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    Medical Kidnap! 5 Children Taken!

    in Health

    Imagine that you are an experienced mother of 4 and have a new baby with a medical condition that predisposes her to fractures?

    You have all the medical evidence for EDS, low Vitamin D, expert opinions but the state comes in a KIDNAPS all your 5 children!!!   

    What would you do?!!

    On Monday, 6/15/15, at 8PM eastern, Dr. Jess Armine interviews Rebecca Wanosik. A few weeks after her birth, Rebecca took her daughter to see her regular pediatrician because she could feel her baby’s ribs “popping and cracking” when she touched her back. The pediatrician told the worried mother that the baby was perfectly healthy and not to be concerned about the noise. The baby later developed arm pain.

    A worried mother took her 2-month-old daughter to a doctor, looking for an answer to the baby’s mysterious arm pain.

    Little did she know, she would be leaving the hospital that day without her children, accused of child abuse.

    Subsequently, ALL of her children were kidnapped by the state of Missouri. With all the evidence the doctors refused to listen to Rebecca and they allegedly did not believe that her vitamin D levels had anything to do with her daughter’s bones, then accused the parents of abuse and took their children.  

    I have reviewed and confirmed the evidence myself. This should not be allowed!

    Join us as Rebecca tells her story and learn about EDS, low Vitamin D and the genetics that can predispose your child to a similar situation (I am told that Sterling Hill may make a cameo appearence to share with us about the relevant genetics...shhh! Its only a rumor) 

    See you then!  Dr. Jess   ;-)

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    TS Radio: Scott Kiley & State Sponsored Abduction & Kidnap of his Mother

    in Parents

    Scott Kiley joins thew show to discuss the state sanctioned kidnapping of his mother, forcing her into a guardianship which Scott describes as "state sanctioned abduction,kidnapping,hostage-taking". Professional fiduciary James Moore was called in by the hospital, conducting an "interview" with my mother while she was massively drugged after hip surgery.  It was Moore who "diagnosed" my mother with dementia.

    Moore keeps my mother heavily drugged and confined to her bed. My mom is in grave danger now of prescription drug toxic poisoning and early premature death. I need to undo that to prevent permanent conservatorship by Moore on March 17th and literally SAVE HER LIFE!

    Mercy Hospital in Sacramento seems to have a pattern, practice, custom of medical malpractice ,medical misdiagnosis of calling physically infirm sane people who are elderly,"insane",so that in conjunction with state, county officials, money can be made by lawyers, judges and professional fiduciaries, to steal people's lives, monies,bankrupting them, destroying families and making them homeless in so doing.

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    Coming Apocalypse

    in Current Events

    2 Powerful earthquakes hit the earth last night as a 7.0 hit Vanuatu and a 6.6 hit Northern East Pacific Rise. Also ISIS attempts a plot to kidnap World Champion Boxing Star Manny Pacquiao, but God protects him. Also Belgium issues Iodine Pills as an expected Nuclear attack by ISIS is planned. Also Kim Jong Un brings back "Pleasure Squads" of teenage girls to serve him. Also NASA and Space X will attempt to land a rocket on Mars in 2018 and a man on Mars in 2020. Also 18,000 people attend a Trump Rally in Coasta Mesa, California but after violence breaks out and 20 arrested. Also Former Speaker of the House John Boehner calls Ted Cruz "Lucifier In The Flesh" as Cruz chooses Carly Fiorina as his Vice President. Also Rev. Franklin Graham continues to "Take America Back". These and much more current events along with bible prophecy and the powerful Word of God. Your Host Pastor Paul Begley of Indiana. 

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    ROE v WADE ,DOE v BOLTON, AND UCCJEA as a vehicle to Kidnap and Enslave!!!

    in Higher Education

    It may appear that the U.S.Supreme Court Along with the STATE OF TEXAS and the STATE OF GEORGIA tore the children apart Literally on Paper. Follow our frank discussion about the Roe V Wade and the little known companian case Doie v Bolton that actually has two completely seperate outcomes and consequences. What did these panel of Men U.S. Supreme Court Justices do under the case back in the 1970s?





    Carol Keihn Isaacs Disclaimer THIS BROADCAST IS NOT LEGAL ADVICE. 


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    Supergirl Talk Podcast #19 - S 1 Ep 18 WORLD's FINEST

    in Television

    Siobhan discovers that the women in her family are cursed with the spirit of a Silver Banshee, which can only be quieted by killing whoever wronged them. Deciding to kill Kara, Siobhan frees Livewire from captivity at the DEO and suggests they team up. Siobhan—now calling herself Silver Banshee—and Livewire kidnap Cat and wreak havoc in National City Park. 

