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    Komments - Wigs for Kids and More Interviews

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    Analysis! Interviews! Commentary! Join Greg Kellogg, Wally Spurlin, Gary Davenport and special guests as they talk about everything from the absurd to the zany in this weekly football gabfest!  It's time to start talking to NFL Draft Prospects so join us as we focus on the future of the NFL! We have several interviews tonight.  

    We start with NFL Veterans Brian Folkerts and Brenton Bersin who are donating the precious hair to kids.  Brian and Brenton will be talking about the Wigs for Kids program they are taking part in.

    Wigs for Kids' vision has lead them to become a leading Wellness Center in Michigan where families of children diagnosed with short-or-long term hair loss can receive help at no charge, while also providing allied health services, educational and professional guidance. Through these efforts, Wigs 4 Kids is committed to improve a child’s quality of life by helping them deal with the appearance-related side effects of treatment.


    After that we are bringing back CB David Amerson of the Redskins.  Amerson will explain his journey from a second round pick in the 2013 draft to a starting corner in the talent laden NFC East.

    With the NFL vets out of the way, we turn to the draft eligible players.  Wyoming WR Dominic Rufran, Nevada WR Richy Turner, Kansas State WR Curry Sexton and Kansas State QB Jake Waters will bring their stories to Komments.

    Call-in Number: (347) 826-9620

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    Moabite Oasis with Taj Tarik Bey

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    Moabite Oasis with your host Taj Tarik Bey

    Tune in every Thursday @ 10 AM PST / 1 PM EST

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    National Agenda with savage-el ~ Mortmain / Misprision / HONOR UP ! ! !

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    Treaty of Commerce and Navigation Between the United States and the Ottoman Empire; February 25, 1862

    Treaty of Commerce and Navigation Between the United States and the Ottoman Empire. Concluded at Constantinople, February 25, 1862. Ratifications exchanged at Constantinople, June 5,1862. Proclaimed by the President of the United States July 22, 1862.


    Whereas a treaty of commerce and navigation between the United States of America and the Ottoman Empire was concluded and signed by their respective plenipotentiaries at Constantinople on the twenty-fifth day of February last, which treaty, in the English language, is word for word as follows:


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    Tim Lilly was born in Washington D.C. on January 16th, 1965. At the age of 3 his family moved from Virginia to Taiwan while his father served in Vietnam as the Director of Air Operations for Air America in Military Region 2 based in Nha Trang. In 1973 the Paris Peace accord was signed thus ending American involvement in the war and Vietnam was declared safe for U.S. Dependants, subsequently; he and his family relocated there shortly after the treaty was signed. On April 1st, 1975 Tim and his family left Vietnam just before Saigon fell to the North Vietnamese Army on April 30th. They had visited Hawaii several times on vacation and decided to make that their home. His father started a real estate business where Tim began to work at the age of 14. He eventually came to run the company in 2005 but it was decimated by the Great Recession of 2008 and closed its doors on June 30th, 2009. Tim Lilly has been a lifetime martial artist and speaks Mandarin due to his living in Taiwan at such a young age. He is now exploring a career in acting, martial arts stunt work, and is now an author. His first work of fiction; "Wode Susu-My Uncle-A Story Of The Chinese Mafia", is a ground breaking look into the inner workings of the most secretive criminal organization the world has ever known.

    Also on Hammer 96.7, special fx horror king, Ward Benoit---

    Ward Benoit has been in this business for a little over 3 years!! In that time he has been in or worked on 6 local feature films (Creeping Crawling, Little Bi Peep, Cryptid, Future Stakes, Dead Burger and Dr Acid Face) 3 short films (Fresh Meat, Home, Invisible Guest) 3 webseries (The May Files, The Monster of the Week, Super Knocked Up) & 5 music videos!! Ward is proud of his accomplishments and in between films he has been doing some photo shoots! He's done The Butcher Shop, Terminator vs Zombies, Santas Slay, and the latest one called "The Shoot"!

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    With Sylvia McAdam & Magdala Ramirez

    in Spirituality

    What happens when people take a stance as one? Change becomes a mere beginning. The international orchestra of many voices singing through 'Idle no More' grassroots movement is moving beginning to shake many. We are so pleased to announce a special episode with an initiator of 'Idle No More' grassroots movement, 'Idle No More'. We are excited to be talking with Sylvia and Magdala Ramirez in this special Episode.


