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  • Claire Kennedys wake up call and connection

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    The wake up call and connection , with claire Kennedy, covering all topics and educating the masses to the real going ons behind the facades and perceptions cast by the Authorities and the media.

    the truth seekers show to finding out what is going on as the minority of those who are already aware and are labbelled the conspircy theorists as another form of discrediting smoke screen that the fraudulant self absorbed 1% use to hide their secret agendas,





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    DOJ Gives Hillary A Lifeline, Viral Videos, & Vatican Prophecies

    in Politics

    Ed Klein-Did the Justice Department just give Hillary a lifeline?  The former foreign editor of Newsweek and served as the editor-in-chief of The New York Times Magazine and his written about the Kennedys, Hillary Clinton and most recently, President Barack Obama.

    Samantha Mills-The Good News Girl reports on the best viral videos of the week.

    Dr. Jane Bluestein-An educator and an award-winning author of twelve books discusses her latest, "The Perfection Deception Why Trying to Be Perfect Is Sabotaging Your Relationships, Making You Sick, and Holding Your Happiness Hostage."

    John Thavis-Award winning reporter and Rome bureau chief of Catholic News Service covered the Vatican for 30 years. We talk about his latest book, "THE VATICAN PROPHECIES: Investigating Supernatural Signs, Apparitions, and Miracles in the Modern Age."



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    James Graham's "Victura, The Kennedys, A Sailboat and The Sea" on AOTA

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    It is with great pleasure that host Pam Stack welcomes author James Graham to Authors on the Air to discuss his beautiful non-fiction book "Victura, The Kennedys, A Sailboat ad The Sea".  Hailed byJim Whittaker, author of A Life on the Edge, "The Kennedys saw the world and nature as a magical place....Victura, a small wooden sailboat, became the center of adventure...James Graham knows the sea, sailing and the Kennedys".

    Please join our discussion of the sailboat Victura and the Kennedys by calling 347-633-9609.  We are giving away 2 copies of "Victura" to two lucky callers.  To learn more about James, please to go to http://thevictura.com.

    Support for Authors on the Air is made possible by the following:  Robert Gregory Browne at http://robertgregorybrowne.com, Discount Pets and Supplies at http://discountpetsandsupplies.com, and Michael Lowndes and PML Media, Inc. on the web at http://pmlmediac.com.

    This is a copyrighted, trademarked podcast owned solely by the Authors on the Air Global Radio Network LLC.  Please see us on the web at http://authorsontheair.com, visit us at http://authorsontheair.com, or follow us on Twitter @authorsontheair (#AOTAIR).  Find host Pam Stack at http://facebook.com/4pamstack.

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    Kennedys Illuminati Bloodline

    in Culture

    Tonight, we are talking about the famed Kennedy family Illuminati bloodline.
    To some being told that the he Kennedy family is a top 13 llluminati family is akin to being told a needle is in a haystack. Someone has estimated that there are 200,000 Kennedys in the United States.  The Kennedy name is one of the most populous surnames of Ireland.  In 1890 Kennedy ranked 17th.  Today it is ranked 16th most common names it has moved up a notch. Fortunately, there is information that identifies at least part of the Satanic Kennedys from all the rest of the Kennedys.
    Again the Kennedys’ ties between various Illuminati families is very involved, and a long unraveling process, similar to untying a set of bad knots. The Kennedy family abounds with marriages to names such as Anketells, Baileys, Booths, Buckleys, Collins, Hatfields, Humphreys, Freemans, James, Phelps, Reagans, Russells, and Smiths.  The Kennedys that we will look closest at are related to the Fitzpatricks, a powerful Irish family whose coat of arms has 3 fleur-de-lis with a dragon and a lion.  It is believe that The Fitzpatricks origin connects to France, and they may possibly be part of the Sang Royal (Sangraal--Sang Raal is the term used in the older manuscripts which can mean both Royal bloodline or Holy Grail.) Jackie Bouvier Kennedy Onassis who married John F. Kennedy was tied to the Auchinclosses via her sister’s marriage into the Auchincloss family.

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    Single Mom Sage Hour~ Single Mom Spotlight: Porsche' M. Norman

    in Moms and Family

    It's time for another episode of Single Mom Sage Hour's Single Mom Spotlight. Join Ms. Jennifer Pink as she talks with Porsche' M. Norman.

    Porsche' started dancing at the age of 4, under the direction of Paul and Arlene Kennedy, with a solid training in all genres including tap, ballet, jaz, hip-hop, modern, African and swing. Porsche' was a founding member of the professional dance company, the Kennedy Tap Company (KTC), created by the Kennedys.

