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    Real 2 Real with Tamara Gooch & Tara Jones

    in Finance

    Host: Tamara Gooch

    Guest: Tara Jones

    Topic of Discussion: The Importance of Good Financial Habits

    Tara's Bio

    "Tara Jones' mission is to combine personalized financial coaching and services at affordable prices to integrate the discipline of good financial planning into women’s lives.  She utilizes a unique and educational approach in working with the driven woman, the professional woman, the entrepreneurial woman and young families with small children to help them organize and control their personal finances.  She is on a mission to show the world that we can all properly manage our personal finances while remaining “pretty”. "

    Visit Tara Online @


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    Real 2 Real Radio with Tamara Gooch & Damitra Sorden-Viera

    in Entertainment

    Guest: Damitra Sorden-Viera

    Topic of Discussion: Beating Breast Cancer while Building A Business

    “I strut with passion, optimism and confidence.  I am definitely a Soleful Diva!” says Damitra “Metta” Sorden- Viera, shoe designer and owner of Soles 4 Divas, a mobile shoe boutique based in Baltimore, MD.  Damitra’s passion for fashion was cultivated at the age of seven by watching her mother, a former model, pose and strut in stylish clothing and accessories. Following in her mother’s footsteps, Damitra began modeling locally and learned about the business of fashion, which slowly sparked her entrepreneurial dreams.

    This Diva’s true passion for style demanded her entrepreneurial attention as well and in February 2011, she began Soles 4 Divas, her booming shoe boutique which boasts the motto "Accessorizing your Walk, While Dazzling Your Destiny". She streamlined her philanthropic heart and fashion-savvy mind by enclosing a motivational quote in everypair of shoes that is purchased.  Her ultimate goal is to speak, touch, help and inspire every woman in one way or another. Damitra’s business and personal accomplishments have made her a woman on the move. 

    She has been recognized for her continuous effort to inspire and innovate.  She received the Woman of Power Award, Joe Mann’s Award, Distinguished Woman Award, has been featured in Essence Magazine, 2 time exclusive shoe designer for runway fashion show New York City Mercedes Benz Fashion Week alongside international designer, Cesar Gallindo. She has contributed powerful messages and dazzling shoes to woman-empowerment events.  With all of these accomplishments, her biggest testimony comes from being a breast cancer survivor and breast cancer advocate and speaker for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure Foundation, and now Soles 4 The Cure.

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    Real 2 Real Radio with Tamara Gooch

    in Business

    Host: Tamara Gooch

    Topic of Discussion: Starting Over At 40 with No Regrets!

    Are you 40 years old and at a place in life where you have to start over because life happened? Are you feeling like it is to late for you to start over? Have you found yourself in a place of being down and out because "you believe you can't come back from this?"

    Well my friend this show is tailor made just for you from our Host Tamara Gooch who will share some insight into this topic because she too has made a decision to start over at the age of 40 but with not regrets!

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    Single Mom Sage Hour: Domestic Violence Stories Part II

    in Relationships

    October is the time of year people around the world lend their voices in support of domestic violence awareness and solutions. Ms. Jennifer Pink has invited Tamika Sims back to Single Mom Sage Hour as they continue the discussion "Domestic Violence Stories" Part II. They will be continuing their candid conversation of life during and after domestic violence with Tina Torres and Tamara Gooch.

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    Real 2 Real Radio with Tamara Gooch and Donna Hicks Izzard

    in Lifestyle

    Host: Tamara Gooch

    Guest: Donna Hicks Izzard

    Topic of Discussion: Discovering MySEXYMe Identity

    Donna's Bio

    Donna Hicks Izzard is best known as “Chief Identity Reclaimer” and is the creator of the innovative The 3W Life training workshops that teach individuals the importance of reclaiming their IDENTITY to be successful in their personal and professional lives. Individuals learn WHOSE they are, WHO they are and WHY they are here. The 3W Life workshops empower individuals who are broken, stuck, stagnant and invite them to participate in their own rescue by regaining confidence and understanding their worth.

