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    Importance of "ME" time- -Keri Kight

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    Keri Kight is on a mission to help women build their self confidence and find their true happiness. While teaching children in the public schools, she became restless and bored, until she figured out her true passion: teaching women to love themselves. Keri suffered several years with low self worth, destroyed self confidence, and poor self esteem. She now teaches women how amazing life truly is by helping them achieve real happiness. You can find her at http://www.kerikight.com where you can download her free guide: 5 Secrets to Living a Happy, Healthy Life.


    Website:  http://www.kerikight.com

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    Keri Kight - Achieve Real Happiness

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    Today's guest, Keri Kight is on a mission to help women build their self-confidence and find their true happiness. While teaching children in the public schools, she became restless and started searching for her true passion.  She soon realized that she loved teaching women to love themselves. Keri suffered several years with low self-worth, destroyed self-confidence, and poor self-esteem. Through her own experience and knowledge, she teaches women how amazing life truly is by helping them achieve real happiness. 

    As the host of this weekly radio show, Bonnie and her guests present fascinating topics to help you live the life you deserve! 

    Learn more about Bonnie at www.bonniegroessl.com

    Visit her on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/TheBridgeToHealth   

    YouTube Channel

    Guest Link - You can find her at http://www.kerikight.com where you can download her free guide: 5 Secrets to Living a Happy, Healthy Life.


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    Sports Talk with Benson

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    Tonight on Sports Talk with Benson we'll discuss many topics including Watt As Tight End, Riley To Huskers, MLB Trade Value, GameDay Kickoff, Watch Him Meow, and more! If J.J. Watt played tight end, he'd be better than Rob Gronkowski. He's just a tad busy to switch. Nebraska has hired Oregon State's Mike Riley. Florida also picked a new coach: Jim McElwain. With the winter meetings looming, Jonah Keri rolls out his annual rank of MLB's 50 most valuable assets. Six games (just six) will directly impact the playoff race, but how much chaos will really ensue? He's not drinking milk from a saucer and he's not eating mice, but Ray Kaunisto of the Kalamazoo Wings takes the "Super Troopers" cat game to lofty levels. We appreciate the shenanigans. Fans you too can be a part of the show if you call in at (347) 857-4527

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    TRUNEWS 12/01/14: Dr. Scott Lively

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    Rested and ready to go after the Thanksgiving Day holiday, Rick starts the program with both guns blazing mocking the New World Order elite and political correctness.  Dr. Scott Lively joins Rick in the studio to discuss the link between Cultural Marxism and the worldwide militant homosexual rights movement. This is one Trunews episode you will want to share with friends and family.

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    Everything with Kathy B Indie Soul Saturdays Misha'el & Team Jesus

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    Misha'el - Pop Fusion Artist - 2:15pm

    Misha'el eventually moved to California to fully pursue music and acting endeavors where she met several people who are currently influential in her music today. She finished her record entitled "HIGHER" produced by b. krafty and has worked with him on a remix to Swedish House Mafia's "Save The World. b.Krafty was very influential in educating Misha'el and fully emerging her in the EDM world. She collaberated with former Interscope managed producer Cory Bold of Fly Panda (Keri Hilson Alienated, Letoya Luckett Lady Love) as well as being heavily involved with  the incredible Senate Music Group mentored by Devine Evans. Most recently she teamed up with Chart Vision and created wonderful visions with Australian EDM producer and DJ, Achilles. Collectively their chemistry provides listeners with exciting music that's felt through every hypnotic trance. "Live God's purpose over your life so you can be.

    Team Jesus - Gospel Rap Artists - 3:15pm

    We are a group that shares the same vision for spreading God’s love. We each feel that is it our personal call to sew seeds of love into every person that we can. We are a group that feels that supporting and inspiring today’s youth, recognizing their struggles and encouraging them to seek the Lord is a life call we all must answer.

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    "Are You Emotionally Available?" II - Psychotherapist Keri Nola

    in Spirituality

    Hour two of our conversation - "Are You Emotionally Available?" - with psychotherapist-author-conscious business coach Keri Nola.

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    Cosmic Caffeine-Live w/Guest Psychotherapist, Author, Life Coach-Keri Nola!

    in Spirituality

    Cosmic Caffeine is your spiritual wake up call!

    Listen as psychic medium, energy healers-Jamie The Psychic & Mitchell (Intuitive Messenger) take live callers and tell YOU why you called! That's right-they will automatically know why you called & answer your questions about life, love, health, animal communication, spirit communication and everything in between!

    Sandy screens calls and Daniel will be doing free readings in the chat room so call in now! Think of us as the Howard Stern of Psychic radio! We are straightforward and honest and the "real deal". We look forward to connecting for you!