    Sylvia McAdam (Saysewahum) is from the Treaty 6 lands and is a direct descendant of Treaty people.  She is nehiyaw and nakawe and speaks fluently in nehiyaw.  Sylvia has her Juris Doctorate from the University of Saskatchewan and a Human Justice degree from the University of Regina.  She is one of four first organizers for a global grassroots movement called ‘Idle No More’ which protects Indigenous Sovereignty, Treaties, land and water. 

    Magdala Ramirez, is a dedicated teacher, leader and healer from the Maya Mexica tribe. She has been working with in the ways of Feminine for more than 35 years. She is a shamaness who has written 15 books and has founded many ceremonies. She is the director of Sacred Woman non-profit. You can find all information on www.unionofpolarities.com

    Idle No More is an ongoing protest movement, founded in December 2012 by four women: Jessica Gordon, Sylvia McAdam, Sheelah McLean, Nina Wilson. It is a grassroots movement among the Aboriginal peoples in Canada comprising the First Nations, Metis and Inuit peoples and their non-Aboriginal supporters in Canada, and to a lesser extent, internationally. It has consisted of a number of political actions worldwide.





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    Martus Ministry - "Eye of The Storm"

    in Politics

    The False Prophet Miracles and the Pope Francis, Two State Solution Antichrist Treaty and Obama, The 7 heads of the beast, “Spiritually, what is a soldier mentality?” and more!


    For more information http://www.MartusMinistry.org

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    We the Anunnaki ~ 03/20/15 ~ Gordon James Gianiannoto & Robert Evans, Jr.

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    Hosts Janet Kira Lessin & Dr. Sasha Lessin interview guests Gordon James Gianinnoto & Robert Evans, Jr. and possibly Emily Elizabeth Windsor-Cragg (8 to 10 PM Eastern) on We the Anunnaki on www.blogtalkradio.com/aquarianradio.

    Planet X is in the sky. The tail of Planet X is 10 million miles long, a red iron-oxide tail. The tail was in the solar eclipse today.  

    We are scheduled to talk to Emily Cragg about her many books plus her research, TransSendDance, what we NEED TO DO is find out the TERMS and STIPULATIONS in Treaties our countries have signed with the Annunaki, Greys and Tall Whites.  A better explanation of the Emerald Covenant Treaty would help too.  Emily says, "To do this, we need moles in US Govt Depts that have access to the TPP Treaties also."

    This and more on two super exciting hours this week on We the Anunnaki.

    More at http://wp.me/p2LapR-Kb

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    Giants Withhold Native Americans' Hunting Rights on Their Own Land

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    The Genesis 6:4 giants won't let the Native Americans hunt on their own land in Maine. It is reportedly not a matter of endangered species of animals. It seems to be just a matter of white supremacy. Please call-in on (818)572-2947 at 9pmEDT to hear what's happening from a Native American perspective at National Network in Action (NNIA1) on March 20, and please feel free to express your opinions and ask questions. 

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    Overcoming the Darkness

    in Christianity

    Join us at Fire & Grace Church LIVE @11:00 AM CST March 22, 2015 as we continue to look at the converging events of Bible prophecy in the news. Jesus wept over Jerusalem as He foretold the coming destruction that came to pass in 70 AD. Today, God is warning us through many voices about what is coming to America and the world, but few are listening.The USA and NATO nations are on the verge of war with Russia. Obama is threatening to allow the UN to force Israel into a peace treaty that divides the land, and many other things. We must prepare!

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    Vast Right Wing Conspiracy - Hillary Clinton scandal, Iran Treaty, SAE Oklahoma

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    e're back sans Ethan with a loaded show.
    - HIllary Clinton finally came out from underneath her bridge...and makes an ass of herself
    - GOP senators sent a message to Iran today...and Obama's feelings are hurt
    - Sigma Alpha Epsilon had some racist video. Everybody is pissed. Donna Edwards plays the race card. nobody protests. 
    - UC Irvine student body wanted to remove flag...our thoughts
    - And media celebrates national abortion day.?

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