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    This month on We The Jury with Kevin Annett

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    Our first guest is Stee-mas, a Cree Nation elder and ITCCS activist in Vancouver, Canada who is leading church occupations and is issuing a lien and banning proclamation against Catholic and Protestant churches. Stee-mas is a survivor of Catholic internment camps("residential schools") in Canada. Our second guest is John Carten, a lawyer from British Columbia who in the course of his work, encountered extreme judicial and legal corruption as judges and government lawyers repeatedly broke the law in order to protect the insiders.  He also believes that several key witnesses, including a number of judges, have been murdered to prevent them from disclosing the truth.    Hosts: Kevin Annett and Bill Annett, Producers: Marcie Lane and Claudia Julien

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    In the Sleep Room By Kevin Annett

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    Kevin Annett reads his letter In The Sleep Room.
    The machine must function without thinking, or individual will, for it to fulfill its purpose of managing the crowd predictably.

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    Hear the Exclusive Story on We the Jury with Kevin Annett

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    Saturday March 2 from 4-6 pm EST / 9-11 pm GMT on www.blogtalkradio.com/wethejury Pope and Canada Found Guilty of Crimes against Humanity:Hear the Exclusive Story on We the Jury with Kevin Annett, Common Law Court jurors and Irish anti-Vatican activists with ITCCS Ireland.
    Featured guests include Lisa Shannon (USA) and Melanie Spencer (Netherlands), Citizen Jurors with the Common Law Court of Justice, who with other jurors recently found the Pope and others Guilty of Crimes against Humanity - and who have issued a Court Order for their arrest. Also appearing are John Deegan, Gerry O'Donovan and Dave O'Brien of ITCCS Ireland, who have led church occupations in Dublin on behalf of victims of Catholic church violence. Information: www.itccs.org   Also a new site in french.
    Due to scheduled guests and limited time we will not be accepting outside callers but any questions or comments may be posted in the chat room.
    Panel: Host Kevin Annett,co host Bill Annett, Claudia Julien, producer Marcie Lane  

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    Special Update from Kevin Annett

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    Kevin will be discussing all he has been doing in recent weeks up in Mohawk Territory , Canada. Some exciting new discoveries will be released on this show.
    Do to unforseen circumstances our guest co host, Elder Bill Squire from the Mohawk Nation will be unable to join us today.
    Panel members include : Bill Annett, Russ Letica , David Little Eagle,Kevin Annett and  Marcie Lane
    Hidden No Longer: Genocide in Canada, Past and Present (2010) by Kevin Annett is the most thorough, documented body of evidence ever published concerning the planned genocide in Canadian Indian residential schools.

    It can be viewed in its entirety at www.hiddennolonger.com .

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    Hiddenfromhistory with Kevin Annett, Updates on Brantford

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    Panel:  Kevin Annett, Russ Letica, David Little Eagle, CarrieLester and Bill Annnett
    Producer and Host Marcie Lane
    Kevin will be discussing all updates on the Brantford,Ont. Residential School situation and any other news he may have from our friends in Europe. Also If Carrie is able to be with us, she will tell us all about the Church Banishment rally she held in Toronto recently.

    Hidden No Longer: Genocide in Canada, Past and Present (2010) by Kevin Annett is the most thorough, documented body of evidence ever published concerning the planned genocide in Canadian Indian residential schools.

    It can be viewed in its entirety at www.hiddennolonger.com .

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    Safe Space By Kevin Annett

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    Latest Broadcast and

    Commentary from Kevin Annett:

    September 3, 2010

    Of course, that’s all over now – at least, at Co-op radio. The uninformed and naïve listeners who really believe that the station is a community operation and not an arm of the government will keep making their pledges and listening to all the controlled opinion and monitored dissent. Everything that does not threaten the privileges of the vested few will be aired. Mention may even be made, when it’s safe, to the great work Kevin Annett once did, before that unfortunate but unnameable incident that never actually occurred.

    That’s how it works in Canada , here in our pleasant, mentally manicured nation. But I do appreciate how this latest lesson in real politick has demonstrated again – for those who can see - what we are really a part of – and who, and what, is ultimately in charge.

    So good luck to all of you, and to the “safe space” that has once more been preserved at Vancouver Co-opted Radio. Good luck to all of your efforts to remain “safe”. You’ll need it.

    To learn more go to


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    Conversations: Rev. Kevin Annett (Covenanted Congregationalist Charter)

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    Join us Wednesday Night May 28, 2014 at 8:00 PM CDT. The House of Hidalgo Show will be interviewing Rev. Kevin Annett. Don't miss this episode, we will be bringing updates on news concerning ICLCJ, ITCCS, and the Sheriff training that is beginning across the earth. 

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    Matthew McDaniel and Jason Bowman with Kevin Annett

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    A monumental action will be discussed on today's show.
     Citizen prosecutor, Jason Bowman and Rev. Kevin Annett have named as co-defendants the Vatican, the Crown of England, Canada , its churches, and big pharmaceutical companies in the first Federal class action of its kind, all of which are accused of crimes against humanity and criminal conspiracy. The lawsuit is brought by Jason Bowman of the ACP and Rev. Kevin Annett of the ITCCS.. 
    Our next guest,
    Matthew Mc Daniel is a general contractor from Oregon who has worked  in Thailand,Laos,S.W. China and  Burma. Much of his work has been with mountain people of the Akah Hill Tribe. There he did human rights and language work as well.
    Much of what is going on in these countries is the same scenario we see in the USA, Canada, Australia, Ireland. Matthew will be talking about these issues and many more not listed below.
    American and other missionaries are in the business of child trafficing to Residential Schools in these countries lying to the children's parents to take control of the kids and telling  the kids they are orphans. As with all these common acts of inhumanity the children are being used for free labor and the missionaries are getting paid by the churches for every child they confiscate thus leading the way for people such as the Queen of Thailand to gain control of tribal land and resources. 1900 Hill tribe children are at Wiang Pa Pao Mission run by Scarborough Missions from Ontario ,Canada as just an example of the scope of this issue.
    Panel: Kevin Annett, co host Russ Letica,Bill Annett and producer and host Marcie Lane

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    This Week on We the Jury with Kevin Annett

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    This week on We the Jury: Saturday, September 28 from 1-3 pm PST, 4-6 pm EST/9-11 pm GMT
    Due to guest scheduling no outside calls will be accepted.
    Reclaiming our World with a New Law: Reports from the Front Lines
    Topics this month: The recent spiritual convergence in Rome and the disestablishment of the Vatican, legally and spiritually - Recent church protests in Coventry - How Canadians are stopping child trafficking by fraudulent family courts, and the movement to reclaim all of Canada - and the rise of the Common Law movement internationally.
    Host Kevin Annett is joined by fellow ITCCS organizers Rev. Joshua Lemmens, Steve and Amy Smart, and leaders of the recent Coventry, England church reclamations. Also joined by regular panelists Bill Annett,Producers Marcie Lane and Claudia Julien.
    www.itccs.org and www.blogtalkradio.com/wethejury

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    This week on Hidden from History with Kevin Annett

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    In preparation for the commencing of the International Common Law Court proceedings on October 15, Kevin Annett and the panel will examine in details some of the charges and evidence of crimes against humanity by the government of Canada and the Catholic, Anglican and United Church. Please see this link and broadcast it before and after saturday's show:
    Panel: Kevin Annett- host,Russ Letica-co host,Bill Annett,
    Marcie Lane- producer

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