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    The Randy O. Show with Tamara Gooch and Coach TMB

    in Entertainment

    Host: Randy Otterbridge

    Guests: Randy Otterbridge, Tamara Gooch, & Toresa M. Blakely

    Topic of Discussion: Why a TEAM beats a ME everytime!

    Just when YOU think you've got it all figured out--along comes a TEAM. Today's conversation surrounds the power of TEAM--and how it beats doing things alone everytime. Randy, Tamara, and Toresa share with you why their three voices carries one melody along The In Life Now Radio platform to help you in your life and business.

    Gain some insight from Team In Life Now on how to better cohabitat with your team so that in turn you can be more effective in life and in business.

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    Single Mom Sage Hour: Domestic Violence Stories

    in Moms and Family

    October is the time of year people around the world lend their voices in support of domestic violence awareness and solutions. Ms. Jennifer Pink will be sharing Single Mom Sage Hour with Tamika Sims as they discuss "Domestic Violence Stories". They will be having a candid conversation of life during and after domestic violence with Tina Torres and Tamara Gooch.

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    Real 2 Real Radio with Tamara Gooch with LaTersa Blakely

    in Business

    Host: Tamara Gooch

    Guest: LaTersa Blakely

    Topic of Discussion: How To Juggle Home and Business

    LaTersa's Bio

    LaTersa Blakely is the Owner of LaTersa Blakely Enterprises, Inc”. She is the founder of Mommy Mavens Rock formerly known as Moms Wearing Multiple Hats, where she shares business tips for mom entrepreneurs and inspiration to help them balance motherhood and work. She is an entrepreneur, author, wife, and mother of two beautiful children. LaTersa received her Bachelors Degree in Agriculture Economics from the University of Arkansas At Pine Bluff and her Master's Degree in Agri-business Management from Alabama A&M University.

  • Real 2 Real Radio with Tamara Gooch & Lindsay Enita

    in Lifestyle

    Host: Tamara Gooch

    Guest: Lindsay Enita

    Topic of Discussion: When Life Happens!

    Lindsay's Bio

    Lindsay Enita is CEO of Transparent Grace and lives in Charlotte, North Carolina. She is a speaker, coach, trainer, and author of the soon-to-be released book, “When Life Happens: Understanding God’s Purpose, Plan, and Process for your life.”(c)

    Life can leave us all hurt, broken, and wanting to give up. Lindsay’s story is no different, but she kept thinking, “there has to be more to this faith thing than going to church.” Her pursuit to equip women to win in life and faith began when she realized church did not prepare her to live the faith she was taught. Where church teaches the “what” and “why” of Christian faith, the most important part is the “how.”

    Now armed with wisdom, education, and practical applications learned on her journey, Lindsay equips women to bridge the gap between real life and faith.

    Through her workshops, seminars, retreats, and the Real.Life.Faith.™ community, she creates an atmosphere of safety, transparency, and hope that gives women permission to lower their guard to explore real life issues and topics some religious organizations do not address. Step by practical step, she guides women to deeper faith and richer lives through Real.Life.Faith.™


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    Real 2 Real Radio with Tamara Gooch & Ronda White

    in Business

    Host: Tamara Gooch

    Guest: Rhonda White

    Topic of Discussion: What Is Your Platform?

    Rhonda's Bio

    Ronda’s 20+ years of experience as a single Mom and mentor within her community has afforded her an understanding of the challenges that may come before us. She managed to raise two very active children, work full time, while still volunteering in her community. These life experiences gave her insight into transitioning from surviving to thriving, as she overcame life's many obstacles. 

    Couple this with her expansive history in corporate America, which included Non-Profit, Real Estate, Retail Management, Higher Education and even the US Army; and it is easy to see from where her fighting spirit derived.

    Ronda’s goal is to empower others to find the balance between personal and professional development, family life, and blissful living.  She is devoted to sharing the steps to tear down the boundaries that have held so many back from living an empowering life.  She is innovative, audacious, and has a heart to empower women to live life to the fullest and understanding their worth. Her energy and wisdom is contagious, and there is no doubt that YOU will be inspired!