    Porsche' trained for three years at Hamilton HS, Jason Samuels Smith, a world-renowned tap master, in 04, attended Debbie Allen's Dance Academy (DADA), and was an intern for the LA Tap Festival under the direction of Jason Samuels Smith and Chloe Arnold. Porsche was an original member of Chloe Arnold's Syncopated Ladies and was selected by Samuels Smith to be featured in Dance Spirit Magazine. She is currently a principal dancer for the Funderburk Dance Artists (FDA), under the direction of Michelle Funderburk.

    Now she has focused her efforts on Tajallet Dance Company/Youth Ensemble with her partner Mychal Harris in the hopes of giving back to the art-form that has given her so much.

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    Sports Palooza Radio: Athletes Giving Back and We're Talking Sailing!

    in Sports

    Join us today as we talk to author James Graham about his book, "Victura: The Kennedys, a Sailboat and the Sea." Many families sail together, but the Kennedys’ relationship with Victura, the 25-foot sloop purchased in 1932, stands apart. James tells us more on the show today! 

    And giving back is a huge part of Sports Palooza, so we have TWO athletes who stop by and talk about what they are doing to give back to their communities: 

    Leigh Bodden: He spent 9 years playing as an NFL Cornerback for the Cleveland Browns, Detroit Lions, and most recently the New England Patriots. He also supports the educational dreams of DC-area youth through the Leigh Bodden Foundation (founded in 2010).

    Major League Baseball player Roy Smalley used the lessons first learned from his father and uncle and as a Little Leaguer® at Westchester National Little League in Los Angeles, Calif., to become a professional athlete, a successful businessman, broadcaster, and advocate of youth baseball and softball through his work as the President of Pitch in for Baseball. To recognize those achievements, Mr. Smalley has been named the 2014 recipient of the William A. “Bill” Shea Distinguished Little League® Graduate Award. He stops by to talk about the organization and the importance of little league baseball!

    And, of course, we welcome back Nancy Flynn of the ePolicy Institute as she shares our social media faux pas of the week! 

    It's a great show! 

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    Crossing over with the Ancestors-The Kennedys part 2

    in Religion


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    Welcome To RoyaltyNow! Royal News and Views

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    Welcome to the first RoyaltyNow! radio show. I'm Mandy Littlefield, and we'll be discussing royal news of the day. Today's topic: Are political dynasties un-American? Are we a secret monarchy or not? Let's talk about it.

    Article link: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/northamerica/usa/10776038/Bush-versus-Clinton-2016-would-a-battle-of-the-dynasties-really-be-un-American.html

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    False Flags Facilitate Oligarchy War on Humanity

    in Education

    Reynaldo Duarte, author of Elementary, My Dear Walid, reviews how the CIA, working for the Warburg Cartel, kept control of the U.S. and the world with antics such as subverting Carter's Desert One try to free the Iranian Embassy hostages, shooting the Kennedys, and conducting the war in Nam to protect their heroin trade.

    The Oligarchy, through the CIA, even had Reagan''s guard shoot him with a dart.  The Bushes gave patsy Hinkly's oil barron dad a huge payoff.  The dart almost killed the President, but he shut up and let Bush Sr. run the country for the next many years.  

    Bush cronies control the voting machines that, with the bought-off Supreme Court put Baby Bush and his handler Cheny in the Presidency, charged with ruining our economy, standing down for the World Trade Center demolition and the suspension of civil liberties in the Patriot Act and the killing of Iraqs that the Oligarchy had ordered.

    Duarte shared how Bangladesh and the Indian subcontinent is the hub of Warburg-Lee-Rothchild heroin, arms, and people-smuggling operations,  The Oligarchy finances--undercover of call centers--the CIA, wars, religious strife and debt-slavery, overt and covert. 

    The privitization of prisons has created a huge slave population which grows exponentially due to huge profit margins for prison corporations.

    See more at: http://www.aquarianradio.com/2014/07/05/planetary-oligarchy-071714-reynaldo-duarte/


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    Guest: January Jones - Author & Humorist.

    in Current Events

    My guest this Thursday on "The Man From 2063" show will be January Jones. January Jones is an Author, Humorist, expert on the Kennedys, and Motivational Speaker who specializes in homemaker humor in the tradition of Erma Bombeck. Tune in at 7pm CST on blogtalkradio.com/jackduffy.

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    Guest: January Jones - Author & Humorist.

    in Current Events

    Original airdate 4/17/2014:

    My guest this Thursday on "The Man From 2063" show will be January Jones. January Jones is an Author, Humorist, expert on the Kennedys, and Motivational Speaker who specializes in homemaker humor in the tradition of Erma Bombeck. Tune in at 7pm CST on blogtalkradio.com/jackduffy



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