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    kick back day

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    today is a chill day listening to music and having a good time if yall wanna call in listen in on the line for the number and will be broadcasted thank you

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    good mornin time to kick back

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    come join in and chat it up


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    Super Kick Radio

    in Entertainment

    Join The Ant Man for the very first installment of Super Kick Radio where he will recap Monday Night Raw and other werstling news.

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    Kick Ass Comedy Show

    in Comedy

    Hosts Jay & Rhenda Snyder and special guest host Doug Morgan talk to different people from different industries, mainly comics talking about random, stupid and current topics and upcoming events and shows. 

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    Kick Cancer In The Can™ Weekly Quick Tip #24

    in Health

    It's a New Year - and Time for Your New Year's Resolutions!

    Is one of yours to eat healthier foods this year? To make healthier food choices?

    Or maybe it's to lose weight? (Yes, even cancer patients and their caregivers may be carrying some excess weight after the holiday season!)

    Do you just need help reading those often confusing food labels?

    And have you ever wished you could just take your dietitian with you when you go grocery shopping.

    Well, here's a virtual gadget that you can take with you every time you go shopping for food! And it's so simple to use, you'll wish you had gotten a long time ago! So take 10 (minutes) now and get the scoop about this handy tool on this week's quick tip. And also listen for a couple of little caveats about this app that you also need to be aware.

    Then head on over to your App store and get it! Best part...It's FREE! Just look up: Fooducate. Happy shopping...Happy New Year!

    Need more guidance on your journey to your best health ever? Make sure you drop by http://bit.ly/KCITCquicktips, subscribe to the podcasts on iTunes so you never miss another 10-minute quick tip, and then give us a 5 star rating (if you think we deserve it), and leave a comment.

    And visit our dedicated Kick Cancer In The Can facebook page flots of other healthy tips, tools, recipes and strategies at: www.facebook.com/KickCancerInTheCan



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    Kimber Lee on Yakuza Kick Radio!!!!!!!!

    in Sports

    Tonight's guest is Chikara Grand Champion Kimber Lee!!

    Topics include:

    -Thoughts on winning the Chikara Grand Championship

    -View on her war vs Chris Dickinson in Beyond Wrestling

    --Remembering the chair shot / Pazuzu Bomb

    --Decision to 'reassure' fans


    -Working for Fat Frank

    --Wrestling Shelly Martinez

    -What was it like to wrestle Mickie James?

    -Would she become a 'Diva'?

    -Completing the "Dopey Challenge"

    --How does she prepare for these runs?

    -Disney movies


    Other topics:

    -So, my daughter's Winter Concert was tonight ...

    --"Which one of these kids will wind up in prison?"

    --"They don't look like Super Bowl watchin' muhfu**as."

    -Great conversationalists ... At the Gym?!?!?

    -Did Chris Hero hit a sale at the local Fast Food joint??

    -More assanine booking at the Dub

    -NFL Playoff Talk

    --Chip Kelly lands in San Francisco




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    EYFBO on Yakuza Kick Radio!!!!!

    in Sports

    Tonight's Guests are Angel Ortiz and Mike Draztik ... EYFBO!!!!
    -First to call in is the "Funky Monkey" Angel Ortiz
    Topics include:
    -Early memories of wrestling
    -Training stories
    -How did he hook up with Draztik?
    -What does EYFBO stand for?
    -Thoughts on wrestling Haas/Benjamin?
    -Ortiz's view on the NY wrestling scene
    -How did Team Pazuzu get started?
    -Why does he wear 'toe shoes' in the ring?
    -Thoughts on wrestling The Osirian Portal? Homicide/Hernandez?
    -What would Ortiz put on a 3-match highlight DVD?
    -Dream opponents?

    "The Real Deal" Mike Draztik calls in next?
    -Early memories of wrestling? What interested him to get involved?
    -Who trained him? Was training what he expected?
    -Draztik's views on the NY scene?
    -What was it like to wrestle Too Cool? Being across the ring from Ultimo Dragon?
    -Surreal moment with Bret Hart
    -Thoughts on Frank Goodman?
    -The now infamous Pazuzu Bomb on Kimber Lee
    -What was it like working Jersey All Pro?
    -What are his favorite 3 matches?
    -Favorite venues?
    -What are his goals for EYFBO?

    Other Topics:
    -"Promotion" leading up to CZW's Cage of Death
    -Eddie Kingston promo for Chikara's Season Finale match vs Icarus
    -Rundown of the Cage of Death card
    -Lovin' Blaine Gabbert (No Beckham!)


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    Kick Cancer In The Can® Weekly Quick Tip #63

    in Health

    Gluten-Free Diet…The Good And The Bad of Gluten-Free Foods!

    Have you noticed the endless array of foods in your local grocery stores touting the "Gluten-Free" symbol? Everything from packaged, processed commercial foods to actual whole foods? Insane!

    Do you remember the low-fat craze years ago? What do you think? Could these gluten-free diets and foods be just another craze? Do you really think they are healthier, better quality foods to eat? And can you really lose weight on a gluten-free diet?  

    Well, get the low down on this week's Kick Cancer In The Can® Weekly Quick Tip. It's all about the pros and cons of gluten-free foods. And how to eat a healthy gluten-free diet versus a junk food gluten-free diet!

