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    Kelly Sullivan Walden, Dreaming Heaven

    in Self Help

    Chat and Warm-up Music starts at 8:30 am Pacific, 11:30 am Eastern.
    Ilene and her Guest(s) start the interviews at 9am Pacific, 12-noon Eastern.
    Four authors have come together to create a “Package” for making personal change. It’s amazing. Based on information from their journeys to  Teotihuacan, a pre-Columbian center of craft and commerce with a multicultural population, Kelly and her cohorts have created a documentary film, workbook, book, guided meditations and original music to help us transform! In the last year, there has been an explosion of authors and Light Workers offering products to help us evolve quickly and completely, in order to Transform at this time of light-speed Transition. Kelly Sullivan Walden and her colleagues are reaching out powerfully to everyone, whether you learn kinesthetically, visually, intellectually or through hearing. I’m looking forward to all I know we’ll all discover and the many positive changes that will result. 

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    Out of the Fog: The DREAM Code with Kelly Sullivan Walden

    in Spirituality

    Learn how your nocturnal dreams can add rocket fuel to the fulfillment of your wildest waking dreams. In the magical realm of dreams you can learn a topic of fascination, study at the feet of a master, converse with a departed loved one, find an answer to a perplexing question or, explore the larger story of your life. Popular dream analyst and media personality Kelly Sullivan Walden shows how to use your dreams to create the life you want in her new book, It’s All in Your Dreams. Her 5-step process helps readers remember, connect, and use their dreams in their waking lives. This interview originally aired on Empower Radio. 

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    “It’s All in Your Dreams” by Kelly Sullivan Walden

    in Self Help

    Kelly Sullivan Walden, also known as "Dr. Dream," is a dream expert, certified clinical hypnotherapist, founder of Dream-Life Coach Training, inspirational speaker, radio host, blogger, and author of seven books, including the Amazon.com #1 bestseller, I Had The Strangest Dream, It’s All In Your Dreams, Dreaming Heaven, and the newly released Dream Oracle Cards. She has also published articles in Woman’s World, Cosmopolitan, and the Los Angeles Times. She is a regular commentator on Fox News and has done over 1,000 TV and radio interviews. She is also the founder of The Dream Project, an organization that inspires young people to access their dreaming minds to discover solutions to world issues. Visit her website at http://ihadthestrangestdream.com or www.kellysullivanwalden.com

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    The Dr Elizabeth Show Guest Kelly Sullivan Walden

    in Spirituality

    Join Dr Elizabeth as she interviews Doctor Dream, Dream Expert, Kelly Sullivan Walden.
    As we move into a brand new year, learn how to manifest your dreams for 2013 with Kelly Sullivan Walden!
    Kelly will be showing us how to interpret our night time dreams and utilize this information to manifest our day time dreams and create our ultimate DESTINY!

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    The Sandie Sedgbeer Show with Kelly Sullivan Walden

    in Spirituality

    LIVE Broadcast
    Astrological Messages for 2012 and Beyond with Alison Chester Lambert (20 min)
    BBC astrologer, and founder of the Midlands School of Astrology in the UK, Alison Chester-Lambert is known for predicting personal and planetary events with “deadly accuracy.”  Back by popular request, Alison will be providing a regular monthly update on how the transiting planets are going to be affecting us on a personal and global level as we move through this pivotal year of 2012 and beyond.
    Dreaming Your Desires and Destiny into Being
    “Dreams are love letters from home, written in our first language—the language of the soul.”  So says this week’s guest, certified clinical hypnotherapist and author, Kelly Sullivan Walden.  What’s more, our nighttime dreams can be our greatest ally when it comes to manifesting the life we desire… if we can learn to remember and know how to work them.  Join Sandie and fellow Awakening Zone Host and dream expert, Kelly Sullivan Walden as they discuss:
    Why dreamwork is such an important tool
    How paying attention to your dreams can improve your love life
    How dream therapy can help you create the life you yearn for
    How to mine the gold from your nighttime dreams
    And more…
    Kelly Sullivan Walden is a certified clinical hypnotherapist and the author of seven books including the Amazon.com #1 bestselling dream interpretation book, I Had the Strangest Dream: the Dreamer’s Dictionary for the 21st Century, as well as Discover Your Inner Goddess Queen: an Inspirational Journey from Drama Queen to Goddess Queen, and most recently, Dreaming Heaven. Kelly is the host of “The D-Spot” weekly web-radio show on the Awakening Zone. 

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    The Dr Elizabeth Show-Guest Kelly Sullivan Walden

    in Spirituality

    Join Dr. Elizabeth as she welcomes her incredible guest, Kelly Sullivan Walden!   Kelly is the host of The D Spot” weekly web-radio show on the Awakening Zone, where she explores the nexus of nighttime dreams, daytime desires, and destiny.
      Kelly is a certified clinical hypnotherapist and author of the #1 Amazon.com bestselling dream book, “I Had the Strangest Dream…the Dreamer’s Dictionary for the 21st Century” as well as “Discover Your Inner Goddess Queen...an Inspirational Journey from Drama Queen to Goddess Queen” and "Zone Golf”. 
    Kelly is featured regularly on FOX, NBC, CBS and ABC news and magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Elle, Bride, Seventeen, Woman’s World and US Weekly. You can read her weekly dream blog on AOL.com’s "MyDaily.com. 
    If YOU have questions about YOUR dreams, you don't want to miss this wonderful episode.  Bring your dream questions for our Doctor Dream, Kelly Sullivan Walden to interpret!   We're sure to have an exciting and enlightening time!
    For more information about Kelly you can go to:www.KellySullivanWalden.com, Facebook.com/KellySullivanWalden, Twitter: kswalden ordreamexperiment.

