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    Creative Orange County

    in Culture

    Interview with Andrea Harris-McGee, Director, Curator, Project Coordinator and Artist…

    "You’re Better with Butter"

    211 Gallery, 211 Sycamore, Santa Ana Artists Village, Santa Ana CA

    October 3rd, 5 - 9pm


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    TS Radio: No Justice in Cook County Family Court

    in Family

    Hosted by Marti Oakley

    Join us as "Lisa" talks about the abuses she suffered at the hands of Cook County Family Court in Illinois. Facing unsupported charges, and an onslaught of mind numbing motions by her ex-spouse, Lisa has continued on in her efforts to reconnect with her son whom she has not been allowed to even speak with.  In a court where any court connected agent can levy any charges they please without ever having to provide any evidence to support the charges, and, where the defending parent is not allowed to refute the charges with any provable evidence, the deck is stacked agaisnt her.

    Cook County, already infamous for its less than ethical or moral handling of lucrative guardianships of the elderly, enabling the plundering of estates while the elder is neglected and isolated by the court protected predators, is now in the spotlight for its mishandling of family matters including custody.












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    Travel Today - San Luis Obispo County, California

    in Travel

    This week's Travel Today with Peter Greenberg comes from the Dolphin Bay Resort & Spa in San Luis Obispo County, California—the heart of the state’s Central Coast. It’s also home to Savor the Central Coast—a great four-day gathering of chefs, farmers, restaurants, wineries—not surprising, considering the Central Coast is a huge wine producing region, right behind Napa and Sonoma. Some great chefs will be stopping by, including some local cheese and wine makers.

    San Luis Obispo County is also home to Hearst Castle, the famous home of newspaper publisher William Randolph Hearst. Ty Smith, Chief of Museum Interpretation at Hearst Castle, will explain the unique time in American history that Hearst castle represents. All of this and more on this week's Travel Today with Peter Greenberg. 

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    Meet Raevyn! Author of, “What Almost Killed Me Made Me”

    in Current Events

    Join hosts, Dr. Faith and YoTrip for an empowering radio interview with Raevyn, author of "What Almost Killed Me Made Me” on Wednesday, September 30, 2015 at 6:30 pm on Blog Talk Radio featured Triumphant Living broadcast. Are there things in your life that almost killed you? Situations you thought you would never survive? Yet, by the grace of God, You Are ALIVE!!! God will not allow your pain to be wasted. You don’t want to miss this empowering interview with Raevyn, CEO & President of Raevyn, Inc. Raevyn is chosen by God and she ministers through inspirational speaking, business consulting and development, and mentorship.

    Call the Empowerment Studios: 1 - (619) 638 – 8501 

    For More Information:



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  • DeKalb County Commissioner Nancy Jester Speaks with Dave Emanuel

    in Politics

    Interested in knowing what's going on next door (in DeKalb County)? Join us Sunday evening at 6:30 when DeKalb County Commissioner Nancy Jester is our guest on "All About Gwinnett".

    Prior to being elected to the County Commission, Nancy served on the DeKalb Board of Education and became the first person to expose the deceptive budgeting practices that wiped out the reserves of the 3rd largest school system in Georgia.This will be an eye-opening discussion.


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    Albany County Executive Debate

    in Politics

    Republican Candidate Joe Vitollo and Green Party Candidate Dan Plaat engage in a debate for Albany County Executive

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    VOICE YubaCounty151010Waterdiscussion Tim Quinn

    in Politics Conservative

    Tim Quinn in depth water explanation, over 30 years in Water extensively involved in delta issues.

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    Brenda Cathey Largent: Coalition Against Abuse of Department of Human Services

    in Politics

    In this episode of "Bringing Voices To Power" I talk with Brenda Cathey Largent who has a Criminal Justice degree and Co-founder of the Coalition Against the Abuse of Department of Human Services. She attended both NOC college in Oklahoma and Wichita State. Brenda also administrates the FaceBook Page "Investigate Child Protective Services" about the many injustices that occur in the "child services racket" and how it destroys far more families than they help. Brenda will talk about the following: Children dying in States care, Reunification not the funded goal, Immunity for DHS employees, Foster abuse and neglect, no due process within system, no family rights, privacy leaks with other agencies and non family members, no investigation before removal of children, total disregard for constitution or civil rights. Brenda and I will offer some solutions to these problems. The voices that I'm bringing to power are the ones that never get mainstream attention; those victims of the child protective services that allege a some of the following: violating civil rights, crimes against children, narracistic behavior, etc.  

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    I Must Have The Laziest Guns In The World. They Haven't Killed Anybody.

    in Politics Conservative

    With the rash of gun violence headlines in the past two weeks all of the usual suspects are out calling for stricter laws and regulations to make it harder for law abiding citizens to be gun owners. Never mind the fact that “Gun Control” has not, can not, and never will an effective way to curve violence. I will be talking to blogger, activist, and all around smart lady Daisy Donovan about her take on the issue. Then later, I’ll be talking about the hunt for a new Speaker of the House, and other topics as time allows.

    Looking for Daisy online?

    Her blog is at www.crowsnestpolitics.com

    She co-hosts The Patriot Radio Show with Tom O'Halloran every Thurs. morning at 9am   www.patriotradioshow.com

    On Facebook: Daisy Donovan  https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100010333781948

    Twitter: @DearDaisy2015

    Pinterest: Daisy's Endearments   https://www.pinterest.com/daisysendearmen/

    Her YouTube Channel    https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQbjIPewHKKhsfFeDRw2SCw


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    POLITICAL & MILITARY ANIMALS--Fleet Week 2015 San Francisco

    New Feature THE REST OF THE STORY--California 's Jails--Besides Santa Clara-Sonoma-Los Angeles--San Francisco--are they more abuses, brutality and other civil and human rights violations of detainees and inmates in these county jails and prisons?

    San Francisco City and county jail--Male rape--Detainee/inmate's arm broken by Sheriff Deputy--US Mail Certified letter signed for and destroyed by Sheriff Hennesey--But the  Adessee--inmate  wasn't in Hennesey's jail.

    Source of this --US Navy JAG

    Books by Jack Cashell---What's the Matter with California, Hoodwinked, Deconstructing Obama, Popes & Bankers

    Navy Miliary Music


    The addressee--US Navy sailor Steven Nary had been illegally shipped by Sheriff Hennesey to San Quentin State Prison.  That certified letter by postal federal law should have been stamped and returned' addressee no longer here!"


    political Lexicon


    Oct 7th Births-Deaths & Events relevant to US(a)

    Military Music features from the CARSON -VERZOLA Historical Archives