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    2016 NFL Draft/Charlotte Elite, featuring Coach Jamal Slayton (Ep. 305)

    in Sports

    Join us as we give you your sports high for the week!

    The 2016 NFL Draft is finally here!  Fred Perdue will join us for LIVE pre-draft coverage while the Los Angeles Rams are OFFICIALLY on the clock.

    We'll update the NBA playoffs, the playoff injury bug, more NBA Awards, and much more.

    We'll also be talking with Charlotte Elite head coach/team president/owner Jamal Slayton of the Tobacco Road Basketball League, about his team, the league, the upcoming high stakes tournament his team hopes to be a part of, and more.

    "This portion of the revolution will not be televised, but EVERYBODY can listen."

    Don't miss it!!! 

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    Big Blue Views - Jamal is Gone, Yahtzees Still Coming In, & More

    in Sports

    As basketball season closes tonight with the National Championship game between Villanova & Unbelievable Nonstop Cheaters (UNC), Kristin and Michele will tie a bow around the year with their thoughts on the Cats, the SEC and the rest of the college basketball world.

    Jamal Murray has already made his decision - he will not be returning for a second season, choosing instead to take his talents to the NBA.  Tyler Ulis didn't win the Naismith Award, but there are still awards not yet announced.  We'll discuss both these topics as well as give our thoughts on who ultimately stays & who leaves.

    Football is growing in excitement - lots of encouraging news coming from the new OC and from the players, as well.  Still getting Yahtzees as well.  With the Spring Game less than 2 weeks away, it's time to get revved up to support our gridiron Cats.  Patrick Loney (@patrickloney) joins us to discuss all of this, as well as give us his thoughts on what Andy Buh's departure will mean for the Cats.

    Will anyone stop the UConn women?  Is their dominance good or bad for women's basketball?

    We want to hear YOUR views on these topics and any other that are on your mind.

    Call us - 646-716-4741

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    Donna Hammond Live!

    in Politics

    On this episode of Patriot Nation Radio we will be Talking with Donna Hammond about her video speaking out a a town hall meeting in reference to the Situation in Oregon. Tune in Tonite 6:30pm eastern time, and 3:30pm pacific www.blogtalkradio.com/patriotnation

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    Dr. Peter Hammond

    in News

    On today’s edition of TRUNEWS, Rick Wiles breaks down the incestuous relationship between the radical left and the followers of Islam. Rick will greet a fellow evangelist and veteran of the war against radical communism, Dr. Peter Hammond of Frontline Fellowship in South Africa, to discuss how civilizations commit suicide and the threat against Christian survival. Rick will also cover the gloomy financial outlook of the EU, threats against the Dam of Mosul, and the horrific Jihadist child beheading in Moscow.

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    TSL Podcast: 2016 NFL Draft Prospect LB Jamal Qadir of Albany State University

    in Sports

    On the special edition of the Total Sports Live Podcast, Jovan Alford will be talking to 2016 NFL Draft prospect linebacker Jamal Qadir of Albany State University. On the podcast, Jovan will be asking Jamal about his career at Albany State as the Golden Rams finished the season 6-4 losing in the SIAC championship game.

    Also on the podcast, they will talk about the Dream Bowl, in which Jamal participated in this past January. Finally, Jovan will be asking Jamal about the draft process and how it is going for him.

    This past season, Qadir finished with 51 total tackles, three tackles for loss, two sacks, five quarterback hurries, two pass breakups, and a forced fumble.

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    REELTalk: Nonie Darwish, Peter Hammond from S. Africa and Tommy Robinson from UK

    in Politics Conservative

    Joining Audrey for this week's REELTalk - We in the West are battling the radical followers of Islam. We are we also clashing with Islam’s little helper monkeys, aka Communists/ Fascists/ Marxists. But the greater problem are the poseurs who pretend to be leaders of freedom, but use political correctness…or Cultural Marxism…to shut us up and shut us out. They are true fascists in disguise. That’s the greater battle that my first guest has been fighting across the Pond…He’s paid a heavy price for speaking the truth…He’s the former leader and Founder of the EDL…TOMMY ROBINSON will be joining us, direct from the UK, to discuss his new book: Enemy Of The State. PLUS, The Brussels Islamic attacks, are the signs bleak that the West is ever going to wake up to the Islamic threat within their borders? Are the Left and Islam akin to one another because they have one key element in common: Hate? We'll get the facts with author Dr. PETER HAMMOND, direct from South Africa! AND, Has the West given a lifeline to Islam in the Middle East, therefore helping Islam destroy the West? Was Trump correct when he said: Islam hates us? We’ll get answers with author and Islam analyst, NONIE DARWISH! In the words of Benjamin Franklin, "If we do not hang together, we shall surely hang separately." Come hang with us...

