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    The crate digga"z talk with Killah Priest

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    Tonight we are talking with the artist that revolutionized Hip hop. He's the emcee's emcee. He has brought truth to the light. Killah Priest the artist that brought you B.I.B.L.E. ,Atom to Adam , One Step, The Entire Heavy Mental project. He was a member of the Sunz of Man. Killah Priest has always brought pure lyricism and truth to the listener.

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         Life is extremely demanding and it is not unusual to experience discouragement and loss of ones anchor. But the good news is that there is hope through JESUS CHRIST who is our rock on the worst days of our lives. Now we have as a sure and steadfast anchor of the soul. This hope reaches father and deeper even to the Presence within the veil. where Jesus has entered in on our behalf. We have and inside connection - a High Priest of the order and rank of Melchizedek. Join us for live prayer at 6:00 AM Mon.-Fri. Dial 714.459.3963.

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    Methods of Healing with First Degrees Alex and Tumeria

    in Education

    Tonight, Lady Tara welcomes First Degree Witches Alex and Tumeria, Priest and Priestess of The Lightening Moon Ministry for Healing Arts, for Temple of The 13 Moons. Tumeria is also a Reiki Master and Alex is a Level 2 Reiki Practitioner. The show will focus upon their unique journey to The Healing Path, their plans for The Lightening Moon Ministry, their upcoming classes at Magick School and Greyhound Friends, a small non-profit organization dedicated to saving racetrack greyhounds and placing them in responsible loving homes.

    For more information,or to sign up for their classes, visit: http://www.magickschool.org

    For more on Greyhound Friends, visit: http://www.greyhound.org/index.cfm

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    Twenty-First Show - Kingdom of Heaven

    in Christianity

    Studying Matt 27:1-31

    Study Matt 27 – Jesus – Jesus Handed over to Pilate, Judas Hangs himself,

    -         Read Matt 27: 1-2

    -         Read Matt 27: 3-10 Judas saw what happen to Jesus. It picked him and he became remorseful, went back to the priest and elders repented and returned the money. He was so grieved by what he had done that he hung himself.  Peter was so grieved that he wept but did not kill himself.

    -         The priest knew it was blood money and fulfilled a prophecy in Zech11:12,13

    -         Read Matt 27: 11-14

    -         V 12 fulfills the prophesy in IS 53:7

    -         Read Matt 27:15-26 Jesus takes Barabbas place

    -         Jesus took our place so that we can be restored back to the Father

    -         Read Matt 27:27-31 Soldiers Mock Jesus

    -         Crown on thorns.  He was truly bruised for your iniquities

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    Heavenly Sunlight

    in Religion

    Zechariah Chapter 11 King james Version

    Here Zechariah does some role playing in his Prophecy, to show Israel the forth coming judgment Of God. The Preachers (Shepherds). are not feeding the sheep, The King is no longer ruling and taking care of the people The Priest are silent. God says he is going to break his covenant with Israel for their rebellion.amd allow destruction to come upon them.

    Ezekiel 34:23 And I will set up one sheperd over them,and he shall feed them, even my servant David; he shalll feed them,and he shall be their shepherd.



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    power of perception with Steven L. Hairfield

    in Spirituality

    ving been raised in a very abusive environment, I decided to serve my country in the military. My duties and expertise led me to Vietnam. My search for peace and higher understanding led me to a Zen Buddhist Monastery in South Vietnam, my first encounter with monks and their traditions. I became a Zen Priest through this experience. My natural curiosity, blended with a very acute intuitive sense led me to deeper questions of life and the purpose of self. The monks began to insist that I should learn of Issa? I later learned that Issa, Jesus, had spent much time in what is now known today as India, Pakistan, Ladak, Nepal, and Tibet before returning to the Middle East. Was Jesus taught what He knew? This truly inspired my personal search for knowledge to somehow recreate the Master’s 18 years not mentioned in the Bible. Pushed by this dream for Universal Truth, I traveled to India following an inner urge which led me to my greatest teachers and lessons, Tibetan Masters. They guided me through India, Nepal, and twice into Tibet. While in this part of the world I adapted to the life of a monk.