    Keri Nola is a highly regarded Psychotherapist, Best-Selling Author, Radio Host, and Conscious Business Coach for Therapists and Healers. While building and maintaining a thriving clinical practice for nearly a decade, Keri most recently expanded her passion and founded a virtual coaching academy to support healing entrepreneurs in building profitable and rewarding practices by learning the art of marketing from the inside out at www.kerinola.com She is on a mission to ignite a global, heart centered revolution that allows healers to have the confidence, clarity, and skills they need to share their gifts with the world.

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    The Biz With D: Interview w/ Luke James x Lil Mo

    in Music

    When a new artist hits the scene, adjectives like fresh and honest frequently get thrown around when, in many instances, it’s more hype than truth. But that’s definitely not the case when it comes to Luke James .. And just who is Luke James? He’s a singer/songwriter who truly embodies the honesty and fresh, organic soulfulness that’s been in relatively short supply of late in contemporary music. Now that sounds like a pretty tall order for a newcomer to fulfill. However, the New Orleans native is very much up to the task. In fact, you’ve no doubt heard his work.

    James’ real-deal approach to music and—more important—the craft of singing are the main attractions on his self-titled debut album: "Luke James” Both mark the singer/songwriter’s debut on Mercury/Island Def Jam via New Age Rock Star Records (NARS), the label helmed by award-winning producer Danja (Mariah Carey, Justin Timberlake, Keri Hilson) and long-time collaborator / mixing engineer Marcella “Ms Lago” Araica (Madonna, Pink, Timbaland). That connection hits home on James’ lead single, “I Want You.” Packed with interesting breaks and tempo shifts, the sparse yet bright track pulsates with an infectious, hip-hop-influenced beat. That foundation provides the perfect complement to James’ pure, arresting falsetto as he sings: “I was just a broken record of one-night stands /Til you came along with your beautiful song …”

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    D***HeadRadio #42 ISIS,EBOLA and MEMES OH MY

    in Comedy

    This Is The WunderGround Pre Show Mixer With My GUEST MANDIE DEAN



    Free Keg and free food while supplies last.
    $10 cover

    Inside Stage Hosted by: Omotayo Richmond
    Patio Stage Hosted by: Greg "The IGive" East

    Sponsored in part by: CAN U Studio, Rino Racing, and OldSkoolJunk, Liyf Clothing and LIYF Clothing & Accessories
    (there is still time to sponsor the event if you'd like)

    Vlad Thee Inhaler and Chef Roc holding it down, times available at a later date. 



    Keri Foster
    Nate Parker
    Lady G
    Moses West


    The Tiny Gloves ( Kelsey Liz Kitty Kowalski Cayla Noralea )
    Jacob Creel


    Gross Evolution- Punk 
    De Lions of Jah- Reggae
    Askme Ificare- Rock/Rap
    The Stocktons-Indie 
    Self Employed -Punk
    Dr. Sirbrother-Indie
    Kris Vega and the Crew- 


    Stubbily Mug
    D E M G O D Z
    Duval Spit
    The Antagonist
    Sir Nasty
    Jay El
    Vennum Feat. Felicia Nicole 


    Art of Kyle Willis
    Donna Kelley


    E.A.T.T Shirts
    MAD nails
    Tredd Creations


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    Sara Stroud-Colvin-Power Woman of The week

    in Entertainment

    What makes a woman so poweful? Very simple, "Success"  Wife,Mother Business.Keeping things balance and moving forward.Sara Stroud-Colvin secret is Jamberry.The story of Jamberry Nails begins with three sisters who possess distinct personal tastes, but share a love for style. After an expensive afternoon together at the nail salon, Lyndsey, Christy and Keri vowed to find a simpler, more cost effective way to keep their hands looking polished, while still spending time together. 

    After lots of trial and error, the proprietary nail wraps of Jamberry Nails launched in late 2010. The DIY, at-home application and incredible variety of designs caught on quickly and sales soared. A new era of nail art was born. 

    Gone are the days of nails that chip and flake after only a few days! Gone are the days of the single colored manicure. Gone are the mani/pedis that take all afternoon and most of your cash too! Jamberry nail wraps arm you with style and confidence while demanding very little of your time or money. Join us to salute Sara and perhaps  get acquainted with the product Jamberry.

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    Acknowledging the Author!: "A New Kind of Family"

    in Christianity

    Our host, Stephanie Humphrey has authored several songs and poetry and a few plays and spoken word. She is also the published author of three books with the second book entitled, "A New Kind of Family (2013). Tonight we will dive into this first book. Tune in to hear the story of Keri, Anna, and Mark as the embark upon a new journey and perhaps become a new kind of family! Read excerpts at http://wattpad.com/determinedpublishing.

    I would love to hear from you! Call to listen in, ask questions, and share your thoughts! Talk with you then!

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