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    Live Your Music – Robert Berry Remembers Keith Emerson 04/20/16

    in Lifestyle

    Robert Berry is my guest for Live Your Music 04/20/16.

    Today's show, Robert Berry Remembers Keith Emerson, is in honor of Keith Emerson. Tune in to hear Robert tell stories of what it was like to perform with Keith and have him as a long-time friend.

    You'll also get to hear a beautiful new song by Robert Berry titled, OUR BOND which is a song Robert wrote as a tribute to Keith Emerson.

    Robert Berry is a Grammy nominated recording artist, singer, songwriter, producer, and performing musician.

    He was featured on an album titled "3" with Keith Emerson & Carl Palmer; he has toured with Ambrosia; and has a long running project - Alliance - with members of Boston, Sammy Hagar, and Night Ranger, and has also performed with the Tubes, and Greg Kihn. Robert is also the owner of Soundtek Studios in Campbell, California.

    To connect with Robert Berry online, and to download your copy of the song OUR BOND, please visit Robert's website at: www.RobertBerry.com



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    Late Night Love Jones with Pheromones & Keith Erick

    in Poetry

    CALL INTO BLOG TALK RADIO 646 200 0568

    A Night For My Concious Lovers to Show Love for the People 

    Nothing Sad Nothing Militant Just a 90's Kinda Love

    Pheromones Birthday Special Show Guest host and Monique Wells of The Plus Effect * Kane Spade of DSR live on Epiphany Radio on www.blogtalkradio.com from 10:00 PM to 12:00 AM (11:00 PM to 1:00 AM EST)

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    You Can Make A Difference - Dr. Jamal Watson

    in Motivation

    We are living in a world that is fraught with dangers and all sorts of personal and global challenges. Today's show, featuring the award winning writer and lecturer, Dr. Jamal Watson, is designed to empower and inspire you to make a difference in whatever way you can.  Let me stress that change is brought about because ordinary people do extraordinary things.  A favorite example is Rosa Parks who refused to give up her seat on a city bus to a white person. The rest is history.  You, too, can make history.

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    HumorOutcasts Radio - author Keith Stewart

    in Comedy

    This week we welcome Keith Stewart author of the incredibly funny Bernadette Peters Hates Me: True Tales of a Delusional Man.  Keith is a talented humorist and his first book is taking Amazon by storm. 

    When something embarrassing happens to you, what is the first thing you do? Look around to see if anyone else saw you? Not Keith Stewart. Instead, he writes it all down and shares it with the world. Join in on the fun as Keith shares his Hysterical stories that include ripping down gas pumps, fighting with a bird trapped inside a grocery store, and confronting the one and only Bernadette Peters. After reading the hilarious memoir of this klutzy, southern man, you will feel better about your own humiliating moments, and instantly feel like you have gained a new best friend.

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    Nite Callers Bigfoot Radio Presents: Keith Bearden of Georgia

    in Paranormal

    Keith Bearden is a resident of Dallas GA. He has lived in this area all of his life. Growing up, he heard stories of Bigfoot and Sasquatch and like many others he has seen the Patterson-Gimlin film on TV when he was a youngster. All of these events sparked a curiosity of the possibility of them being real and it laid tucked away in his mind. And like so many he figured if they truly existed, it would be in the Pacific northwest. 

    Fast forwarding to a few years later, strange and weird things began to happen on his family’s hunting property. Trees bent over into arches over night, twisted branches, odd sounds and screams during the night. Events progressed into visual sightings by himself, his wife and others. Keith has been blessed to have help understanding what was happening  by a great many good folk. He now has regular interactions, visual sightings and has been fortunate to share them with others. Keith has taken these experiences and written a book called “ Forest Friends of the Night” He hopes to help others with his experiences and his journey into the realm of Bigfoot. The Georgia Museum link is:Expedition Bigfoot  https://g.co/kgs/lcQh4