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    Ken welcomes David Morgan

    in Self Help

    Ken is pleased to welcome into the studio the one and only David Morgan.  David is a long time friend and astute market analyst.  Ken and David will talk about what you need to know to increase your wealth and protect your assets.  Please call in with your questions and comments for David and take advantage of this rare opportunity to speak with David live.



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    Ken welcomes Erin Cell

    in Self Help

    Ken Holloway welcomes social media expert Erin Cell of www.sociallypowered.com and they discuss a variety of topics relating to all things social media. Ken asks Erin a bunch of questions relating to the growth of his own business; and the conversation goes into depth on why it's important to have a sales funnel and why social media is necessary to optimize engagement, growth and customer satisfaction. 

    Erin is a veteran in social media, runs her own successful company and stays abreast of the latest and greatest in the industry.  She's top notch and I am happy to recommend her.


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    The New and Improved LifeTalk Radio Show with Ken and Beth Show!

    in Fun

    Join Ken and Beth in another stimulating discussion about whatever pops into their heads.  Call in and share your thoughts.(347) 215-9971  Thursday 4/21/2016.   Join us!


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    Ken Weinman Show

    in Sports

    A test episode to get used to the site and try things out.


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    The Ken Holloway Show

    in Self Help

    Ken is thrilled to be joined in the studio by his favorite wonder woman--Elaina McMillan; extraordinary coach, speaker, hypnotist, and stand-up comic. Can you say talented? And did I mention Elaina is drop dead gorgeous and has a killer smile? 

    Be sure to join in the fun while Elaina plays fast and Ken tries to keep up with her lightning wit and press her buttons.

    Elaina's area of expertise is beliefs, and how we can easily improve the results and happiness we're getting in life by upgrading our beliefs. This is one conversation you won't want to miss.

    We'll be taking your live calls too, so this is a great time to mix it up and get a woman's perspective on love and romance, and what it's like to be true to your calling in the marketplace.   

    Elaina is certain to be a recurring guest, so this is your chance to get in on the first episode; and you know what they say... you never forget your first.  

    For more information on Elaina, check out her webiste at www.elainamcmillan.com



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    The Ken Holloway Show

    in Self Help

    We are pleased to have with us in the studio a great guy and fellow Rennaisance Man--Mitch Krayton.

    Besides being a noted speaker, writer, entrepreneur, mentor and all around hell of a guy, Mitch is a world travelor and started his own company called Krayton Travel. Some of Mitch's messages include:  "Make Memories, Not Regrets" and one of my favorites... "If it's fun, then it's not work. If it's not fun, why do it?"

    We invite you to call in with your questions and comments as Ken and Mitch talk about the great big beautiful world that we live on, and how best to see it and enjoy it. Bask in the sunshine on an exotic beach, smell the salty air, take in the majesty of the world's granite peaks and mountains, explore the sights and sounds of the world's most famous rivers and all the cities and towns built around them. Enjoy the thrill of adventure excursions. Savor the best foods in the world in the places where they were born. See the world's best art and architecture; from mind-blowing cathedrals, palaces, and opera houses, to monuments, bridges and natural wonders.

    Have your adventures and take in your special moments because life is not a dress rehersal. 

    Contact Mitch at Krayton Travel (303) 365-0051 / (888) 577-3344  or email him at mitch@kraytontravel.com

    Travel Planning:       www.kraytontravel.com
    KT's Travel Tribe:     www.ktstraveltribe.com
    Voice Acting:          www.myvoiceisyours.com
    Professional Speaking: www.sage-talks.com


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    The New and Improved LifeTalk Radio Show with Ken and Beth Show

    in Fun

    Join Ken and Beth for a discussion about whatever they want to talk about.  It's an open-ended deal.  You'll like it. Really.  Call in and render an opinion, share a thought, make a snide remark or just hang out.  

    9:30 PM PDT   Thursday 3/31/2016

    (347) 215-9971

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    Ken welcomes David Wolf of Small Biz America

    in Self Help

    Join in the fun this week as Ken welcomes David Wolf of Small Biz America into the studio.  David is an entrepreneur extraordinaire and uses his vast experience in business and broadcasting to help small businesses promote themselves with digital content in audio and video formats. 

    If you own a small business or if you're thinking about starting a small business, this is your invitation to call in to our listener line and pick our braiins.  We're here to help you and have fun doing it.  Tell your friends.

    David's background and education includes: entrepreneur, communications and digital content producer, multi-channel/social media marketing, corporate finance consultant, music composer, audio producer, radio show host--AM talk and Internet, real estate investment, private pilot [COM, CFI, IFR] with 1000 hours PIC, series 7 and related securities license (inactive).

    We're very fortunate to have David as an in-studio guest. You can get more information at his website http://www.smallbizamerica.com/  

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    The New and Improved LifeTalk Radio Show with Ken and Beth Show

    in Fun

    Join Ken and Beth for another rollicking half-hour of unmitigated fun as they, and hopefully you, navigate the convoluted mental catacombs that are their minds.  Tonight's discussion may include politics and religion.  Two of the most shunned conversational topics known to man.  Second only to the fear of public speaking, discussing religion and politics strikes fear into the light of heart, but not Ken and Beth!  They, stalwarts of conversational exuberance, refuse to shy awy from these topics, nay, they embrace them!  Bring it ON!!  Show starts 9:30PM PDT, Thursday (Tonight) 3/24/2016.  Call in and render an opinion of yourself.  (347) 215-9971   Be there or be square!  


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    The Ken Holloway Show

    in Self Help

    Ken welcomes Rachel Moore, and they have a lively discussion about her friend who is being forced to look for a new job due to her company closing.  They discuss options for her friend as well as the pros and cons of each option.  

    Rachel is upbeat and the conversation continues to talk about the challenges of going into business for yourself with an emphasis on marketing, which Rachel does for a living.

    Join the fun as Ken helps live callers seeking advice on topics from love and success to health, wealth and personal growth. Provocative and entertaining.