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    Birthing Divine Ideas - Mother's Stories

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    Kathy Stringer join Life Coach Ade  on the Ask Life Coach Ade Radio Show for "Birthing Divine Ideas" - Mothers' Stories.

    There is an order to life. For whatever you want to achieve, there are steps, systems, experiences (painful and joyful) that you will go through. There is the correct/balanced way to do it and then there is the slow (forceful) way to go about it. 

    When you are in the process of birthing divine ideas, it is useful to understand that the idea is coming/being birthed through you. That there is a higher power involved, just like the birthing of a baby. Pregnancy asks for the availability of the Parents and the community. When everyone does their part, the process makes everyone more - more expansive, more abundant and we are left with a deeper awareness of who we truly are. We are also empowered to trust life, nature, self and God.

    Call in 347 426 3346 or post your questions on "Ask Life Coach Ade Radio Show" fan  (LIKE) page on Facebook.

    This show will shift your consciousness. Empower you to create a space and a place for inspiration, transformation and healing.

    For more information about Life Conversations Radio visit www.LifeConversationsMedia.com 

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    Thelma Balfour, Author

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    Thelma Balfour blended her unique writing style with over 20 years of astrological expertise to write the premier mainstream astrology book for African Americans. Ms. Balfour has been a freelance stringer for USA Today and Newsweek.  She also worked as a reporter for The Commercial Appeal.

    Ms. Balfour has been an active participant/workshop seminar leader in the numerous national events in excess of 10,000 participants.  Her no-nonsense, but entirely approachable demeanor, allowed her to offer solid advice to audiences searching for an alternate approach to reconciling relationships.   

    Thelma writes the astrology column for Essence Magazine.  She also wrote a weekly astrology column for  The Philadelphia Inquirer,  VIBE magazine,  Heart and Soul magazine and a national health and fitness magazine for African American women.

    Ms. Balfour makes frequent appearances on radio talk shows, including the nationally syndicated “Tom Joyner Morning Show.” and “The Bev Johnson Show.”  She has been featured in The Commercial Appeal, The Tri-State Defender in Memphis, Philadelphia Tribune,  Atlanta Inquirer, Charlotte Post in Charlotte, NC, Essence Magazin,  Emerge Magazine, Grace Magazine and featured in Sophisticate’s Black Hair.

    Ms. Balfour has participated in the Literary Cafes, sponsored by BET Direct. 



    Books available on: Amazon.com, SimonSays.com, Goodreads.com

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    Everyday Angels with your host Marie Elisa(VisionaryH.Armstrong)Paranormal

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    LPS Radio internet, Everyday Angels with Marie Elisa welcomes, Howard H. Armstrong, News Stringer for the local news in South Carolina, founding member of Lowcountry Haunts Paranormal Society, LPS Internet Radio, and The South Carolina Film Alliance which is responsible for developing the market to attract the making of films in the regional area.

    Howard will discuss how he became involved with paranormal investigation and he’ll share how they work together to help those who contact their organization with hauntings of their homes, property, and businesses. We’ll listen to audio clips of actual EVP recordings from investigations.

    His film work has gained nationally attention. One video captured footage of a large, fatal, commercial fire that involved several fire departments which is still used as a training video for firefighters nationally.

    Arsenio Hall admired Howard’s work when a contest was held on his show and awarded the video with recognition. Long before American Idol, Howard produced school talent shows with a similar format throughout Charleston. Celebrity panels of judges were comprised of local television and radio personalities.

    Howard's generosity and civic mindedness has helped to raise funds for charities in the community. His work with the local Shriners Chapter entailed a yearly Halloween event that from 1989 to 2005 grew in huge popularity. This project led him to be affectionately known as the "Boogie Man".

    Howard has worked with: "O", with Julia Stiles and Martin Sheen, Patrick Swayze in "North and South", Bruce Willis during production of "Die Hard III". Howard resides in Hanahan, SC where he is a dedicated Father, to five children.  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/lpsradionetwork/2015/01/28/everyday-angels-with-your-host-marie-elisavisionaryharmstrong Or call: Blogtalk radio number: 347-838-9862, press 1 to speak to the guest.

