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    CASE FOR THEE KJV - Open Mic

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    I am an evangelical Christian missionary for six years having worked from Gangland LA to downtown Las Vegas to Salt Lake City testifying for the Lord Jesus Christ. Our show is devoted to showing the supreme authority of the King James Version of the Bible. We will be examining key verses in several translations to show how the KJV has been corrupted and what this means to you.
    We are pro-active in our goal to spread the good news of the gospel.Before you characterize our show as "just one of those religious shows" give us a listen and judge for yourself. We are outgoing KJV warriors with an unquenchable taste for the truth of God. EMAIL = caseforkjv@aol.com
    Join us!

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    CASE FOR THEE KJV - Elections '09

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    Today elections are being held in several of our states. What does the King James Version of the Bible say to us about choosing the right leader? Tune in to Case for thee KJV for an informative 30 minute program. Our show is dedicated to the perpetuation of the 1611 King James Version of the Holy Bible. We believe it is God's perfect and inspired Word.
    God does not make mistakes and his holy Word should not be changed, Rev. 22:18-21. Please tune in to our show each Tuesday and Thursday at 2pm MT for 30 minutes of fast paced, no nonsense information for you. Many of the changes and lies, that have been infused into these counterfeit Bibles, are so subtle that the casual reader can hardly catch them. In other cases, they are glaring. We invite you to join us in our Fellowship room or email us at caseforkjv@aol.com. Please send us your favorite Bible verse and we will examine it word for word as we do each week. Comments are always welcome,too. Tune in or download us for 30 minutes of quality time that will make a big difference in your Christian walk.

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    CASE FOR THEE KJV -God's truth

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    Learn about the different Bible translations and why we believe the King James Version is the supreme authority of the Word of God. Published in 1611 it has stood the test of time and critics. With so many corrupt versions of the Bible coming out so rapidly, the true word of God, the KJV, is becoming more and more watered down. Please join us for a study packed episode. Today we will look at John 17:17.

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    A KJV look at the Govt.

    in Christianity

         As the debt crisis is looming, let's see what 2 Peter 2:1 starts tp talk about the government.  It seems like things weren't so different back then.

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    Case for the KJV

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    Special Guest: BRO.LARRY D. WILLIAMS, TH.B., Director of Dover Baptist Bible Correspondence School and author of THE AUTHORITY OF THE KJV will be joining us from Arkansas today.
    Bro. Larry will share his testimony and his knowledge of why the King James Version remains to reign supreme on our show and in our hearts.

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    9/11 KJV Message

    in Religion

         We at "Case for thee KJV" have a special message about courage and freedom on this historic and reverent day.
         9/11 -- We will never forget.  Please tune in or catch us on the archives.  Fellowship/chat room always open.

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    KJV in First Corinthians

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         Hello.  On today's show we'll parallel the KJV verse of 1st Corinthians 10:9.  We'll try with the Lord's gracious help to explain it. 
         You will find that the passage follows Numbers 21:6 in the Old Testament. We're always at casefortheekjv@yahoo.com for your comments.  Come on and tune in.  I guarantee we'll spread the gospel to you.

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    The bible Study of the KJV VS the New Editions Part 1

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    Welcome to another show.  It has been amazing to us to listen to the last two shows where we took the word of God and looked at the history.  We have tried to put together a factual show regarding the comparrison of the King James Version to the newer versions.  This has been very difficult because like many political documents each person who does these teachings has taken liberty to add other information that I do not agree with.  But that is why we call this your place.  We found one person's teaching on this that reached out to the Holy Ghost that lives inside of us as nothing else we had found.  We are going to bring this to you in two parts due to the amount of information supplied.  We have limited time to prepare for each weeks show.  We know that this is the next topic of discussion that God wants to use this show to share with you! So take the good and ignore or comment on what disagree with.  Here is a short insight as to just how bad the NKJV is: Why I do not use the New Kings Jame version of the bible! 22 omissions of "hell", 23 omissions of "blood", 44 omissions of "repent", 50 omissions of "heaven", 51 omissions of "God", 66 omissions of "Lord". Any of these words to hard for any of you to understand? We encourage you to listen to our last two shows as part of your research of the Bible.  As always we open up the microphones at the end of the show so you can share your thoughts or comments. We have to know what the word of GOD is to have our faith grow, be in a church that teaches truth, and follow GOD's plan of salvation HE put in place for all of mankind!

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    CASE FOR THEE KJV is the show on Blog Talk Radio that exposes the lies and deceptions that Satan has so deviously planted in our modern translations of the Holy Bible. Many of those changes are so sublime that the casual reader rarely notices that they are there.

    We point out to you word-by-word version comparisons to help prove the accuracy, ease and overall supremacy of the 1611 King James Version of the Bible. We believe that it is God's perfect , inspired Word to man and should not be changed. God does not make mistakes and does not need His Word corrected, Rev. 22:18-21.

    Please join us each Tuesday and Thursday at 2pm MT for 30 minutes of fast paced, no nonsense information about the Bible you are reading. Guests often appear on our show and listeners are always welcome in our Fellowship room.
    We expect that you will be shocked to hear how the Word of God has changed throughout the years in these counterfeit versions. Please send us your favorite Bible verse for word-by-word version comparison and comment. All email should be sent to caseforkjv@aol.com.

    We invoke the precious Name of our Lord Jesus Christ for protection against evil forces as we address how Satan's lies have corrupted many "modern, easy to read" translations based upon the Authorized King James Version of the Holy Bible.

    We hope that you will tune in or download our 30 minute program and that CASE FOR THEE KJV will change your Christan perspective on how you read the Bible.

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    Discovering the Truths of the Bible: The Book of St. John - KJV

    in Christianity

    Hello! Thanks for joining us this week! We so appreciate you!

    Kindly, we'll be having another show to replace the May 1st show that was not recorded. We look forward to seeing you!

    Homework: Please read the book of John Ch. 5 if you have a chance! It's 47 verses long and great reading!!


    We love you! Thanks so much. Be ready! 

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    There are false accusers in the end days....The Bible (KJV)....

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    Tribulation Baptist Church....I'm the pastor....

    (GNN) Gregory news network....I'm the founder only owner of this network and shows since 1999....All forms of media....

    The Target of Jacksonville, Florida Newspaper....A Born Again Christian online weekly newspaper....I'm the publisher....

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    You Tube @:  James Gregory

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    Twitter;   @gregoryofnews

    Worldheadquarters for now @:

    136 E. 5TH., Street, Jacksonville, Florida....32206....

    Sincerely, James William Gregory Jr.