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    Wine Talk with Marcia

    in Self Help

    Marbue Marke – Winemaker, Artist, Individualist

    In a world of lock-step wines, Marbue goes his own way. Originally from Sierra Leone, his name alone elicits something unique and out of the ordinary. Both he and his wines are just that. Marbue Marke is one of the most talented winemakers I’ve ever worked with… he brings a talent and a passion that tends toward the extraordinary in everything he does. – John Caldwell

    Deep inside our 22,000 square foot cave, surrounded by the earth in which the grapes are grown, Marbue makes thoughtful and artistic interpretations of this vineyard into wine. “I know what I want and what I’m looking for in any given wine,” Marbue says. “I’m not chasing a trend or a number. The grape has a voice, and my job is to hear what its saying and to amplify it for everyone to hear and enjoy."

    Join us for a lively discussion on the ART OF WINE!

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    Weird Pennsylvania - with Frater Julian

    in Radio

    On Thursday May 28th, 2015 the Hermetic Hour with host Poke Runyon will have as its special guest Frater Julian of the Benjamin Franklin Encampment who is an expert in Pennsylvania folklore relating to witchcraft and magick. We will be discussing his paper on the mysterious Roman family in the colonial Quaker community, Johannes Kelpius "The Wizard of Wissahickon," and his Cave of Kelpius, and Apocalyptic prophecy in the 1690s. The Epherata Rosicrucian Cloister, then moving up toward modern times with Dutch pow-wow, hexcraft, the curious case of the Hexencat and its capture. The York County 1920s Hex murder case. So if you want to catch up on your American occult and witchcraft heritage be sure to tune in for Weird Pennsylvania
    on the air.

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    Live Chat with Fabian Marley but is he the First Born for BOB MARLEY as He Claim

    in Music

    Live Chat with Fabian Marley but is he the First Born for BOB MARLEY as He Claim

    Fabian Marley was born on the 27th of July 1968 to Raphie Munroe and Bob Marley,in Kingston 12 At a later age Fabian and his mother relocated to Eastern Kingston,

    His first encounter with the music was with the Rainbow Band where he met with The Skattaliets and learn music the orthodox way from people like Jonny Dizzemore Roland Alphanso and other members from the band his first instrument was the Harmonica then he learn to play the piano and further on he went on to play other instrument's. The band sounds of rainbow start creating their own album they took one single from their album and started their own distribution, then they had a miss fortune, a few of the members past away leaving only Fabian the drummer and the lead guitarist, they found members and at this time Fabian became the lead singer. In the band then they re-recorded some of the tracks from the first album with some new ones.

    Fabian Marley started recording with the All Fruits Studio in Rock fort, Cave Man Studio and Afari Studio which is located in the constant spring area ..... all the mix and mastering has been done at the Tuff Gong Studio and Anchor Studio, Fabian's vision is to continue the work that his father started spreading the gospel of reggae music all over the world. in the future Fabian wishes to build a solid music industry, where we can teach the younger generation how to play instrument's and how to sing on keys And to appreciate the roots reggae music like the rest of the world, Fabian's hope is to start charities to help the disable and the unfortunate children.

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    history of Bruce wayne

    in Books

    on the world finest were going talk about the history of Bruce wayne. after seeing the death of his parents what drove a kid to dress up as a bat. well we are going talk about that. plus how old he was when he left Gotham and why. we're did he go and who taught him the skills of the martial arts. also going talk about on how old he was when he found the famous bat cave. plus going talk about how old he really was when he suite up as batman and we're he got idea for the look. so call in and give us your thoughts on the history of Bruce wayne.

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    Jamaican Richard Wright CEO of Milbrooks Resort welcome you to a luxury Vacation

    in Travel

    A beautiful resort for a perfect exotic vacation

    Milbrooks Resort is nested in the hills across from the Half Moon Hotel at Spring Farm Estate, Montego Bay, Jamaica. This 14 bedroom villa sits on two acres of beautifully kept landscaped gardens, with spectacular breath-taking views of the Caribbean Sea and within walking distance to the Half Moon Golf Course and a five minute drive to Jamaica's largest conference centre.ery

