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    The Melee Soup Gang with Mr. Khaleel Smith

    in Writing

    Tuesday Melee Soup Gang Series

    The Book: Virgin Islands Melee Soup for Young Mind, a collection of 12 short fictional children stories all set in the Virgin Islands, written by 12 local Virgin Islands high school students in the Junior Achievement Program. The stories are written to educate, motivate, and inspire young minds through reading.

    The Mission: To inspire and educate with the main ingredient: reading

    The Vision: Creating recipes to inspire young readers

    The Creation: After 7 weeks of contemplating on a perfect product to serve their community, they came up with the idea to publish a book. Virgin Islands Melee Soup for Young Minds consists of 12 original short fictional stories for children below the age of 11 that showcases our rich culture. Our book also makes for a good summer read!

    The Authors/Board of Directors: Khaleel Smith, President; Aliya Benjamin, VP of Human Resources; Derrick Thomas, VP of Marketing; Nytia Mathurin, VP of Production; Kevin King, VP of Public Relations; Trent Stedman, VP of Finance; Jair Smith; Tiffany Khadoo; Johnathon Pemberton; Peter Williams; Shane Austrie; Christian Ayala Nunez

    The Illustrators: Shem Matthew (cover), Keryl Liburd (interior)

    The Bookery: A Junior Achievement Company, Bookery is a children's book publishing company consisting of 12 students from Charlotte Amalie High School, St. Thomas/St. John Seventh Day Adventist School and the Ivanna Eudora Kean High School, most on the island of St. Thomas, and one on the island of St. John, US Virgin Islands.


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    An interview with David Gaz, director Kindness is Contagious

    in Motivation

    Amy and Keryl talk with David Gaz, the director of the feel-good-documentary Kindness is Contagious narrated by Catherine Ryan Hyde, the best selling author of the novel and movie Pay It Forward. Find out the surprising source of his inspiration to create this documentary and the series of coincidences that set the project in motion. Also find out how taking on this project changed this man's entire outlook on life. An inspiring and energetic interview you won't want to miss.

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    Pay Away The Lay Away's Founder Lee Karchawer Shares Inspiring Stories

    in Motivation

    Each year, thousands of people get the surprise of a lifetime when they return to the store to pay off their layaway balance only to discover someone has already done so. Tune in and hear first hand from Lee Karchawer, the amazing true stories of organized kindness as Amy and Keryl, partners in kind and authors of Share This Journal have a conversation with this inspiring individual. Find out how random acts of kindness and paying it forward touch the lives of unsuspecting people. 

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    The Power of Paying it Forward with Keryl Pesce and Amy Gopel

    in Romance

    What if you could prove the power of paying it forward? You can! This week meet Keryl Pesce and Amy Gopel creators of "Share this Journal," a remarkable way of seeing the miraculous results of your own acts of kindness! Tune in and find out all about how your own simple acts of kindness can change the world!

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    Ask Dr. Love – Start a New Love Affair Today with Guest Keryl Pesce

    in Romance

    When we think about starting an affair, our minds naturally conjure images of a hot and steamy love affair with a hunk or hunkess.

    But guess what?

    You can’t form a love affair with another person unless you’ve first fallen in love with yourself!

    In this week’s show, I’ll be introducing you to Keryl Pesce, author of Happy Bitch: The Girlfriend’s Straight-Up Guide to Losing the Baggage and Finding the Fun, Fabulous You Inside. Keryl is co-founder of Happy Bitch wine and co-host of Happy Hour, a live talk show on Mix 97.7FM, which entertains and dishes straight-up advice on living happier. Keryl is a happiness expert whose book, wine and advice have been featured in The New York Times, Bloomberg Businessweek.com, Huffington Post, Redbook Magazine and Glamour.com.

    So tune in for an uplifting show that’s going to show you how to get happy (and find love) by starting a love affair with yourself.

    You can watch the show when it airs live over Google Hangouts and on YouTube.

    Afterwards, you can listen to the archived audio broadcast here on Web Talk Radio

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    Balsam Path Journey - Show #497

    in Pets

    This week the hosts, Dr. Kim & Dr. Jeannie, will be sharing the show with guest, Keryl Asbach, of Balsam Path. Keryl has been a long time listener to Animal Talk Naturally, and has an amazing journey of healing, health, wellness and yes even loss to share with our listeners.

    This is the 12th and final presentation with regular listeners to Animal Talk Naturally.

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    Wine Down w/ Happy Bitch Wines

    in Wine

    Join hostess Jazzie Chane'l as she reviews the controversial named, recently released (2011) Happy Bitch Rose' Wine. 
    This story started with the author of Happy Bitch, Keryl Pesce, moved to a tweet that found business-minded entrepreneur Debbie Gioquindo, Hudson Valley Wine Goddess and thus Happy Bitch Wines were born~ 
    Hudson Valley Wine Goddess and co-founder of Happy Bitch Wines, Debbie Gioquindo, will be stopping by to chat with us and tell us more about this illustrious product.
    So, be sure to have your glasses ready and ears open. 
    We're chatting "Happy Bitch" tonight. 

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    MyCity4Her Radio - Guest / Keryl Pesce

    in Women

    Join MyCity4Her Radio host Monyka Berrocosa as she wraps up the week's best and most interesting stories and events related to women in business.
    She'll also be joined by author and entrepreneur Keryl Pesce of Happy B*tch Wine to discuss turning a bad situation into a business opportunity.

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    CEC: What the NAACP Can Do for the Alief ISD Community

    in Blogs

    Attorney Keryl L. Douglas is the featured guest. Ms. Douglas is also a candidate for the Democratic Party Chairperson position in the Houston area.
    We will discuss the benefits of the NAACP to the Alief ISD community, and the importance of parental involvement in the public school system and the results of active participation. 
    Other topics related to the current political campaign and the 2012 election will be a center of discussion.

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    Omar Miller Interview

    in Entertainment

    Omar Miller plays the role of CSI Walter Simmons, a Louisiana native and fluent French speaker who appears to get along with all of his co workers, on CSI: Miami. He first appeared in season 8, episode 3, entitled Bolt Action. Omar was born in Los Angeles, California and grew up in Long Beach and Anaheim. He later graduated from San Jose State University. Omar began his acting career in 1999 and has starred in many movies and TV series since he started such as 8 Mile as Sol George, Get Rich or Die Tryin’ as Keryl, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit as Rudi Bixton and was the reoccurring character of Coop in Sex, Love & Secrets and Felix Lee in Eleventh Hour. In addition to acting he has was also the writer, director and producer of a comedic film called Gordon Glass.

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    CEC: NAACP in Alief, Texas - President Keryll Douglas Speaks

    in Education

    An honored guest from the Missouri City and Vicinity NAACP will be the featured interview on this episode.
    Ms. Douglas is an attorney and candidate for a local office in the Houston area. 
    We will discuss issues related to the NAACP, her campaign, race and the development of the NAACP in the Alief, Texas area.