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    UAT TAU: The Khametic Path to Peace

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    "Tcheseru Neh-et (Khametic Articles of Faith)" In this week's UAT TAU session, Rev. Dr. Queen Mother Imakhu teaches about the meanings of and uses for the most well known Khametic articles of faith. Learn more about Khametic culture and faith at AKERU Temple of the True Living Waters and Queen Mother Imakhu's site. 646-228-1185 for consultations. Order Khametic ebooks, lectures, music, and meditations.

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    The Great Debate And It's Undercard

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    Tune in and hear from both opposing sides of the Debate and it's undercard. This show will be featuring Nu-Covenant's Head of the Crown: Illustrious and Supreme Grand Apperception Nysut: Amun-Re Sen Atum-Re and Guest Speakers:   - Brother Sa Neter (Debate Promoter) owner of Youtube channel blacknews102   - Priest Officer Tazaryach of ISUPK (To debate against brother Polight) - Imam Bashir (Undercard debater) - Khemetic Maven Shakka Ahmose (undercard Debater)   According to the Hebrew Israelites: The Lord has no interest in Africa nor does he love the Africans". Brother Polight will disprove this statement.   Both Imam Bashir and Shakka Ahmose, the undercard debaters will debate on said premise: "After Egypt Hebrew Israelite beliefs are part of the conspiracy to suppress the truth about black people. 

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    UAT TAU: The Khametic Path to Peace

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    Queen Mother Imakhu joins the Main Street Universe family with her new weekly show, "UAT TAU: The Khametic Path to Peace." Ancient Khemetic water wisdom blended with Queen Mother Imakhu's down-to-earth insights. Learn to obtain inner peace, personal empowerment, higher love and compassion. Reclaim rich joy though appreciation of the seemingly simple blessings of life. Includes weekly Khametic prayers, moral foundations, spiritual principles. Practical tips for re-organizing and re-directing your life. Heal yourself, your family, your world. Queen Mother Imakhu is the founder and director of AKERU Temple of the True Living Waters.   www.akerukhametictemple.info    www.queenmotherimakhu.info

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    Dr. Faheem Judah-EL is a world renown meditation guide and spiritual teacher, and in this segment he will explain the names and meanings of the Khemetic Chakra centers.

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    The Vault: Love, Sex & Magic!

    in Culture

    The Vault with Host Warren Houston and Co-Host Gebrina Coutee from the West Coast  airs on Weds. 8pm-10pm cst. This show raises questions concerning Politics, Government, mysticism and the Kemetic Sciences. Through passionate debates panelist dissect history, religion, and the origins of our world. 
    Join the debate...619.789.1953         
    MAKE LOVE TO ME NOT WAR >>>>> SEX IS IN FACT SACRED, Its the highest form of Worship, Next to pure LOVE.Unconditional Unadulterated LOVE that is.
    Were breaking down the science of sex magic.Kicking in the doors of poor relating which 60% of the time lead to divorce,sybling rivalry and stinking thinking about having sex.
    Were talking healing the world ladies with your Yoni, aka love space, girl space, aka p#$$Y with Kenya K Stevens JUJUmama's delectable Queen B and some of her Electric Mesmerizing Sacred blue butterfly Woman.
    You don't want to miss it!
    I'll see you, inside!

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    The Vault: Sign "o" the Times

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    In the year of our lord two thousand and five the lord released a confirmation of the validation of salvation unto one of his servants. This confirmation came by way of a blessing and that blessing was a new name, Title and clear direction in the service of God. He has been ordained by God since birth and by man since the year 1993. His spiritual name is SEVNTL (pronounced SEV VEN TAL) an acronym meaning "serving everyone visibility now that listen" He is called however by his title which is simply CHRIST MINISTER.
    Join Me Your Host, Warren Houston Along With My Co-Host Ms. Gebrina Coutee From The West Coast For this Exclusive Interview With The Christ Minister!
    Revealing Truth Like You've Never Heard! You Don't Want To Miss It! I'll See You, Inside!


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    The Vault: Another Look At Christianity

    in Culture

    Join Me Your Host Warren Houston Along With My Co-Host Ms. Gebrina Coutee of the West Coast Along With Our Guest Tonight, "Mr. K.C. Keeby" As We Take Another Look At Christianity! You Don't Want To Miss This! I'll See You, Inside! 

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    The Vault: Pastor, I Have A Question....

    in Culture

    Going behind the veil on GROSSLY mis interpretations of the bible your pastor ain't teaching....... Yes I said AIN'T....

