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    New Music Inferno Presents Wrestlemania 31 Roundtable!!!

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    Join us as we sit down once again to chat about WWE and their Super Bowl of wrestling known as Wrestlemania...we will be joined by musicians and fans of the wrestling world...Come share your thoughts on the matches..who will win..who will turn..will Seth Rollins cash in...and so much more...

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    Country Music artists Denim and Lace

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    Rockin' guitars and a powerful feminine vocal fit like Denim & Lace. The band’s blend of traditional and hot country – class...ic, alternative and southern rock – packs the stage with Jim's drum kit; Jim’s Les Paul; Corky’s Fender Stratocaster and acoustic; Brad’s mandolin, keyboard, electric bass and stand-up bass; Susan’s acoustic guitar, traditional fiddle, piano, dobro and banjo. D&

    Susan Cannon, acoustic guitar, piano, banjo, fiddle, vox
    Brad Condra, bass guitar, piano, mandolin, vox
    Jim Cook, lead guitar, vox
    Corky Ash, lead guitar, vox
    Jim Beshears, drums, vox

    L covers tunes from Patsy Cline to Incubus. It’s all about the love of great live music. Camdenton, MO


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    The Oneness Blessing w/Paula Rosenfeld

    in Spirituality

    Paula Rosenfeld, Awakened Certified Oneness Trainer, is passionately dedicated to helping people become happy, healthy, and fulfilled. She launched her private practice, From The Heart Center, LLC, in 1992. Her vibrational tool kit includes ancient shamanic healing techniques, energy balancing, intuitive consultations, coaching, teaching Oneness courses and meditation, and inspiring people through the written word. As a practitioner of the shamanic methods of Soul Retrieval and Extraction since 1994, Paula has assisted over 1000 people and animals in recovering from trauma and connecting with what is sacred to them. Additionally, she leads shamanic journey circles that support direct experiences of healing and guidance through individual communion with spiritual guides. Paula’s awakening in 2013 at Oneness University in India ignited an even deeper desire to assist in the transformation of world consciousness. As a Certified Oneness Trainer, she initiates people to become Deeksha Givers, giving them an opportunity to rapidly grow in awareness and happiness, and to help others grow as well. 

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    To Build a Computer: Have your Raspberry Pi and Eat it Too

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    Programming Note: *We were unable to air this show Thursday, March 19th. So we will be airing it Friday, March 20th instead."

    Read Deb's recent blog post entitled, "To Build a Computer" and you will see where Small Town Global will be headed next in terms of computer innovation. In the post, Deb talks about how she came across a computer kit for kids recently on Kickstarter and has followed this invention for over a year now. Powered by Raspberry Pi, the KANO computer build system is now released for sale online, and Deb plans to offer the computers on her websites once a wholesale arrangement is worked out. In addition, Small Town Global will promote this idea as one of the greatest inventions of our time that will inspire youth across America to build their own computer and redesign technology as we know it.

    CEO and founder of Small Town Global, Deb Killion plans to sell the little computers on her site, as well as offer instructional videos on computer building and design. She said, "I believe this little computer kit opens the doors of innovation and creation for kids who have an interest in computer technology but don't know where to start, or for adults or anyone wanting to take the first step in creating their own computer."

    Small Town Global also has plans to create an original computer for adults that is based on the premise of simplicity and minute size, inspired in part by the computer kit known as Kano.

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    "In Other Words" with Woody Bradshaw

    in Pop Culture

    Country star Woody Bradshaw is my guest today. Woody is a former sexy bad boy soap star who is now a rising star on the country Western scene.  
    His songs are great.  They're a kind of country/AC sound.  And he sings them really well.  You'll hear some of them on the show, including monster hits, The Last Thing You Do and Friction, as well as It's Good to be Home, which, yeah, is a hokey title, but that doesn't make it any the less true or or less beautiful, and it's fast becoming the anthem of his home town, Pensacola, Florida.  


    media kit – http://www.squidmarkmedia.com/woodybradshaw/




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    Kate Laity & Valerie Polichar discuss the creative life

    in Entertainment

    We'll talk about our individual creative passions, our personal backgrounds, and how we fit creativity into our lives.

    Valerie Polichar is Huge Shark and If This

    Kate Laity (also Kit Marlowe and Graham Wynd)

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    Deepertruth: Lent Calls Us To Focus Our Prayer

    in Religion

    In Iraq I created a rosary group that I called “The Rosary Patrol” whose daily mission was to pray for those going out side the wire, for families separated due to the deployment, and for the needs of those present.

    I always held my wife and family as specific prayer intentions. We were blessed to have several people across the United States who would join us in prayer. We saw amazing things take place as prayer moved mountains.