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    ChabDog Radio Does the BCS Championship Game: 2nd half of Ducks vs. Bucks

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    Listen in as ChabDog Radio Covers the 2nd half of Ducks vs. Buck, BCS Championship Game, starting at 7 pm pst on Monday Night, 1-12
    Can Mariota overcome the Urban Legend?
    Will 3rd stringer Cardale drive the OSU fun bus to paydirt?
    Will the Big 10 finally play big in the big game, or will the Pac 12 continue its dominance in this year's extra session?
    Feel the jubilation from emancipation from the yoke of SEC tyranny.
    Disco Duck and other football tunes.
    NBA and NFL updates.

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    In the beginning was the (SPOKEN) word and it became flesh #3

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    O YE DRYBONES, this wed at 9pm /et we present IN THE BEGINNING WAS THE (SPOKEN) WORD AND IT BECAME FLESH #3 .We are asking all poets nationwide to bring your spoken word vibration and make it real. All poets will have 3 min.to make your word bring truth to power.just dial 626-414-3504 to connect.with Co-host Leroy Stringer from 17 the Box,also Sassy Black, Melikah Jazz,Kimani and you.A little history EnHeduAnna[2] ("en" means high priest or high priestess, and "hedu" means adornment, so this name translates to "high priestess adornment of the god, An"of the Moon god Nanna.. She was the first known holder of the title "En Priestess", a role of great political importance that was often held by royal daughters.

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    Finding Opportunity for Success in the Senior Care Industry

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    As small business owners and entrepreneurs, we are constantly looking for new and creative ways to build our wealth and positively affect our communities, and as the Baby Boom generation ages, entrepreneurs are seeing increasing opportunities for success in the senior care industry.  I am so excited to announce this week's special guest Daniel Stringer. Daniel is a successful serial entrepreneur and musician and has traveled all over the world. He founded Launch Homecare out of his passion to help entrepreneurs find success in the senior care industry while also making a difference in the lives of their communities. 

    He is also the CEO of Total Care Connections, one of the most successful home care and assisted living placement companies in Southern Arizona. After starting the company in 2009, he has led the organization to win multiple awards, serve thousands of people in the community, and created hundreds of jobs. In 2013, he was honored as one of Tucson’s top “40 under 40″ business leaders by Inside Tucson Business. 

    Join me on Tuesday, November 25th, at 11am PST / 2 EST! You can call in and listen LIVE on the road at 646-200-4285, or listen in here from your computer.

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    A Kind Voice on Movies

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    Join us as we welcome bestselling author and film maker Helen Stringer to the show. We will be talking about her new series, “The Gloaming” a ghost story unlike any you’ve ever seen. 

    Hosted by William Battle

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    CrossBones MMA Special : UFC 179 Poll Results and Fight Predictions

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    The guys from CrossBones MMA Radio get together the day before UFC 179 and reveal the picks from CrossBones Nation while adding their own insights and predictions for the pay-per-view event. Go to www.crossbonesmma.com to get your picks in before they are revealed and make your voice heard. Call in during the show and defend your picks or contest ours. Listen to 5 Rounds with John and Eddie on their usual days of Wednesday and Saturday and Bad Decisions with Eddie Law on Sunday.

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    Negdog Radio The Big Reg & Coach Paulie Show#1-Episode 93

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    On this Thursday October 9th, 2014 The Negdog Radio Network is launching the Pilot Show: "The Big Reg & Coach Paulie Show". Bringing you a different perspective of the sports & entertainment world. Raw and Uncut Big Reg and Coach Paulie go My Hood vs Your Hood every Thursday Night from 6:00-6:30pm ET. Call in to the Studio to bark at The BIGGEST dog in the game! www.negdog.com www.bluechipperuniversity.com

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    Negdog Radio Friday Night Lights-Episode 87

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    On this Friday October 3rd,2014  Friday Night Lights on "The Coach Smith Show" we are breaking down last weeks game vs Southeastern University and this weeks upcoming game vs Kentucky Wesleyan on ESPNU! Kick off @2:00! Also the Gaither Cowboys vs WireGrass Ranch! Go Cowboys! The Negdog Radio Network is "Sure To Bite"(c). Go for the ride as The Glory Eagles are on the quest for thier first victory! #UFAITH #NegdogRadio

    Last Weeks Show:The Coach Smith Show




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    Negdog Radio Ruby Tuesdays-Episode 84

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    On this Tuesday September 30th, 2014 we are celebrating our biggest month in The Negdog Radio Network history! With many live events on the horizon and knocking on prime times door, we thank all of our loyal listeners! This show is for you! Special Guest 2nd half! If you can't run with the BIGGEST dog then stay on the porch! www.bluechipperuniversity.com www.negdog.com

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