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    The Podcaster’s Illuminati Show: Episode 3

    in Entertainment

    Episode 3 we have a panel of podcasting expert talk about what it takes to produce a successful podcast 7/29/15

    Kinte @KinteF https://twitter.com/KinteF
    Yardley Hickey @militant_marker https://twitter.com/militant_marker

    Ken White?
    Joshua Chitty?

    Algie Lesia Stephens? 


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    HBCU Tuesdays w/ Former NFL Player Marques Ogden & Kinte Varnell @ 8pm

    in Sports

    Hi, I’m Marques Ogden. I have a passion for teaching the game of football to young people seeking to improve their skills...not just on the football field, but also in the game of life. I leverage my knowledge of coaching the game of football and strengthen young football players both on and off the field. 

    About me: I am an NFL alum (Bills, Titans, Ravens, Jaguars) now located in the Triangle area. I coached for the professional NFL Europe league and on through my youth coaching. People say I am: honest, hard working, patient, caring, approachable, and, of course, passionate about all things football and how it relates to life!

    Who I work with: I have a proven track record working with children as young as 6 years of age that are just learning sports/football awareness for the first time, all the way up to players 24 years of age getting ready to enter the NFL draft! It doesn't matter if your child is a total beginner, or an elite athlete... 

    Ogden Elite Football offers:
    - Weekend camps for 2015 will be in May, and July of 2015 in Holly Springs
    - Elite combine/technique camp in Tampa Florida June 2015
    - One-on-one training sessions
    - One-day clinics

    My clients appreciate that I: 
    - Teach solid and sustainable tactical skills, endurance, technical enhancements, and mental/physical development. 

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    GetAtMeInDaMixxx ft TheWeekNd and More

    in Hip Hop Music

    Man on this mix we’re finally found out how were gonna do these weekly mixes.  Now we’re gonna take the top selling cut on iTunes and mix it other top trending new cuts (we were sort of doing that already but know I’m just letting you know the process of how we pick the lead song.)

    The WeekNd “THE HILLS” went straight to the top of the itunes sales chart (over 20, 000 downloads a day.  Somebody’s buying #LSMH)….

    Rihanna “BBHMM” this record is probably the summer anthem (also still selling strong.  It was just the right song for the mix…….

    Young Thug “CHECK” No matter how you feel about Thug, this dude finds hits #FRFR.  No doubt about that…….

    Kendrick Lamar “KING KUNTA” Kendrick put together a really great and funky track with this one.  Are today’s hiphop fans the children of Kunta Kinte and has hiphop cut their legs off so they can’t get off the plantation……?

    Mark Ronson ft Mystikal “FEEL RIGHT” This is a great comeback record for Mystikal (I really hope this cut catch on because it’s a great cut).  I’m sure this will be jamming down on Bourban Street…..

    Dizzle RED ft D-Roc (of the Yin Yang Twins) “RATTLESNAKE” This cut here brings us back to why Yin Yang worked.  They just made some fun ass club songs that kept the girls dancing and twerkin.  This cuts no exception.  Dizzle RED has a sharp clever delivery and folks are on his team.  #DjAlert #ThisOnesInTheMixxx

    That’s this GetAtMeInDaMixxx #10

    Call in (347) 826-7743

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    Rage In The CAge Radio 30

    in MMA

    Tuesday night April 7th on Rage in the Cage Radio… the countdown continues for Rage in the Cage 36. This is a benefit event marking the 20th anniversary of the OKC Bombing where we hope to “knock-out” debt for a family that had 2 children severely injured that day. On the broadcast, fighters Jeremy Robertson, Ricky Nichols, Kunte Kinte Ford and Kerry Story. Join host Kimber Shafer at 9 PM Central on Rage in the Cage Radio live on the MMA Madhouse Network.

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    Bonus: Kinte on the TMOA 2013 24hr Show pt 2

    in Entertainment

    Host: Ken White

    Co-Host: Roger Strange Burlong

    Guests: Kinte & RammZee

    Kinte on the TMOA 2013 24hr Show part 2

    We talk about the future of Moviestorm.