    I believe this prayer devotion had an important impact on our missions as we dedicated them for our Battalion and our missions. Early December 2006 while deployed to Iraq, I was serving as a Medical Platoon Sergeant for a forward deployed Cavalry unit. I was suppose to have 44 Medics in my Platoon but only had 25 Medics. This required that I use all assets on missions. This included myself so I ended up conducting many missions as medical support.

    On one such day, I was supporting our Scouts platoons as they were conducting patrols at nearby villages. We stopped at one small village to speak with some of the leaders of the community. I was quickly called as the “Sheik” had a 3 year old daughter who suffered some burns due to boiling water. The burns were days old so I simply placed dry sterile wrappings on the major injuries and gave them instructions and supplies.

    The people living in the village were in fear of the enemy who would attack them randomly. I spoke to one man who lost an uncle who was killed by Terrorists. When this mission was completed and we arrived back on base, I made a plan to help our Command using the Medical support provided. I went to our Battalion Surgeon with a proposal to create a kit that Medics could use specific to helping Iraqi civilians so that they would not be working out of their aid bags.

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    Personal Skin Care For Men: Get the best performance outcome for your skin type

    in Design

    Hello family, and welcome back tonight!

    Wow, we have a great segment in store for you. Fellas, special shout outs because we are focusing on skin care for men and daily regimens. Yes it is equally as important to keep the skin nourished and protected. We discuss how to use natural minerals and botanicals so that you are reaping the benefits of a daily grooming regimen. Learn how bringing out the passion of a daily routine enbraces confidence and perception to your inner personality, as well as your outward appearance. And ladies, nothing better than an appealing man who exudes confidence and character! right? Join us tonight for a great show!

    See ya there!

    (10:30 pst)

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    Global Ambassadors for Consciousness

    in Spirituality

    Eunjung Choi and Yves Nager are partners of the heart on a mission with passion to inspire and help people who are on a conscious path. As enlightened entrepreneurs and planetary healers they share their unique gifts with the world so that they can fully live their lives aligned with their passions and purpose. Using their multi-dimensional tool-kit, Eunjung and Yves can help you clear, center, and create the life you've always dreamt of and live your life fully and magically witnessing miracles on an ongoing basis.

    Eunjung (originally from South Korea) and Yves from Switzerland had a brief encounter in Kaua'i Hawaii in June 2011 and again,  through Divine guidance, at the Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland in September 2011. Since then, they have traveled together to over 30 countries on their mission to assist with the global shift in consciousness through ceremonies with the land, workshops, retreats and sacred journeys.  

    Join us March 4, 2015 when Eunjung and Yves will share some of the highlight experiences from their sacred adventure through 16 countries last year and share tips and tools on how to follow your heart, live your passions and create life of magic and miracles.

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    Get Real! with Mark and Kally - Eating Healthy While Traveling

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    In the old days of traveling for me, we relied on fast food chains, processed foods, and bad sandwiches.  This was considered normal eating for us, but not every day. When we decided to change our lifestyle and eating habits, I had no clue how to travel without bringing the whole kit 'n caboodle including the kitchen sink.

    It's tough to stick to your usual and healthy diet while traveling, but it's not impossible. You barely have time to sleep, let alone think about how you will find healthy foods to eat, but there are some steps you can take to eat right while you're away. By taking a few extra minutes to adequately prepare for your trip and making wise choices when you are on the road, you can fuel your body and get the energy you need to power through your busy days. Don't miss our tips for eating healthy on the road.   You'll find you can save money as well and enjoy the local foods.

    I know when we travel and eat well we stay healthy, feel great and have more fun.

    Photo credits:  by Gualberto107,rakratchada torsap, and Serge Bertasius Photography at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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    Choices in Childbirth - The Doula Report

    in Moms and Family

    Today I will be joined by Executive Director, Michele Giordano and Director of Policy and Research, Nan Strauss of Choices in Childbirth. Last fall, CIC introduced an important piece of research. The Doula Report identifies the value of doula support in achieving critical improvements in maternity care in line with the priorities identified in the Affordable Care Act. The report examines the landscape of birth in NYC including health disparities based on race, ethnicity and income as well as challenges for doula work.

    Choices in Childbirth is a non-profit organization focused on ensuring that all women have access to maternity care safe, healthy, equitable and empowering. Their mission is to promote evidence based, mother-friendly childbirth options through public education, consumer advocacy and pioneering policy reform. They seek to improve maternity care by providing the public, especially childbearing women and their families with the information necessary to make fully informed decisions relating to how, where and with whom they will give birth. www.choicesinchildbirth.org

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