    Being armed with the right information is always the best protection for your health, and your family's health! And I'm committed to providing you with the easist to digest and quickest to implement healthy tips and strategies!

    REMEMBER to drop by our Kick Cancer In The Can™ Facebook page, LIKE the page, and then add your AHA's, comments, questions and suggestions about anything you've heard - and anything you want to hear more about!

    Your input is critical to the success of the Kick Cancer In The Can™ Weekly Quick Tips! These tips are for you, so you can create your best health ever!

    And if you need more in depth personalized compassionate help, make sure you give us a call at our 24/7 Live Compassionate Cancer Concierge™ Mentoring hotline (888-305-1495) to see how we can best help you!

    Much Love... Dr Marilyn Joyce

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    Kick Cancer In The Can® Weekly Quick Tip #64

    in Nutrition

    Looking For Crunchy Delicious Snacks That Are Really Nutritious AND Very Conveniently Portable? 

    Are you or a loved one dealing with cancer...and maybe some long drives to and from treatments? Are you stuck in a treatment room for long periods of time...or in a waiting room while your loved one is going through treatments?

    Or maybe you just want to prevent cancer and need some healthy and delicious (and portable) snacks to munch on between appointments or while driving to and from the office? Or perhaps you're simply out and about enjoying a fun day with your family, and need a healthy and delicious snack that's convenient grab-and-go, non-messy, and so delicious the whole family loves it!

    And it's:

    All Natural, No Preservatives
    High (Egg White) Protein 
    0g Trans Fats
    50% Less Fat than leading fried potato chips
    Gluten Free
    Fewer Carbs than leading baked potato chips
    Loved by Kids - and Adults too!

    Well, on this week's Kick Cancer In The Can® Weekly Quick Tip, you'll get the scoop on a yummy, high protein, delicious crunchy munchie snack that everyone loves! And it does a body good...at least compared to all of the high carb, high fat snacks out there!

    Hey, after you listen to the show, drop on over to our special Facebook page at www.facebook.com/KickCancerInTheCan LIKE the page, and then share your comments on this crunchy munchy snack! Have you tried it yet? Do you have other suggestions to share with our community?

    Visit their website for more information: http://ipsallnatural.com.

    Dealing with Cancer right now as the patient or the caregiver? Then what are you waiting for? Call our 24/7 Live Operator Hotline at 888-305-1495.

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    Mad Man Pondo on Yakuza Kick Radio...for 5 minutes

    in Sports

    Mad Man Pondo on Yakuza Kick Radio....well sort of.He will be back on the show this week


    Oct 28, 2015
    -Tonight's guest is Madman Pondo!
    -But first ...
    -Jay Cat discusses his latest race (Tough Mudder)
    --What is an Arctic Enema???
    -Comments on David Starr vs JT Dunn from Tangled Web 8

    -Madman Pondo is on the line!!!
    Topics include:
    -When did Pondo get started?
    -What ignited his passion for Death Match wrestling?
    -How did he come up with his character?
    -How did the STOP sign became such a staple for him?
    -Memories of Pondo-Ian Rotten Bloodbath 2000
    -How did he get into CZW?
    -Thoughts on John Zandig
    -Memories of the UnFNBelievable Barbed Wire match vs Lobo
    -And then .... Pondo disappears!
    --Something goes wrong with the connection and the Pondo interview is lost.

    --So ... Jay resumes the show solo
    Topics include:
    -WWE Hell in a Cell was this past weekend
    --Jay Cat gives his recap
    -NFL talk
    --2015 is not being kind to the 49ers
    --Game-by-game preview for Week 8
    -"Go Fund Me" ... Go F**k Yourself!

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    Kick Cancer In The Can® Weekly Quick Tip #62

    in Health

    Simple Exercise Instantly Shifts Your Negative Attitude Into An Attitude of Gratitude...

    Have you been having a bad day - filled with negative self-talk and a yukky down-in-the-mouth attitude?

    Have you tried to put on a happy face even though the last thing you feel inside is HAPPY?

    Well you know what they say: what you focus on expands! And if you don't do something quickly to change your yukky emotional attitude, you'll just get more of the same.

    Let's face it, we all have bad MOMENTS. The trick is to change those moments quickly before they become bad DAYS! So you may be asking, "Just how the heck do I do that?

    Well, you're in luck! Because this week's Kick Cancer In The Can® Weeekly Quick Tip will walk you through a simple process I use with great success with my patients (who have a lot of reasons to feel less than grateful)...and that I use myself whenever it's needed. Best part: it takes less than 5 minutes, and will leave you feeling lighter in your heart and happier in your soul when you're done.

    BTW, your input makes all of these podcasts possible. So please drop on over to our Facebook page at: www.facebook.com/KickCancerInTheCan, LIKE the page, and add your valuable aha's, comments and questions. Then listen in every week to hear the answers to your questions...

    And here's how to never miss a quick tip! Head on over to http://bit.ly/KCITCExpertSeries. Subscribe, rate the shows, add comments, and share them with everyone you love.

    Need more personalized support? What are you waiting for? Your life may dependent on it! Call our 24/7 hotline right away to get the help you need at: 888-305-1495.