    What can you expect at Milbrooks Resort

    Milbrooks Resort is an exclusively luxurious, fourteen-bedroom boutique villa set in the hills of the beautiful Rose Hall, Montego Bay. This charming two-acre estate is located in the beautiful upscale neighbourhood of Spring Farm, Rose Hall and offers all the amenities of a hotel but also provides a private vacationing experience that is second to none. for booking

    canada. 1647-347-9458


     usa - 1917-508-6433


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    Saturday Morning Meditation

    in Self Help

    This week we visit the crystal cave, always inspiring this meditation offers a super boost and a chance to explore any lagging energies as you enter into the void to find your potential . 

    check out Dorothy's Hypnosis & Meditation downloads https://play.google.com/store/music/artist?id=Atagtmz6ii2iuyox44rknb2nukm

    or on youtube https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLd0W7GasdrURNA7j4fhrLTrHWZNb7xdSY

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    The Playlist & Indie Top TEN COUNTDOWN

    in Entertainment

    Join us this Friday as before we countdown the TOP TEN we have an EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with the homie Crisis reppin that Memphis TN. His song HOOKED as been a fixture on The Playlist for over a month and we want to find out what else this very talented artist has in store. PLUS dope indie music from Rise Rashid, Dre Skuffs, DulaMite and MORE! 

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    Have Faith In Praying The Word of God

    in Prayer

    Can you have Faith in the Word of God even when there is not a speedy healing manifestation.  Will you continue to stand and not cave in or quit.  Is the Bible a majic book that we only read when we want something to happen?  Find out how to trust God until you see the results of your prayers.

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    Superwoman Sanctuary's Woman Cave

    in Business

    Join Candice Payne and co-host Tierra Duke for their weekly late evening girl talk. Grab your tea and kick back with us at 9pm every Monday.
    Tonight's Special Guest Wife, Mom, and Licensed Therapist Chantelle Bittings will be joining us.

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    Stephen Schwertley Tells about Enemy in the Heartland

    in Writing

    Stephen Schwertley is a first-time fiction writer. After suffering a stroke in 2013, Steve’s creativity blossomed as he began to write the book he's had in his head from his college days. With his quirky sense of humor permeating his life, he lives in Cave Creek, AZ with his wife, Joy. and 2 Yorkies.

    Enemy in the Heartland is a believable story that is riveting from beginning to end – the author is a master of tying multiple characters and events into a single theme all the while creatively leaving possibilities for future branches or sequels.”
    ~ Michael D. Bush, Lieutenant Colonel, United States Army

    It’s hard to believe that this book is the first effort of its author, Stephen Schwertley. It isn’t often that you read a first novel with the detail of plot and beautifully crafted character development found in Enemy in the Heartland.

    This story of terrorists could have been taken right from the headlines in a newspaper in New York, London, Paris, or Tel Aviv. Rarely will you read a story so contemporary in its writing that it’s as realistic as a lead news story.

    As the reader flies through the pages of this book, you might wonder if someone had successfully cloned Tom Clancy (in his early years). You can’t go from page to page without wondering how long you could possibly hold your breath.

    Using a very large cast of characters, a reader might think that so many players would cause confusion & a need to make the effort to follow the intricately constructed storyline. But there’s no need to worry, because he's done a really admirable job of detailing not only a clearly defined plot  ~ a partial review from Ken Mitnick

    Visit Steve at: www.StephenSchwertleyAuthor.com/

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    Faithful To God Through Temptation Part 2

    in Christianity

    You know its amazing how many battles, test and temptations we face in a given day that want to cause us to cave in to defeat and give ourselves over to something that God never intended for his children. Take good look at the Israelites for example, how is it that a faithful, devoted and loving God remain commited to his people even though they desired other things rather than him. They placed their trust in man and longed for things that appealed to their flesh more than spiritual things. Its at a crucial and critical moment that as you find yourself in the cross roads to making the decision to give in to temptation or remain faithful to God where we experience him the most. So what are you dealing with or going through at this time? What will you choose to do? Or who will you choose to believe? It could be struggling with lust, engaging in sex before marriage, spending time alone with someone other than your spouse,  to look or not to look at ography, one is telling us a big lie while the other side is telling us the truth and calling us to holiness, purity, freedom and faithfulness to almighty God, and its often in that moment that the angels in heaven will either be rejoicing in our victory or shedding tears over our moment of weakness. You might say Ive already messed up and its too late. But thats not true, God wants you to turn from your sin and re-commit to him and show others through humility how God has delivered you and can do the same for them.....what a faithful and loving  God we serve.