    Speaking on Religion, Magic, Rituals, Spirtuality,Astrology, Cosmology, Meta Physics, Occulth Worship, Numerology, An...cient Occult signs and symbols

    What was Jesus really doing for the 18 years the bible was mute on? Who is Jesus really? Does your pastor teach theology or fearology? What Is religion really, the root to evil, means to rely on God????? What will happen to the pagan and occult followers in 2012 who believe they are their own saviors and not Jesus? Your body is your temple, but specifially which organ is the holy land? Is the pope practicing Christianity or VOODOO???? Do You Already Know???? "Religion v. Science"

    Meet me inside the Vault with Host Warren Houston, Myself Co-Host Gebrina Coutee, The Infamous Santos Bonacci, Worlds Most Dynamic Astrologer interpreting the message of the stars in the Holy Bible, 'Kc Keeby Christianity Guru, Brotha Jabade Powell CEO of Ta Seti African Historical Society 50 years of study and teaching spirituality of the Congo.... INSIDE THE VAULT !!!!!!  

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    Healing Experience:Dr Phil & Nalani Valentine . Keidi Awadu

    in Self Help

    Join us today on the healing experience with our 3 special guests and their sharing of the work they do. In the first segment, we have Rev. Dr. Phil Valentine and his wife Dr. Nalani Valentine with us to talk about their work as Naturopaths and the launching of their advanced online institute of Khemetic Learning. Dr Valentine and his wife Dr Nalani are about the business of restoring the legacy of the Ancestors as well as teachers of the Ancient sciences and spiritual ways. Their institution of higher learning is expanding to include programs for children and their parents, which we will discuss. Their website: www.uksnow.org
    In the second hour  we will have Researcher, Vegetarian Chef and Author Keidi Awadu. Keidi is not only a sound and thorough researcher of all things related to raising the consciousness and awareness of the people on the planet, he is an advocate by example of the benefits of returning to a raw and natural diet the way we were intended.  He has authored several dozen books over the years dealing with various hoaxes and misdirection related to health issues and hosted a successful global radio show for several years. He also has been both a mentor and friend to yours truly and ironically introduced me to internet radio so many years ago. His website: www.livingsuperfood.com

    I'm pleased to welcome these guests and you will be as well so be sure and tune in and be part of the experience.

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    The Vault: The 4th of U-Lie!

    in Culture

    Join Me, Your Host; Warren Houston Along With My Special Guest; Dr. Moo-Twahz a.k.a The RITE REVEREND DAT N'GGA! Dr. Moo-Twahz IsOne of the Most RADIKAL Speakers in the country today, The RITE REVEREND DAT N*GGA, a 6th Generation N*gga (on his fathers side) and Founder of The N*GGA CHURCH (for Real N*ggas everywhere), is also a Phenomenal DE-CODER/CRITIC, Equal ... Opportunity OFFENDER, Biting RIDICULER and SHOCKATEUR of POP CULTURE and CURRENT EVENTS of these times!! He is an OUTSPOKEN, PLAIN TALKING, FUNNY, CONTROVERSIAL, NO HOLDS BARRED, GLOVES OFF, CHARISMATIC TEACHER on a wide range of subjects including LAW, HEALTH, WEALTH, METAPHYSICS, POLITRICKS, SEX, RACE RELATIONS, HISTORY, MEDISIN or BIOLOGY. In fact, The RITE REVEREND DAT NIGGA unorthodox philosophies–have been UPSETTING to the POWERS THAT BE and those who wish to KEEP the LIES in PLACE; while at the same time it has been LIBERATING people everywhere he goes who are truly ready for NIGGA TRUTH! Indeed, in much of what passes for the CONSCIOUS COMMUNITY, The RITE REVEREND DAT NIGGA is Not welcomed! His viewpoints and penchant for speaking the unforsaken Nigga Truth often turns friends into enemies--and Bruises a lot of EGOS! Therefore, only those who have reached the point in their LIFE where they are ready to start on the path of REAL Nigga Truth and REMEMBERING who they are - should be the ones checking out the MESSAGES here on this site! For only after you REALIZE that you need to start letting go of EVERYTHING you have ever been taught about your life (ESPECIALLY YOUR MISINFORMED BELIEFS) can you discover how real nigga truth MANIFESTS in The NIGGA CHURCH! Now, PLEASE OPEN YO NIGGA MIND!

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