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    Who or What are you Thankful For??...What is your Testimony...

    in Music

    Join Us TONIGHT @ 8:00pm Eastern Time!!!  (646) 716 6674.. With our hot topic for tonight..."Who or What are you Thankful For?? What is your Tesitmony...... We would love to have your input on this hott topic tonight!!   ...Call In at (646) 716 6674 or Click the link to Listen In!! Also Join My Team & I...Ms. Island Gyrl, Ms. Keenya Noel, & Me...Ms. KandyKisses!!  So Much coming at cha... We got Keenya Noel's Segment "Oh No They Didnt" (ONTD), She will be discussing the weirdest & craziest new/ gossip thats going on in today's society.  I will be doing my segement "Kandy's Secrets", which I will be giving helpful hints on ways to save & improve your lifestyle, with home-remedies, and great advice from love, to fitness, & savings!!  & Also we have a new segment "Keepin It Real" Hosted by the one & only...Ms. Island Gyrl...She will be giving everyone her opinion on different topics.   Join Us You will be glad that you did!!  The only place poppin with Great Music,Entertainment, Laughs, and Real Talk..Crunktown Radio...ya know!

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    Bishop Noel Jones Your Faith Will Get You Though The Storm

    in Christianity

    Bishop Noel Jones Some may know him as "Bishop," others as an astute intellectual, a columnist, prolific orator, theatrical producer, and still others as a beloved father, grandfather and loyal friend. No matter your point of reference, there are few places you will travel on this side of heaven without hearing the great name of Bishop Noel Jones. Bishop Jones was born in Spanish Town, Jamaica on January 31, 1950. One of seven children born to Bishop Robert and Marjorie Jones, Noel Jones was raised alongside a diverse array of siblings (one of whom is the famed actress and singer Grace Jones). He once mused, "If I could reconcile and keep peace among us, I can reconcile the Church through the power of God." Add to this skill of mediation, a strict rearing under Pentecostal tenets, and the enduring of an early childhood abuse, and it should become increasingly clear why God called Bishop Jones into the ministry at the tender age of nineteen. His experiences nurtured his unique call to the ministry of reconciliation and honed his distinct ability to transcend tradition in his delivery of the gospel, through widening spiritual parameters in order to reach diverse people of manifold backgrounds, cultures, and denominations.

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    Gut and Mood with Dr. Carri Drzyzga

    in Health

    Showtime:  March 25, 2015 at 6pm PT / 9pm ET

    Do you experience any of these symptoms:

    • brain fog

    • anxiety

    • depression

    • mood swings

    Your GUT may be the culprit! 

    There is a closely linked connection with your emotional wellbeing and your digestive health.  Join Dr. Lo as she interviews Dr. Carrie Drzyzga, naturopathic doctor and chiropractor about all things GUT AND POOP (Dr. Lo's favorite topic!). 

    You'll learn the role of probiotics with mood, the candida and depression connection, the main foods that affect depression, and more!

    Hosted by Dr. Lauren "Lo" Noel, owner of Shine Natural Medicine

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    Philly Pressbox Radio Roundtable

    in Sports

    Steve Cwitkowitz joins Jim "Chet" Chesko and Bill Furman on tonights show. They'll be talking Eagles, the Demarco Murray signing and the overcrowded backfield. The remaining cap space and the holes still left to fill as the draft approaches. Bill will share some stories from the Chicago Memorabilia Collection that includes eating lunch with LeSean McCoy and talking to various other players. They'll take a look at March Madness and the Villanova meltdown, the quiet Phillies Spring Training, the Flyers collapse and the 76ers as well. Is Nerlens Noel the real deal?? They'll have the Eagles trivia question courtesy of Carl's Cards and Collectibles as well. All this and more brought to you by shopforkisses.org the online shopping network of The Kisses for Kyle Foundation. 

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    Music 101 with Twin Radio Syndicate

    in Entertainment

    Tune in tonight to your Favorite Look A Likes as we do what we do every Tuesday night...play music duh!!! We have brand new music from Wale ft Usher....Bria Noel Evans....Don Rainey...Larceny...Casual Armour...The Updraft Imperative....Kiesza and of course by special request already we will play "I'm Swanky" along with Rise Rashid "Virginia and Carolina" so make sure you tune in and see what all the fuss is about!! Chat room will be open up at 7:30 show starts at 8 pm EST SHARP!! Call in number is (646) 716-4952 press #1 to chime in and make a request!!! 