                When I returned home after working with my Eastern teachers I wanted to understand the belief system and studied the greatest belief system of all Religion and Theology, becoming quite interested and fascinated by the field of Metaphysics in the process. Through my years of studies with Zen and Tibetan Monks as well as the Cree and Blackfoot Native Traditions, this true American Monk offers an unparalleled approach to understanding how we directly influence our own experiences. My journey was one of self Mastery, Empowerment while achieving an inner Divine nature. My book is entitled ‘A Metaphysical Interpretation

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    Guest: Karen Maezen Miller

    in Relationships

    My guest this week is Karen Maezen Miller, author of Paradise in Plain Sight: Lessons from a Zen Garden.

    About the book:

    When Zen teacher Karen Maezen Miller and her family land in a house with a hundred-year-old Japanese garden, she uses the paradise in her backyard to glean the living wisdom of our natural world. Through her eyes, rocks convey faith, ponds preach stillness, flowers give love, and leaves express the effortless ease of letting go. The book welcomes readers into the garden for Zen lessons in fearlessness, forgiveness, presence, acceptance, and contentment. Miller gathers inspiration from the ground beneath her feet to remind us that paradise is always here and now.

    About the author:

    Karen Maezen Miller is a wife and mother as well as a Zen Buddhist priest at the Hazy Moon Zen Center in Los Angeles. She and her family live in Sierra Madre, California, with a century-old Japanese garden in their backyard. She writes about spirituality in everyday life. She is the author of Paradise in Plain Sight: Lessons from a Zen Garden, Hand Wash Cold: Care Instructions for an Ordinary Life, Momma Zen: Walking the Crooked Path of Motherhood, and her writing is included in numerous anthologies.

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    Altar Work: Keep Your Eyes Open in Both Worlds

    in Spirituality

    Dawn Wolf, Keeper of Stories is the special return guest joining Celeste Morgan on the Celestial Show for “Altar Work: Keep Your Eyes Open in Both Worlds.”

    Call in 347 426 3346 or post your questions on "The Celestial Show with Celeste Morgan" fan (LIKE) page on Facebook.

    As a Keeper of Stories, Dawn Wolf weaves tales to support people in fully seeing themselves and he has a passion for reclaiming the wild child hidden in all of us in a too adult world. Learning how to apply Altar Work to your sacred practice will up your game and connect you to Great Spirit and your ancestors. Find out how when you join Dawn Wolf and Celeste Morgan on the Celestial Show.

    Gregory E. Woods, also known as Dawn Wolf is a musician, writer, a social activist and a Keeper of Stories. He uses the art of weaving stories in diverse settings to restore balance and clarity of thought, spirit, and intent to people in or out of ceremonial settings especially while supporting the youth at The Empowerment Center and other facilities in the greater Washington Metropolitan Area. Gregory E. Woods has accepted as his life’s mission to provide insight about living through his stories.


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    Divine Inspiration with your Host Alicia Monet

    in Spirituality

    Rebirth: Sacred Sex; Divine Orgasmic Creation...

    Let's get into it tonight!! Sex as we've been programmed to know it is a fraud!!! We've received all sorts of mixed messages about sex and spirituality. So many people intentionally separate the two so as to refrain from upsetting the Cosmic Life Givers {The Most High--> Divine Masculine[Father] and Divine Feminine[Mother]}! I mean, totally get why one would go that route given all the fire and brimstone reserved for those with passionate DESIRES of fantastical creative creation sessions {sex}. That's just for the thoughts, imagine the actual act. Soooo much fornication!!!! Oh Nooooo!!! Oh yes!!! And due to the way in which we are taught about sex, who we have it with? Why we have it? Why even if we aren't having it, we still have charged urges to engage in the act with someone else or ourselves? Why is shame, guilt, doubt, and fear even evoked when we experience sexual desire, fantasy, and engage in the act? We have been severely misinformed and I am now being Divinely Realigned, and am led to explore the majestically world of Sacred Sex. My body is my temple. My Yoni, my Most Holy Place deep inside of me. Only the High Priest ministering with the Urim and Thummim may enter. And that only after he has been cleansed in the healing waters. And that entrance for the purpose of Atonement {At~One~Ment}. Providing the Most Holy sacred sacrifice before the altar we create all that we desire and seal the deal with a water offering, Amrita!!!!!! Our guest tonight will enlighten us on the subject of Sacred Sex, Life Coach and Wholistic Healer Mandela will grace us with his presence. You must certainly don't want to miss this. Be an active listen, call in at 516-590-0975!!! I'd love to hear your experiences, questions, and comments. I appreciate your support!!!

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    SON Of Man Revealed- The Great High Priest-No Son Of GOD In Heaven

    in Science

    metaphysical teaching by brother Cory

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