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    Kegels: Keep Your Sugar Walls Tight and Right

    in Romance

    In this episode of HoneySoul Radio your Hostess The Honey Diva and Co-Host Ms. Lady T will discuss "What are Kegels and the benefits of kegel strengthening? Some do's and don't for keeping your sugar walls tight and right. We will explore ways to strengthen and tone the pelvic floor, prevent incontinence, and increase orgasmic pleasure and inform you of new and improved sexual enhancements that improve on strengthening the pelvic floor. 

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    Making Your Movement More Nutritious With Katy Bowman

    in Fitness

    In this episode, Breaking Muscle Radio speaks with biomechanist Katy Bowman. Katy has earned an international reputation for reducing pain, increasing bone density, improving metabolic health, and solving pelvic floor mysteries.

    00:13 - Introduction to Katy Bowman
    01:05 - Katy's journey from bookworm to natural mover
    06:43 - Our innate human instinct to not move
    08:17 - Movement as nutrition
    11:45 - Exercise versus movement
    14:05 - A nutritious day of movement
    15:23 - Thinking outside the exercise box
    17:37 - How to put nutritious movement into practice on a daily basis
    19:43 - Why feet are important and how can we help them do their job
    22:52 - How to transition to nutritious movement without causing other problems
    26:00 - How minimizing the furniture you use can help
    29:20 - The distinction between moving and how active your muscles are
    32:51 - Why the squat is such an important movement
    36:30 - Squatting, kegels, pelvic floor health, and muscle tension
    40:55 - What a healthy pelvic floor requires
    42:43 - Squatting during pregnancy
    47:34 - Kids and movement
    54:15 - Choosing not to be captives of our environment
    56:34 - Katy's details and upcoming projects


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    Pelvic Floor Health - "50 Shades of.... Awkward"? with Dr. Marie Woerner

    in Women

    Pelvic floor health is certainly not something women talk about during happy hour or over lunch. Occasional giggly references to ‘don’t make me laugh (I’ll pee!)’ or kegel exercises is about all that takes place when talking about this important aspect of a woman’s health.

    However, the fact that this conversation can be awkward shouldn’t diminish its importance. Do you realize that in addition to controlling our urine, helping us to have babies, our pelvic floor also holds up our guts? There is much to learn about having a healthy pelvic floor – what it is and how to care for it. Join us to hear more.


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    Vaginal Fitness: Invigorating & Strengthening the Female Sexual Organs

    in Health

    Dr. Cherilyn Lee, co-host Karlynn Cammon and special guest Spirit Halima discuss the importance of Vaginal Fitness to prevent incontinence, prolapse, vaginal dryness and other sexual disorders. Tune in and learn tips, tools and exercises that will enliven not only the sexual organs but our initmate relationships.

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    Postnatal discomfort: Why it happens and what you can do about it

    in Health

    On this installment of Core Wellness Radio, Dr. Elizabeth Polis will discuss postnatal pains and recurrent issues - why they happen and what can be done to treat them.  We'll talk exercises, PT techniques and other methods for working through potentially painful or embarrassing issues.  Anyone experiencing discomfort or pain after having a baby (whether recently or years ago) can benefit from listening in.

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    Vagina Fitness: Strengthen & Enliven the Female Sexual Body

    in Health

    Join Dr. Cherilyn Lee and special guest Spirit Halima as they discuss the importance of Vagina Fitness, sexual health & fitness. 

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    What do you do when your partner is terrible in bed?

    in Relationships

    Have you ever been physically attracted to someone so much that you couldn't wait to rip their clothes off? Have you been seduced and led to believe that you were going to get the Big Mac but you were left with the Small Fry? What do you do when the man or woman you're in bed with either can't hang, can't deliver or just can't seem to get you to the promised land? Tune in at 9pm as we discuss what to do and what to say. 


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    Pelvic Health for Great Sex w/ blogger Vivian Adams

    in Health

    Tonight's guest is Vivan Adams, the blogger behind Sex Can Save the World.  Vivian is a pelvic physical therapist with a  mission to not make sexual dysfunction so “clinical”. Vivian will discuss how sensual pleasure is available, even when the body has physiological issues. She has taken on the lofty aspiration of saving through the world by getting people to have better sex.

    It's not just about the kegels!

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    Women’s Health: It’s More Than Just Kegels

    in Moms and Family

    Tasha Mulligan is working hard to teach women how to take ownership of their own health, beginning with knowledge of their own pelvic health.   Many have heard of Kegel exercises, but most are unaware of the entire pelvic basket of muscles involved in pelvic stability and support of their pelvic organs.  Her goal is to promote awareness of pelvic health and the control women have over their pelvic basket of muscles.  By establishing control, they can ease or resolve pelvic floor related symptoms that affect every woman's health and quality of life whether you have just given birth or you have reached the age of menopause
    Tasha Mulligan is a 37 year old mother of three with a passion for health and fitness.  As a Women’s Health Physical Therapist and a personal trainer she co-founded PTpartnersLLC as has been working over the last 4 years to provide patient education to women throughout the world through her dvd, Hab It: Pelvic Floor, her Blog and “Ask Tasha” section on her website at www.hab-it.com, and through public speaking  engagements.  She recognizes that women are empowered with knowledge, so she is working hard give that information, to provide those explanations, to give that empowerment to women.
    To order Tasha’s dvd Hab It: Pelvic Floor, visit http://www.hab-it.com/?page_id=29

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    Women of a Certain Age and Pelvic Floor Health

    in Women

    Join Cynthia and Iyengar yoga instructor Leslie Howard as they discuss "Pelvic Floor Health."  A weak core can lead to many problems for women as they age like prolapsed uterus, bladder weakness, hip and back pain and sexual difficulties.  Cynthia and Leslie will discuss how you can use some basic yoga techniques for strengthening the abdominal and pelvic region for better overall health!!!  Yoga feels good!!!  Find Leslie @ www.lesliehowardyoga.com

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    Kegel Queen on Better sex radio

    in Health

    Kegels : how do you REALLY do them? Kegel. Kegel. Kegel. And repeat. We all know you are doing one right now. You can’t see or hear the word without doing one, right? It’s like watching someone yawn. (Here is a blog I wrote about kegels in 2009. We’ll have to see what Alyce thinks of it.)
    I am very excited to intereview the “Kegel Queen” Alyce Adams, RN on my Better Sex Radio show to get the 4.1.1. on Kegels finally. There is so much uncertainty about how exactly how to do them and how many to do in a day. And, then there is all of the Dr. Oz controversy about Kegels and how to do them. So, we are going to get to the bottom of all of is (ha ha, I know, my inner 8th grade boy thinks that is funny).
    Check out this awesome video from Alyce about the anatomy of your pelvis and your p.c. muscle. It may help you to understand your Kegels better and they they are so important to your sexual health and your ability to hold your water while jumping on a trampoline.
    Kegel Queen Alyce Adams
    Alyce’s website  www.KegelQueen.com has some fab information and video to help you understand your pelvic healthy and anatomy and I am going to talk with her about what exactly we SHOULD be doing and how often we should be doing our kegels. Plus, we will ask her how we should REALLY be doing them.
    Blissfully, Chrystal Bougon

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