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    Arizona Sports Network Radio

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    We will be talking the NFL playoffs, College Football, High School Football and more. Then at 8:30 AM our guest will be Todd Felte, currently he is a finance professional that plays football in the Arizona Football League azfl.com He is someone that invests his time in success, for himself, his clients, his team mates. Todd served our nation in the military, the Army National Guard from 2001-2007, something I am grateful for.

    Todd hails from Oak Ridge Tennessee, he played HS for the OR Wildcats, then on to play at Indiana, the Hoosiers. A coach that helped Todd get a look by NFL Chargers in 1998 was Cam Cameron. Todd got to work with coaches and players like Kevin Gilbride, June Jones, Joe Bugel. Among the players he worked with were Junior Seau, Natrone Means and Ryan Leaf.

    He picked up his BS in Finance with minors in accounting and economics. He is 43 years young. Currently, he is a team leader for the Scottsdale Crusaders AzFL team playing on the offensive line. The CRU played in the 2015 State Championship game. 

    He works with Source Capital a Regional Brokerage based out of Westport CT. www.Sourcegrp.com They specialize in money management for high net worth investors. 

    After we get as much info from Todd as we can I am going to ask him for his thoughts on the NFL, Cardinals, Panthers, Cam Newton, and more. Plus the big game in Glendale for the National Title featuring Alabama and Clemson. So tune in for a great show and interview with your host Kevin Pakos.   

  • The Long View with Kevin Thompson: Indigenous Life for the Future

    in Culture

    Kevn takes the long view of Indigenous life on Earth, discussing science, language, politics, spirituality and many other topics.

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    AZ Football League 2015 State Championship

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    Year 21 Arizona Football League AzFL.com State Championship game. Scottsdale Crusaders vs WV Head Hunters. 7pm at Thunderbird High School on the NE corner of Thunderbird and 19th Ave in Phoenix, AZ. Broadcast live with Sports and Entertainment News and the AZ Sport Network Radio Show. Host Kevin Pakos. 

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    AZ Sports Network Spring Football Report

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    Join Kevin Pakos and Jim Henderson as they preview the 21st State Championship Series and the Title game for the Arizona Football League that will be played on Saturday, May 16th at 7pm. Teams are the West Valley Head Hunters vs the Scottsdale Crusaders at Thunderbirds High School in Phoenix, AZ. At 7:30 Crusaders owners/coaches Byron and his wife Lynn, then at 8:15 Headhunters HC Anthony LaBarbera will be on. You can learn more at azfl.com and aspnradio.com. We will also be talking about the Arizona Spring football scene for High Schools, Colleges and of course the news from the NFL with a focus on the AZ Cardinals. The ASU Sun Devils, AZ Wildcats have both made an impact on the PAC-12 and the nation with their programs. We will discuss that and the Northern AZ Lumberjacks plus the second season for the ACU AZ Christian University Firestorm. That and much more. 

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    AZ Sports Network Radio Week in Review

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    This is Friday, May 8th and the world of both sports and entertainment news is in an uproar. Well, maybe not so much. But there is a lot to talk about, great info to share in football for the AFL Arena League, NFL, College Football, High School Football, MLB, NHL and so much more. Our website is ASPNradio.com give us a click.Life is supposed to be fun, this is. Join us. In case I forget, I am proud of our country and our flag...

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    Arizona Football League 2015 Playoffs Wild Card

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    Arizona Football League AzFL.com 21st season 2015 Playoffs Wild Card. Pre Game interviews 4PM MST Mesa All Stars vs Tucson Outlawz. Interviews with team owners. Mike Lee of All Stars and Ray Chubbz Brennan of Outlaws. Plus Outlawz players Terry Kilpatrick, Blaze Almon. To get complete break down of playoff schedule visit: http://aspnradio.com/azfl-2015-playoff-bracket/ This game is one of two today. The second is the Tempe Predators vs the Phoenix King Leos at 7PM MST To get the on air, online and phone app links go to: http:www.aspnradio.com The Arizona Football League is club, amateur and we are partners with the Arizona Interscholastic Association. This the high school sports governing body and you can hear and see our ads on their website AIA365.com When your high school football career is over, graduate then play AzFL. Host of the AZ Sports Network radio show is Kevin Pakos. 

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    ATTF v2.0 – Episode 48 – TF Countdown #5 Top 5 Fav TF Toylines

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    Continuing the 30th Anniversary Celebration, IT’S THE FINAL COUNTDOWN! Steve Megatron, TFG1Mike, and OptimusSolo count down each of their Top 5 Favorite Transformers Toylines! Geeks: Steve “Megatron” Phillips Mike “TFG1″ Blanchard Kevn “OptimusSolo” Thompson Subscribe to us using iTunes or use any other podcatching client by using: http://feeds.feedburner.com/AllThingsTransformers Download ATTF2_EP048.mp3

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    NAC-Brazeau- Ezra & Kevin Assnet- Darknet Media Liars

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    In human history there is always those that are so low in terms of being decent that they reach new all time lows every time they open up their traps and speak.Today I will be discussing Con Patrick Brazeau, Ezra and none other then Kevn Assnet,. ..... Taking on the trash so to speak.All three are pimping of of history and important issues. Has Patrick Brazeau Went To Far?The Truth About Ezra meeting with Idle No More Protestors, nothing to admire!Can Kevin Annett Stop Lying? What will his so called common law verdict do for First Nations. NOTHING!Be here people or be square.

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    Type 1 Radio Presents Kevn Zabbo

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    [3:22:31 PM] Dave Kelso: Monday 13th
    4pm - 6pm
    Kevin Zabbo
    Talks about his efficient combustion engine as a transitional phase into a world of more responcible energy management. Join Jay Larson , Dave Kelso and others to learn new concepts in energy savings.

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    Super Dave Show-Kevin Craig Libertarian Missouri 7th Dist

    in Politics Conservative

    Super Dave Show
    Kevn Craig
    Libertarian for Congress 7th District in Missouri.

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    AzFL Playoffs Semi's Tucson Soul Patrol v E.Valley Warlords

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    The Arizona Football League, AzFL is in it's 18th season of play. It is 11 man club football with teams across the state fighting for the right to be the State Champion each Jan-May. Join Host Kevin Pakos at 5pm as he calls the Semi Final game on 5/5  in of the playoffs in the AZ State Championship Series ASCS-18 playoffs.
    There are two games on 5/5. First is at 5 PM 8-3 Tucson Soul Patrol vs 10-1 Warlords of the East Valley here on BlogTalk Then at 8 PM broadcast LIVE on the air on KXXT 1010 AM in PHX, AZ plus will stream live on UStream and at www.aspnradio.com. will be the 9-2 Southwest Stampede vs 9-2 West Valley Head Hunters. You can get all the info at www.azfl.com. That plus action photos from all the games and video all online at AzFL.com.   The Soul Patrol under Head Coach Jay Russel won their Conference and Division Title, they are in the same conference as the Warlords. The Warlords under Head Coach Steve Pappas won their Division. The Head Hunters under Head Coach JR Alcantar won their Conference and Division Title. The Stampede under Head Coach Anthony LaBarbera are looking for their second State Championship to go with the 13-0 title in 2009.   Teams are forming now for the 19th season in 2013. Call for info at 623-939-4877 or visit the website. The AzFL broadcasts a game live every week of the season on the AZ Sports Network Radio show on KXXT 1010 AM, this show is on the AIR live every Sat from 8-Mid MT all year around and has been since 2008. To see the entire AzFL 2012 schedule and scores plus power rankings and playoffs go to AzFL Schedule page.