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    Ask Herbal Health Susun Weed & Brain Based Learning with Glynda-Lee Hoffman

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    Susun Weed answers herbal health questions followed by a 30 minute interview with Glynda-Lee Hoffmann. As a young child in a turbulent home Glynda-Lee Hoffmann had a series of mystical experiences that fueled her desire to understand, to pursue truth in a way that others did not, to see things that others never perceived and look at things with a discerning and inquiring mind that yearned to touch a cosmic awareness that brought peace, serenity and wholeness. She also realized this information represented a revelation that pertains to the human brain that was historically understood and experienced by Abraham, Moses, Jesus and others.Glenda has written a groundbreaking book The Genesis Code: Your Key to Unlocking Hidden Genius.

    this episode- Q&A includes:

    • bioidentical hormones put your health at risk

    • explanation of heroic, scientific and wisewoman traditions

    • life is bumpy and gritty- no normal person- nourish whole unique person

    • cysts and possibilty of unexpressed emotions..

    • red clover blossom for infusions not redclover leaf

    • solar keratosis? St. Joan's Wort

    • eczema and psoriasis- skin and personal boundaries- comfrey leaf infuson increases strength of skin and loosens skin

    • retincturing plants that are fresh, scarce and rare

    • kidneys are the store of ancestreal energy

    • persistant yeast infection? black walnut tincture, chamomile, goldenrod, guided meditation found in Down There

    • check out Robin Rose Bennett as the expert on wild carrot seed..


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    #61: Tattoos, "chicken skin," raw foods & blood sugar

    in Fitness

    Special Topic: How do YOU measure your health status?
    #1 Brewer’s Yeast? [13:52]
    #2 Coconut oil for Tattoos? [22:13]#3 Gaining weight to help fatigue? [26:05]#4 Keratosis Pilaris, what foods to add what food to avoid? [34:35]
    #5 Paleo vs. Raw Foods [44:00]
    #6 Small meals vs large meals and controlling blood sugar [48:23]

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    Top 5 Body Care Problems Solved!

    in Women

    Find out how to get rid of red, bumpy skin, back acne, cracked heels and more, just in time for summer! Get expert advice for all of your beauty needs, and win FREE Paula's Choice products when we take your call!
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    "KP Be Gone!"

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    Inspired Creations Spotlight: Meet Angel Banks an overcomer of a skin condition called Keratosis Pilaris. This is very common and affects 42% of Americans. She has discovered a remedy to help others clear their skin. Tune in to hear more about her journey. Meanwhile, check out her site: www.kpbegone.blogspot.com