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    Brad Sundberg.debuts on King Jordan Radio!

    in Pop Culture

    Brad Sundberg will debut on King Jordan radio on Wednesday April 27th at 9:30 p.m. eastern time, Brad does seminars as you will get to experience Michael Jackson in the recording studio at the very heart of his creative process you'll hear music and behind-the-scenes stories you'll learn how Michael Roach songs and they progressed from the demo into the finished product Brad will also teach you how Michael wrote songs Michael's vision, Brad will discuss his seminars which includes Michael's vision all of this takes place inside an actual recording studio don't miss the show and you could call in to the show at 347 857 - 2950

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    Aphrodite Jones on King Jordan Radio on her New Season TC new eBook&More!

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    Aphrodite Jones On King Jordan Radio 4/28 on her 

    New Season 6 of True Crime She has a new eBook due out on May 2nd called Cruel Sacrifice 5-2 The book link is: http://amzn.to/20AGrMH   facebook.com/TrueCrimewithAphroditeJones plus we will Talk about The Death of an Icon Prince & The Trial of Justin Ross Harris aka The Hot Car Death Trial  TONIGHT at 9:30PM EST 

    Pre-Order Cruel Sacrifice on Amazon: http://amzn.to/20AGrMH Watch Season 6 on May 2 at 9pmEST/8pmCT Listen on itunes  and you can listen & call into the show Tonight @ 9:30pm

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    in Politics Conservative

    Is there any Anti-Semitism in Trump’s ‘Strong and Impressive’ America First Foreign Policy Speech?

    Does Carly Fiorina Brings “Full Deck of Cards” to Possible Cruz Ticket?

    Cleveland Buys RNC Riot Insurance

    Curt Schilling - in his own words

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    The Appearance * 4.28.16 * Show Me Your Glory 5

    in Christianity

    The Glory of God is something that is very real and tangible and should be experienced by every true born again believer in Jesus Christ.  Do you know that you were created to dwell in God's Presence and experience His Glory?  Do you have a desire to develop a passion for His Presence and be ignited by His Power?  Are you hungering to see miracles happening in your life through the manifest presence of God?  In this teaching series, you will hear answers to these and other important questions. 

    Augusto's Website...

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    Augusto on MediaFire...

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    BWD Radio - 4 H.I.S. Glory - Exclusive Radio Interview

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    4 H.I.S Glory (Honor In Song) is a ministry dedicated to uplifting the spirit of God and singing His praises to point listeners in the direction of salvation through Jesus Christ. Composed of 13 uniquely talented, born-again believers. 4 H.I.S Glory is a gospel ministry actively living out the call and impacting lives for the better through song. This young and growing ministry with a fresh sound loves Christ and they love music.

    Your On The Go Station! 24/7 BWD Radio -  #1 Variety Online Music Radio Station  

    https://www.twitter.com/BWDRadio_ , https://www.twitter.com/BWDPromotions DIGITAL/PRINT https://www.twitter.com/BWDMagazine  SUBMIT YOUR RADIO READY MUSIC

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    in Spirituality

    Jesus Christ a King of Glory has come in Peace+ God became man+, and the Word was made flesh,+ Christ was born of a Virgin.+ Christ suffered.+ Christ was crucified.+Christ died.+ Christ rose from the dead.+ Christ ascended into Heaven.+ Christ conquers.+ Christ reigns.+ Christ orders.+ May Christ protect us from all storms and lighting.+ Christ went through their midst in Peace +, and the word was made flesh.+ Christ is with us with Mary.+ Flee you enemy spirits because the Lion of the Generation of Juda, the Root David, has won.+ Holy God.+ Holy Powerful God.+ Holy Immortal God.+ Have mercy on us. Amen!

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    The ANDREA SHEA KING SHOW - Elizabeth (Letchworth) Chryst

    in Politics Conservative

    Last night’s clean sweep by Trump of the five northeastern states — all blue or purple — what’s the reaction in Congress today?

    How will the seeming inevitability of a Trump nomination play out with Senatorial re-election campaigns? 

    Will 24 endangered Republican Senators now start making nice to him?

    Our Capitol Hill Insider Elizabeth Chryst joins us tonight with her reaction to last night's blow-out primary results and to today’s announcement that Carly Fiorina will be Cruz' running mate if he gets the nomination.


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    Numbers Are Simple, People Are Complicated W/ Guest King Simon

    in Politics

    Our Special Guest Will Be King Simon. He Will Giving An In Depth Breakdown On The Signifigance Of Numbers In Your Life And What Does Your Birthday Means For You.


    in Politics Conservative

    Weapons Man writes that Gen. Mattis would make a fine president in the vein of George Washington.  Why? 

    Phyllis Schlafly - Part deux

    Trump meets with Italy's northern league leader and find they're in total agreement on immigration. Meanwhile, the Sicilian Mafia has declared war on all Muslims on that island, and prmises to drive them off by any means necessary.

    And... today is primary day in 6 northeastern states.  The results?  coming right up!


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    Take a ride on the funk railroad, with Eric Mc. 2 full hours of good music dammit!

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             NEW AGE SPORTS, Sports talking with a flare.  Excitement and coverage of the hottest events.  LETS TALK SPORTS NATION!! – covering the universal world of game, and await your interaction – 347-205-9366. Join Tony Smith, and co-hosts    Clifton Lewis,and Antone York . Sports, and ALL OF IT, right here with their new time 3:30 p.m. pacific.  Get on board, and join LETS TALK SPORTS NATION  347-205-9366.  Let’s TALK  SPORTS! Yes Let’s TALK SPORTS NATION.  In fact don’t just listen, TELL SOMEBODY!  347-205-9366