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    The Playlist Radio Show

    in Entertainment

    Its MONDAY after work and the ONLY PLACE to be is here with The Playlist Radio Show. We have dope music from Bria Noel, Rise Rashid, Handles, Jay Isreal, Dre Kb, Duane Scott, Mars The MC and more. We will also have info about the April 25th event STRAIGHT TALENT, NO CHASER. Plus an EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW w The Creeps! Our March Madness and Urban Culture updates! SHOUTS the the network, Vatalent, Raw Talent Magazine, 81hiphop.com, Live and Direct Magazine, Lisa Lowery, the homies Twin Radio and all who making it happen in this music biz. Its the Playlist Ya'll!!!!

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    Parenting in a Sexualized Culture with Noel Bouche of Pure Hope

    in Relationships

    Join Licensed Professional Counselor Mayi Dixon as she interviews Noel Bouche, President of Pure Hope and they discuss how to Parent in a Sexualized Culture.  Please log on to purehope.net for more information.

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    The Playlist PRESENT The Indie TOP 10 COUNTDOWN SHOW

    in Entertainment

    Join us this afternoon as we give you 60 MINUTES of Indie before we take another 60 MINUTES to count down the TOP 10 songs of the week. Mars The MC, Handles,  Rise Rashid, and Duane Scott ALL made strong cases to take over the #1 spot but I guess you will have to wait till 1pm to find out who does if ANY of THEM. In the 1st hour we will debut music from Willy G, Bria Noel Evans, Silkk The Shocker, Playya 1000, and plenty more. PLUS you KNOW I will be giving updates of MARCH MADNESS throughout thr broadcast. HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT concerning STRAIGHT TALENT, NO CHASER in April as well! 

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    Navajo News Without Borders AKA Indigenous News from the Navajo Rez

    in News

    Greetings Relatives/Frens/Humans, "Navajo News Without Borders" broadcasts every Thursday, from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m., from the Dine' Resources & Information Center office in Widow Rock, Ariz., the capital of the Navajo Nation government. The NNWB host is independent journalist Marley Shebala, who has 30 years of journalism experience, Guests are Farmington, NM, Daily Times news reporter Noel Smith & Gallup, NM, Independent Editor and Navajo Times newspaper correspondent Bill Donovan. We encourage our listeners to call in with their comments and questions. NNWB call-in line is 347-850-1119. May Peace Prevail on Mother Earth!

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    Great Sex Naturally with Dr. Laurie Steelsmith

    in Health

    Showtime:  March 18th, 2015 at 6pm PT / 9pm ET

    Do you:

    Want to spice it up in the bedroom?  

    Feel a lack of sex drive?  

    Feel like you'd rather take a nap than have sex?  

    You'll love this show.

    Tune in as Dr. Lo interviews fellow naturopathic doctor Dr. Laurie Steelsmith, and author of the red-hot book, Great Sex Naturally about natural approaches for sex drive and intimacy.

    Topics include:

    • Best supplements for sexual fitness

    • The most important nutrients for female sexual health

    • Keeping sexuality vibrant after age 50

    • and more!

    Hosted by Dr. Lauren "Lo" Noel, owner of Shine Natural Medicine

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    Turning Pain Into Power - LaTrossica Wilson

    in Motivation

    LaTrossica D. Wilson, a Memphian is the wife of Shon D. Wilson and mother of daughter, Lyrikal, and son, Alijah Wilson, is a former special education assistant of Memphis City schools. She is the founder and owner of a World of Miracles homeschooling and tutoring programs for children. She is a member of First Baptist Church Lauderdale in Memphis, Tennessee, under the leadership of Pastor Noel Hutchinson Jr. where she served as a member of the sanctuary choir, youth advisor, and codirector of the First Baptist Church Lauderdale Women’s Ministry. She survived two incest rapes throughout her childhood. Her first rapist was her uncle, who did time for the crime but is now deceased, and her father, who is very much alive but never did time and even paid her biological mother money not to prosecute. Although she forgives her father she will never forget the abuse. She’s very passionate about educating children. She believes that success lies within all children. She loves to inspire, help, and encourage others to also turn their pain into power.

    “If they hear and serve Him, They shall end their days in prosperity, and their years in pleasures” (Job 36:11).


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