    It seems like only yesterday.....I was young, you were younger, Roger was slender, Monk was...well, okay, no real difference, Flanagan's Fog was still together, George Bush was President, Tony Blair was Prime Minister...well, I could go on and on, but I think I've exhausted the whatever humorous possibilities this paragraph had....


    This coming Sunday, more or less depending on where you are, TMOA celebrates its 7th Anniversary with our annual 24-Hour Hellfest. It's like any other Sunday Show, only 8 times longer. Which could mean 8 times the fun. Or 8 times the misery. Depending on your perspective.


    As always, we have no special plans for the show - no exciting reveals, no special once-a-year surprises. I think of it as the Horse Race scene in They Shoot Horses, Don't They, with me as the Jane Fonda character and Monk as the Red Buttons character. I will get him across the finish line, even if RPOshard, as the Gig Young character has to have Monk removed on a stretcher after the show ends. It's a grueling example of man against the clock, and if you're lucky, one of us will lose.

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    The Walking Dead "The Distance": Talking About Walkers Episode 63 (3x12)

    in Entertainment


    On episode 63 we break down episode 11 of season 5 The Distance.

    Host: Kinte, Yardley Hickey & Olaf Barbosa

    Guests: Tory Rush? Cher Davis?

    "The Distance"

    Lasting through a spectacular storm, Rick and the group meet a seemingly friendly person. Can they be trusted or are they just manipulating Rick?

  • 01:54

    The Girlfriend Experience Buying Companionship : Mars/Venus Show Episode 47

    in Entertainment

    Episode 47 are you lonely would like someone of the opposite sex to spend time with but can't find some one why not pay for it. We will be talking about The Girlfriend Experience with Angie Nash @NerdyCompanionhttps://twitter.com/NerdyCompanion

    Hosts Kinte @KinteF https://twitter.com/KinteF & Acuminous Watanabe @AcuminousOne https://twitter.com/AcuminousOne

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    XIII Talking Black Sails Episode 20 (2x07)

    in Entertainment

    Episode 20 the hosts review season 2 episode 5 of Black Sails entitled "XIII"

    Saturday 2/21/15 Episode 20 (2x07) 

    Hosts Kinte, Yardley Hickey, Phil Smith & Michele Villery


    Miranda endeavors to save the island; Eleanor sees old wounds reopened; Rackham is on the scent of a secret; and Vane is forced to take matters into his own hands.

  • 01:58

    Talking Black Sails "XII" / Talking About Walkers "Them"

    in Entertainment

    Talking Black Sails

    Synopsis: Episode 19 the hosts review season 2 episode 4 of Black Sails entitled "XII"

    Saturday 2/17/15 Episode 19 (2x06) 

    Hosts Kinte, Yardley Hickey, Olaf Barbosa Phil Smith


    Wanting to remove Vane from the fort, Flint sends a messenger to him issuing a warning. But Eleanor tries to put an end to Flint's plan to demolish the for

    Talking About Walkers

    On episode 62 we break down episode 10 of season 5 Them.

    Host: Kinte, Yardley Hickey & Olaf Barbosa

    Guests: TBA


    Life on the road has left the group beaten and beleaguered. Will they be able to trudge along? Are they even the same people they once were?

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    Author E.E. Burke & The Book versus the Movie Episode 1 - The Indy Geek Show

    in Entertainment

    On episode 1 the hosts talk about Movies and their book counterparts.

    Hosts: Michele Villery, Tory Rush Kinte 

    Guest: Author Elisabeth Burke
    Forum Guest: Shirley Martin Siara Tyr

    E.E. Burke writes sexy, suspenseful historical romance set in the American west. Her latest release, A Dangerous Passion, is part of the series, Steam! Romance and Rails. An avid fan of AMC’s Hell on Wheels, she was inspired to create a railroad-themed romance series after watching the show. 

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    Kunta Kinte Demonstrates The Signs Of Yahshua

    in Spirituality

    Join Servant Emannu'el Branch on another Black History Bible Prophecy Friday Night. This time let's unveil the mystery of how Kunta Kinte uses his own life to illustrate the tribal bond that we as Black people have with our fellow tribal Messiah--Yahshua Himself. You don't want to miss this broadcast. Also visit Yahshua University.com and send emails to: speakup@yahshuauniversity.com