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    Jimmy Kimmel Ate My Homework

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    Jimmy Cannizzarro, husband of the great Lisa Lampanelli, stops by for a chat about all things NFL and a faux contreversy involving Jimmy Kimmel.

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    Children's Corner: J.L. Kimmel and Storytelling in El Salvador

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    Children's Corner: J.L. Kimmel and Storytelling in El Salvador

    Janine just returned from an inspirational 2 week tour to El Salvador where she taught 25 classes in the Art of Storytelling and Illustration to local and international students at various schools British and American and French Schools.

    As usual Janine walks her talk and went to El Salvador and shared her love of storytelling, illustration nature and her spiritual path.

    View a short video of Janine in ElSalvador: http://www.audioacrobat.com/playv/Wr5fcKJK

    For more information visit: www.TYRRC.com

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    Race Talk Live with Kate Moss: ARCA & NASCAR Nationwide's Will Kimmel

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    On the show, we will be chatting with ARCA driver and part time NASCAR Nationwide driver Will Kimmel.  We will be talking about the 2014 seasons in both series, and this upcoming weekend's Nationwide race at Talladega.

    We will also hear from Richmond race winner Joey Logano, second place finisher Jeff Gordon, thirs place Kyle Busch, and more!

    Also, we will have YOUR comments about the NASCAR season so far... thank you for all your facebook comments! 

    Don't forget we will also have Kate's Song of the Week, and the segment "Things that make ya go hmmmmm, plus our new segment "Need to know with Neimeyer," with CLNS columnist Adam Neimeyer.

    "See you" Wednesday from 7-8pmEST for the fastest show on the radio - on CLNS Radio!

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    E.E.R.S: West vs. Kimmel - the Scoop | Obamacare - HATE IT

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    Tonight on Ernest Radio Network, it's The Ernest Experience Radio Show, at 8pm ET.
    1st set:  Your gracious host Ernest talks celebrity, and why Kanye West should calm the F down. He faced off with Jimmy Kimmel last night over a joke Kimmel pulled.  What was their neutral place on all this?  And why should Kanye not be surprised by paparazzi trying to provoke him?  Ernest also spins this into how to live your best life, and not worry yourself over other's opinions of you.
    2nd set:  A bit more about the celebrity issue.  Then, Ernest gets into Obamacare, and the government shutdown.  Why is Obamacare not such a great deal after all?
    All this plus NPR news at the top of both hours, weather.com 3-day forecast, music, and a lot more.  Don't miss it!

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    Race Talk Live with Kate Moss: NASCAR Driver Will Kimmel with Breaking News

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    BREAKING NEWS: ARCA driver Will Kimmel will be racing in 5 Nationwide races this season, and HE will be on the show to talk about it!  Also, we will have more preseason thunder from Daytona, Kate's Song of the Week, and the segment "Things that make ya go hmmmm...."  Tune in to CLNS Radio Wednesday from 7-8pmEST for the fastest show on the radio!

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    Enchanted Worlds with J.L. Kimmel

    in Entertainment

    On this week's episode of Guy's Guy Radio, award winning children's author J.L. Kimmel joins the show!

    A writer, artist, therapist and teacher, she's the author and artist of the award-winning children's book The Magic Gown. Creating enchanted worlds combined with realism and her love for nature is what she does best.

    Join Robert Manni, author of The Guys' Guy's Guide To Love as we discuss life, love and the pursuit of happiness.

    Buy The Guys' Guy's Guide to Love now!

    Call in and chat with us! 347-945-5834. Or email us your questions at contact@robertmanni.com.

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    A Cosmic Paradigm with Mark Kimmel

    in Paranormal

    Tim interviews Mark Kimmel - author, friend of Tolec, and owner of the site cosmicparadigm.com.   Discussion will include - among other things - the 4th, 5th & 6th dimensions.