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    "Family Talk Wednesday" Why Women Stay in Abusive Relationships

    in Family

    The one question our culture often asks of victims/survivors of domestic abuse is: “Why do/did you stay in an abusive relationship?” or “Why doesn’t she just leave?”  Sometimes the question is meant as an honest inquiry.  However, often it is spoken with an undercurrent of hostility or disbelief (i.e. “It couldn’t have been that bad” or “You must have liked it” or “If you wanted to leave, you would have.”), sending a message that women who stay in abusive relationships are somehow to blame for their abuse. Our culture also sends equally powerful messages that women are expected to fill roles in their relationships that keep them dependent on their partners.  This combination of messages sets women up to feel ashamed, isolated and stuck.  Some may feel that they have no real choices.


    *A woman may fear her partner’s actions if she leaves.

    My partner said he will hunt me down and kill me.

    My partner will kidnap the children and disappear.

    My partner will spread horrible rumors about me.

    He will “out” me at work or to my family.


    *The effects of abuse may make it difficult to leave.

    I’m nothing. I don’t deserve better.

    I feel paralyzed.

    I can’t face making decisions anymore.

    I was brainwashed to believe that I couldn’t cope without my partner.

    I am so used to life being this way.

    I’m more comfortable with what I know, than the unknown out in the world.

    My children will blame me and resent me

    My Kids need a father


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    Women's Herstory Month: Holdin pun de Famlee-Gullah/Geechee Ooman Journee

    in Culture

    Tune een as Queen Quet (www.QueenQuet.com) gwine on wid "Women's Herstory Month" pun de airwaves ob Gullah/Geechee Riddim Radio.  Pun disya episode, e crak e teet bout Women's Herstory Month: Holdin pun de Famlee-Gullah/Geechee Ooman Journee.   She will chronical the Gullah/Geechee women's journey from kidnap and capture in the Motherland to holding on to Gullah/Geechee land today.  She will also discuss the exhibition currently on display at the landmark St. Helena Branch Library.

    Disya da we sho-Gullah/Geechee Riddim Radio!



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    Conversations with Sapphire JBlue with Author Tina Story - Tina's Story: Urban F

    in Writing

    Mila was a cold hearted bad chick, who only cared about herself. Her man was Dred, a powerful boss who ran half the city, his charm, wisdom and silent power helped him to reach the upper echelon of society. Mila was his Queen who wanted nothing more than to take his throne for herself. 
    Mila found out she had lost Dred's love and knew that she had to get rid of his side piece,Tessa. There was no way she could let another women turn his head and undermine all of her devious plans. 
    When Mila had her goons kidnap Tessa off the streets she thought she had solved her little problem. She didn’t realize that Tessa’s sister, Tina, was a forced to be reckoned with. 
    Tina soon finds out that her sister is missing. A calculated and beautiful threat, Tina terrorizes the streets stopping at nothing to try and get her sister back safely. 
    This story a polished action packed tale of passion, revenge and deceit. Make yourself comfortable because this is definitely a page turner. Don't Believe me? Read it.

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    How Many More Families Will Suffer Before The American People Act?!?!

    in Family

    JOIN guest host Rudy Orr on "In Defense of America's Children" and find out what the state is doing to families - breaking them up! All for finanical gain. Special guests: Publisher of Medical Kidnap Terri LaPoint, Kristy DeVine, Elizabeth Gia and Lori Orrico.

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    SPECIAL GUEST: Connie Reguli, Tennessee Family Court Attorney TELLS ALL!!

    in Current Events

    Join Rudy Orr Host of "In Defense of America's Children" with VERY SPECIAL GUEST Connie Reguli, Tenneessee Family Court Attorney. Kristi Devine..and Angelia Borths(MAD ANGEL) And Danielle Headley and her Medical kidnap story

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    "In Defense of America's Children" Connie Reguli Tennessee Family Court Lawyer

    in Non-Profit

    Iowa Family Preservation Project Talk Radio has teamed up with Rudy Ore for this weeks show we will be broadcasting his show ""In Defense of America's Children" with VERY SPECIAL GUEST Connie Reguli, Tenneessee Family Court Attorney. Kristi Devine..and Angelia Borths(MAD ANGEL) And Danielle Headley and her Medical kidnap story"

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