtime is MIA once again, but it's ok because Razor Ramon, Whiteboy Stew, & a brand new co host have a jammed packed 1 hour show! We will discuss NBA all star weekend, a little NFL, & our Showtime Moments!! Make sure to tune in at 10 tomorrow to the 10 for 10 because it is the way sports show for the best sports fan!!

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    The Shoutout Show: WTF IS WRONG WITH YALL?? (again)

    in Entertainment

    Rapey football players, Homophobic governors. Black people vouching for racists...mann people TRIPPIN!!

    Call The Krewe and vent with us..!!
    Tweet us at @DaShoutoutShow
    Put your comments and questions here on the event page and we'll address them on the air!

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    The 10 Commandments of BYOD, When Writing A BYOD Policy

    in Technology

    The rapid proliferation of mobile devices entering the workplace feels like divine intervention to many IT leaders. It’s as if a voice boomed down from the mountain ordering all of the employees you support to procure as many devices as possible and connect them to corporate services en masse. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) was born and employees followed with fervor.

    There’s no sense pretending it isn’t happening or saying, “We don’t let our employees do that.” The truth is, they’re doing it already and will continue to burrow noncompliant devices into your network with or without your permission. Forrester’s study of US information workers revealed that 37% are doing something with technology before formal permissions or policies are instituted. Further, a Gartner CIO survey determined that 80% of employees will be eligible to use their own equipment with employee data on board by 2016.

    This raises the inevitable question: how will you support workforce desire to use personal apps and devices while allowing them to be productive in a secure environment that protects corporate data? I hope these "Ten Commandments of BYOD" show you how to create a peaceful, secure, and productive mobile environment.

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