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    ISIS Paranormal Radio with Richard Kimmel

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    Richard Kimmel is a form U.S. Army combat photographer and Korea era veteran who collects World War II artifacts. He is the author of several books including WWII Ghosts: Artifacts Can Talk and Ghosts of New Jersey: Bizarre, Strange, & Deadly. WWII Ghosts is a body of work that shares Richard’s work in what he calls “paranormal archeology.” He has had over sixty years of experience in collecting wartime artifacts and he shares his finding and research through lectures as well as radio and television interviews. Richard has been a guest on a number of radio shows, including Haunted Voices Radio, and he was a guest on the Maury Povich Show. He is a member of the New Jersey Ghost Organization (NJGO) and has participated in many high profile investigations into paranormal activity. Today, Richard joins us to discuss his book: Folklore of the New Jersey Shore: History, the Supernatural, and Beyond. The latter book is co-authored by Karen E. Timper.

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    Mindful Shift - a conversation with J.L. Kimmel

    in Spirituality

    Today we will be joined by childrens author J.L.Kimmel.  She wrote the amazing The Magic Gown as well as The Shimmering Forest, The Seventh Door, Polar Bear in the Pines, The Magic Cup and the best selling award winner from 2012 The Yawning Rabbit River Chronicle.  She offers workshops teach children about nature and poetry.  She just finished a mid-Atlantic state tour of libraries last fall.  Her workshops are called The Art of Storytelling.  I cannot wait, this should be amazing.  Just to let you know, my technology skills are not that great yet, so I am having trouble loading pictures of the book covers - I am working on it!

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    4th and Inches Show - 2014 NFL Week 17 Fantasy Football Preview

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    For those of you whose league championships extend to the final week of the season, setting your Week 17 lineup is the fantasy football equivalent of navigating a minefield.  Which teams still have something to play for and will be going all out?  Which teams are already locked into a playoff spot and will pull their starters early, or perhaps not even play them at all?

    Tune in to today's 4th & Inches show (note the special showtime, Saturday at 5pm Eastern) as we help you sort things out and make our start/sit recommendations for the 16 Week 17 games.  Let Jana and the Sherpa guide you to victory!

    Now concluding its fifth season (and just having broadcast its 100th episode!), the 4th and Inches Show with Jana & The Sherpa will be back next season Wednesday evenings from 9:30 to 10:30pm Eastern!



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    POLITICAL ANIMALS--Pearl Harbor  USS Arizona Connection to San Francisco

    RED'S JAVA HOUSE--San Francisco 's famous Waterfront  Workingman's Lunch establishment started by a sailor from San Francisco, who was also a survivor of the siniking of the USS ARIZONA.

    Relative of Admiral Kimmel--a woman who was homeless informed VERITAS USA! and the NEW SHADOW that she was a distant relative of Admiral Husband Kimmel.

    Kimmel and General Short (US Army) commanders at Pearl Harbor when the Japanese attacked on December 7th 1941

    Eventful week of December 7th through thde 10th---Captain Colin Kelly US Army Air corps was stationed at Clark Field in the Philippines.  On December 10th 1941,Captain Kelly flew his B-17 to attack and bomb the Japanese Cruiser Haruna.  He lost his life.  The Jap ship wa seriously damaged.

    San Francisco Navy Intelligence connection to San Francisco..  According to military cognosenti, the US Navy's intelligence station and American Telephone's headquarters were listening in to Japanese radio and other traffic.

    Apparently, The Pearl Harbor attack  was not a surprise

    The Dutch Naval Intelligence in Indonesia also informed American military commanders of the impending Japanese Attack

    THE REST OF THE STORY--Rolling Stone magazine alleged female rape  case at the University of Virginia--the author Sabrina Ederly is connected to GLAAD, the sexual preferance media propaganda organ.

    This alleged rape case sounds like the phony rape case at Duke University and the Rugby playes.\

    Eric Garnier choke hold case- even conservatives rushed to Judgment-

    Garnier had a long criminal rap sheet.  He had serious medical problems for a 350 pounder.   A black police superior reportedly ordered Garnier's arrest.

    The video tape was edited

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