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    The Doctor's Inn - Dr. Quigley and Kelly Sullivan Walden

    in Current Events

    Join co-hosts Suzanne Strisower and Kathleen O'Keefe Kanavos as we interview gifted healers who are talking with us about their books, philosophies and insights to enhance each of our lives.

    We welcome listener call ins to speak with our guests live or to participate in our chatroom.

    The DR's INN from 6-7pm PST

    Our guest for this week is: Dr. Bill Quigley, retired surgeon who wrote Hippocrates Wept.


    Between Our Sheets with Doctors from 7-8pm PST

    Our guest for this week is:

    Kelly Sullivan Walden (AKA Dr. Dream) a clinical hypnotherapist and founder of Dream-Life Coach Training. www.IHadtheStrangestDream.com


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    THE ATTITUDE SHIFT w Kelly Sullivan Walden

    in Self Help

    Ever wonder what your dreams mean?
    Joining us to share how our dreams can be interpreted is The Dream Doctor, Kelly Sullivan Walden, a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and the author of the #1 Amazon.com bestselling dream book, ' I Had The Strangest Dream - The Dreamers Dictionary For The 21st Century.'
    Kelly is featured regularly on FOX, NBC, CBS and ABC news and magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Elle, Bride, Seventeen, Woman’s World and US Weekly. Kelly is the creator/founder of The Dream Project, a non-profit organization that bridges inspired young people to solve the issues facing the United Nations and the Millennium Development Goals.

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    Dream Expert, Coach & Author, Kelly Sullivan Walden

    in Spirituality

    Drama Queen to Dream Queen, Kelly Sullivan Walden has gone from. She is a Dream Coach that specializes in empowering people to live the life of their dreams.

    As a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Ordained Interfaith Minister, Human Design Analyst, Goddess Queen Gathering facilitator, and inspirational speaker, Kelly blends the art of dream analysis with her holistic coaching style to produce life-changing results.Fifteen years ago she became a Certified, Clinical Hypnotherapist. As a Hypnotherapist Kelly began working with clients via their subconscious minds to access their core beliefs, drives, and desires in order to more effectively assist them to heal from past traumas and to align with their future goals.

    Over her fifteen years of working with hundreds of clients and their dreams, she began to see the impact that their dreams were having on them. When Kelly realized that there were no other dream books on the market that dealt with contemporary symbols or that synthesized the realm of dream interpretation in the empowering way that she did, she felt compelled to write her latest book, I HAD THE STRANGEST DREAM, THE DREAMER’S DICTIONARY FOR THE 21ST CENTURY. Kelly is now in negotiations with a major Television Network about hosting the “I Had The Strangest Dream” TV series.

    Kelly is the creator of The Dream Project -(www.DreamProjectUN.org), an educational program that empowers students (grades K-12) to discover and invent solutions to the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (goals to combat poverty, hunger, disease, illiteracy, environmental degradation and discrimination against women by 2015.) As the author of five books, Kelly is the recent Past President of the Women’s National Book Association (LA Chapter), and as the WNBA-LA’s UN NGO delegate, Kelly was invited to speak at United Nations at a conference in Paris, France. For more info on Kelly, visit www.KellySullivanWalden.com

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    The Dr Elizabeth Show- Guest Kelly Sullivan Walden #2

    in Spirituality

     Join Dr Elizabeth as she interviews Doctor Dream, Kelly Sullivan Walden.  Kelly  is the host of The D-Spot (the place where nighttime dreams, daytime desires, and your highest destiny come together). Kelly is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and author of 4 books including amazon.com's #1 bestselling I HAD THE STRANGEST DREAM, The Dreamer's Dictionary for the 21st Century, DISCOVER YOUR INNER GODDESS QUEEN, an Inspirational Journey from Drama Queen to Goddess Queen, and Zone Golf: Master Your Mental Game Using Self-Hypnosis.
    Kelly a regular guest expert on FOX news, AOL (MyDaily.com featured blogger), has been featured in Woman's World, Cosmopolitan, US Weekly, and many other national publications. Kelly is the creator of The Dream Project, a local movement for Global change that inspires school children to create solutions for the United Nations Millennium Development Goals. She is a regular Dream Expert on FOX NYC, ABC, CBS and NBC news. Kelly is on a mission to empower people everywhere to understand the gift of their nighttime dreams, manifest their deepest daytime desires, and live their highest destiny.

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    The D-Spot: Dream Monday with Doctor Dream Kelly Sullivan Walden

    in Dreams

    Next on the D-Spot is Dream Monday!  Amazon.com's #1 bestselling author of "I Had The Strangest Dream" Dream Doctor, Kelly Sullivan Walden, will be answering your dream questions and decoding your dreams!
    Did you have a strange dream last night?  A recurring dream? Did you fly?  Did you fall?  Did you dine with Oprah on a magic carpet? Did you know it's strange NOT to have a strange dream?  Call in if you’d like a FREE live dream interpretation on the show,  or join the live chat at AwakeningZone.com.
    Did you know that dreams inspired... • Thomas Jefferson’s writing the Declaration of Independence • Elias Howe’s invention of the sewing machine • Mary Shelley's Frankenstein • Otto Loewi’s Nobel Prize (discovery of acetylcholine) • Jack Nicklaus’ golf swing • James Cameron’s movie Avatar • Marion Cotillard’s Academy Award for Best Oscar for her portrayal of Edith Piaf • The dream blockbuster, “Inception” …and so much more… Thank God its Monday...Dream Monday that is. The third Wednesday of the month is dedicated to dream interpretation. Call in and ask the Dream Doctor your questions about what your dreams are telling you.