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    The Kidd is Alright

    in Basketball

    What is this madness?! Did Michael Kidd-Gilchrist just hit a three?! That can't be, he's only JUST returned from inju-OH MY did he just hit ANOTHER one?! 

    Hornets Announcer Dell Curry couldn't believe it, he initially called the first "MK3" and "MK2" just inside the line before he looked at the replay in awe of Kidd-Gilchrist's newfound range. We try to put our excitement aside and add some perspective. We'll also recap the week and a brutal January full of road trips and tough losses. 

    Hive Talk Live


    Is Frank Kaminsky's somehow hitting the rookie wall but also hitting his stride at the same time?
    We preview the week ahead for the Hornets that includes a four game home stand full of Eastern Conference heavy hitters
    Nick Denning joins with what to watch in the NBA this week

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    kidd tokyo

    in Music

    juss dewin dumb borin shyt

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    Answers for Growth & Profit in Your Business and in Your Life with Steve Kidd

    in Entrepreneur

    The host of Thriving Entrepreneur, Steve Kidd has been in business literally all of his life.  Steve began selling door-to-door at age 5, was a sales manager by 19 and has been coaching businesses and business people since 1988.  And today he is here to help YOU!

    The son of a minister and the grandson of a one as well, Steve has travelled the world offering help and insight to people from many different walks of life.  His unique gifting for taking things that are seemingly impossible and framing them in such a way that they become exciting opportunities has made him a favorite person to turn to for answers to question in both life and business.

    Today Steve will take a rare opportunity to answer questions that have come up including things like:

    What should I name my business?
    Why is a “free” website not always so free?
    How can I really be my complete passionate self in all I do?
    I always compliments everyone else but no celebrates me, how do I change this?
    Do I HAVE to sell? No really do I have to?
    What is the best form of marketing for my business?
    How can I grow my company?
    And many more.

    Listen in to get answers to your questions and learn more from this 48 year old man who has been in business for 43 years.  Find out today how you to can be a THRIVING ENTREPRENEUR 

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    JHBLS- Michael Hampton (Kidd Funkadelic) (P-Funk)

    in Rock Music

    The Jimi Hendrix Black Legacy Series is elated to be interviewing one of the top guitarists of all time, Mike Hampton, AKA Kidd Funkadelic.  You don't want to miss him discussing his past, present, and future exploits in the world of music.  Topics are sure to include: P-Funk days, George Clinton, Eddie Hazel, Maggot Brain, Band of Gypsys, Jimi Hendrix, and his more recent endeavors.  We also want to focus on his most imminent gig- Friday, Nov. 27th, at BB King's in Times Square, NYC.  He will be a part of a stellar line-up of artists paying tribute to Jimi Hendrix.

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    Guest-Tim Kidd and Brian Bargainer

    in Comedy

    Pack up the babies, Grab the old ladies, Everyone goes...
    ...because from Louisville, Kentucky comes the charming hooligan,
    Tim Kidd. Easily described as a monkey with ADHD, who needs his Ritalin. With his quick wit, edgy material, and a unique outlook on life that makes every show feel like a rock concert!Now comedies best kept secret intends to flood the world with his upbeat, twisted brand of hilarity! Tim Kidd is the embodiment of everyone's imaginary friend, except this time he's all grown-up. Tim will be at the Comedy Zone in South Charleston this weekend. One show at 8 and two shows at 7 and 9 at the Holiday Inn & Suites Comedy Zone. Also making his way to WV this week our good buddy and comic Brian Bargainer! Listen live at 11pm!

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    Joe Kidd and Sheila Burke interview November 14 , 2015

    in Music

    In the 3 years that Joe Kidd & Sheila Burke have been together, they have created a sound that is powerful and unique in the world of acoustic music. Influenced by 60s folk music, traditional Appalachian songs, Celtic melodies, the intensity of bluegrass, country, & gospel/christian standards, Classical atmospheres, African & Middle Eastern rhythms, and Native American prayer chants, Joe & Sheila incorporate guitars, autoharp, djembe, Native American sacred drum, and many other diverse instruments from around the world to provide their original and uplifting music. They write socially conscious & spiritual songs of struggle, thanksgiving, redemption, and love. Their descriptions, interpretations & translations (sung in many different languages) are mystic and revelatory. Both are published poets/writers which gives their concerts the added power of the presence of the spoken word. This international duo have recently toured New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Tennessee, Virginia, Kentucky, Indiana, and Ontario Canada while still remaining active in Michigan performing concerts at countless festivals, churches, powwows, television & radio shows, benefits, and venues across the state. Along with this activity, in April 2013 they received their 1st prestigious Detroit Music Award for Outstanding World Music Songwriters of the Year and again in April 2014 they received the award for the 2nd straight year in a row.

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    Kidd && Nay Show

    in Entertainment

    Ha,. We On Top,.

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    Brigette Kidd Eleven15 Talk How to Start a Community Watch - First Meeting

    in Entrepreneur

    "How to Start a Community Watch" part 3. First Community Watch Meeting: Agenda and setting roles of the volunteer members. 


    Eleven15 Talk Format-

    Questions drive the topics of Brigette's Eleven15 Talk on safety, tech and community; work, schools, campuses. Send topic questions to twitter @searchkidd or connect on Linkedin, (include 11:15 in the invite)

    Strategies with online safety and privacy with mobile apps, email, e-commerce, websites and database security.

    Weekly spotlights on some of the best socially conscious apps, and causes that are helping make the world a better place, especially for women, children and seniors.  

    Brigette is a tech entrepreneur and speaker.  

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    Kidd && Nay Show

    in Entertainment

    Ha,. We On Top,.

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    Tj Kidd

    in Football

    This show is mainly about sports around the world with music hear and there

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    in Entrepreneur

    How are you showing up in the world? How are you struggling and serving? What are the things that you want to put forward and what hinders you from doing them?

    Whenever you’re thinking of the things that you want to do in your life, money will always associated with it. Oftentimes, you are limited in doing what you want because you don’t have money. But it isn’t about having a lot of money, it’s about how you make use of them.

    Money gives you freedom to make choices and opportunity to share your greatness to other people. However, money will not keep you from having problems. But it will surely help you get through those tough times. You won’t be able to serve well if you’re struggling. This is where having the right mindset comes in.

    3 important things you need to do to get started:

    Consistent action – doing daily activities designed to move your business forward
    Effective sales and marketing – having a strategy that helps you add people or money in the black results to your bottom-line
    Expectant faith in action – believing at the highest level on what’s possible when it comes to growing your business

    Everything that you’re saying to yourself will always come out in everything you do. Get motivated and start having the highest possible mindset as Steve interviews Wenddy Bailey on Thriving Entrepreneur.