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    PTRN-Circle Talk/Pagan Music Project

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    Pagans Tonight Radio Network presents:

    8PM CST - Circle Sanctuary's Circle Talk:  (A Circle Sanctuary Radio Ministry program): Unitarian Universalist Pagans Debra Rose talks about her own work with UU Pagans and interviews Circle Sanctuary minister Jerrie Hildebrand of Massachussetts about her work with Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans over the years.

    9 PM~ Pagan Music Project: Kellianna visits before heading to the UK and Europe on Tour.

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    ET-Kelliana **Over to Oberon & Ariel-Michael Sortomme

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    8PM CST- Join Ed the Pagan and Traci Logan Wood for WIld Wednesdays where anything goes! Tonight we hang out with songstress Kelliana!!
    9 PM CST- Over to Oberon and Ariel (OOA) with Oberon Zell Ravenheart and Ariel Monserat from CAW and Green Egg 'zine. Our guest tonight is Michael Sortomme. She is an author, artist and retired teacher of metaphysics, the occult arts and Active Indigenous Shamanism. Educated in anthropology and modern literature, she has journeyed in pursuit of truth that she translates into vivid paintings and equally compelling stories. A Reincarnationist, prodigious past-life memory has motivated passions in Genetic Genealogy, Herstory and the Levant. The Oregon wine country in the Pacific Northwest is her home—her piece of heaven. The Emancipation of Giles Corey,Michael’s first historical novel, won the Indie Excellence Award for Best Historical Fiction of 2011, Honorable Mention for the Hoffer Award and finalist for the Montaigne Medal. She can be contacted through her main website, www.michaelsortomme.com

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    Pagans Tonight en Español! and Circle's Pagan Warrior Radio

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    6 PM CST-Pagans Tonight en Español. Programa conducido por Sevginyn LaMadduk y Yoko Galkan. Con entrevistas, noticias, eventos y la participación de varios invitados especiales. Todos los Sábados 6pm Mx, 7pm CL/Bo, 8pm Ar/Uy 00:00 UK, 01:00 Es.
     Escríbenos: paganstonightes@gmail.com
    TEMA: Rito de Luna Llena y noticias del Boletín Pagano en Español
     8 PM CST-Pagan Warrior Radio with David and Jeanet Ewing.    TODAY: Military Pagan Perspectives -Discussion and interviews with various Veterans on their experiences as Military Pagans as well as with others who were affected by family members' deployements overseas. Special Guests include Jane Sibley, Kelliana, Jenna Green and other participants at Fertile Ground Gathering in Northern Virginia. We will be participating in the program from the festival.    Join us every week!

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    Spirit Songstress-Kellianna!

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    Join me tonight as I have Spirit Songstress Kelliana! She is an American pagan artist internationally performing song and chant inspired by myth, magic, sacred places and ancient times. With guitar and vocals she brings to life the stories and sagas of the Gods and Goddesses. With Native American frame drum and chant she honors the Earth and the Ancestors via primal drumming and powerful vocals. she is also a certified teacher of Spirit Song and will be in Plant City Florida performing this weekend. Tune in to find out more...

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    PTRN ~ Mitos y Leyendas ~ Lugh y los Tuatha de Danann

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    P. T. R. N.  presenta Mitos y Leyendas, un programa para conectar con las divinidades y las fuerzas de la naturaleza a través de la imaginación y lo metafórico .

    Hoy presentamos Lugh y los Tuatha de Danann, recorremos el panteón Irlandés escuchando la música de Damh the bard, Marting Romberg y Kelliana.   Espero que lo disfruteis.

    Recordad que podeis participar en el concurso de relato corto la piedra filosofal mandando vuestro relato a sandalwood@outlook.es.