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    How much can real Americans take before they say Obama must go?

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    Radio hosts have made it a center piece of the attack against Obama, the Tea Partiers have often put such sentiment on their protest signs, and the conservative chattering classes have been abuzz with the question: does Barack Obama want to destroy the United States?  The only real answer is YES.  The fact is, following his straight down the line, left-wing, anti-American, radical ideology, Obama does want to destroy the U.S.A. as it is now.  You see, mere destruction isn't his end goal as those on the right fear. In his left-wing ideology, he thinks after America’s fall he and his left-wing comrades will be building a new and better U.S.A.

    Where real Americans see destruction and the end of everything, the leftists see a re-birth to a consistent low class to match third world countries and, in their eyes, a more moral America. He and his left-wing nuts see the U.S. as a Phoenix rising from the ashes of the bad old days.  Liberals are not in the game and no matter what evil the outcome, they are for destroying America. Liberals think that the U.S. is arrogant and needs to be taken down a notch or three.  Liberals think that U.S. history is filled with nothing but evil and any attacks on the U.S. are richly deserved.  Conservatives are the last best hope for America, we must save our country. Join us this Thursday Dec. 11 and listen or join in our discussion.

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    KTR Guests The REAL TALK Talk Show

    in Current Events

    Our guests for KTR will be Trace Scott author of the bs theory, Gloria Talley & Vita Clayborn Excutives and Co Executives of The Real Talk TV talk show as we discuss the disappointing case of Michael Brown, an unarmed black teen, who was shot and killed by police in St.Louis & its going down right here on KRAZY TALK RADIO.

    "The Real Talk" talk show is a powerful talk show catered to the needs of all
    communities. Our show is different than most because it discusses the everyday
    struggles of men, women, and children of all walks of life. We bring awareness to all
    by discussing social and political issues such as bullying, domestic abuse, social
    adaptation, and health care. Each of the topics discussed allows viewers to identify
    with one another. Our hope is to open the eyes and consciousness of the viewer.
    "The Real Talk" talk show is filled with a lively cast of mental health workers, music
    artists, and entrepreneurs...Simply put...every day people like yourself trying to get all
    to see the truth. "The Real Talk" talk show's casts provides guest panelists, Divafied,
    Khalua, D. Michaels, and "The Real Talk" talk show house panelists Casheem, C'est LA
    Vita, Von D., and Ryan Young Waddy. Executive Producers of "The Real Talk" talk
    show are Gloria Talley, and Vita Clayborn of GT Mgt. And Malik Chestine along with
    Co-Producer and host of the show Author of "The BS Theory," Tracey Hardney-Scott
    also known as "Silk." Their mantra..."REAL PEOPLE, REAL SITUATIONS, "REAL TALK."
    If you would like to be on The REAL TALK talk show or have a topic you want us to
    discuss, contact gtmgt2004@gmail.com.

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    The Darryl Talley Story & the Buffalo Bills fans...

    in Sports

    This week we are joined by Tim Graham, writer for the Buffalo News, to talk about his amazing article about former Buffalo Bills player Darryl Talley and his life after football. We'll talk about the back story, where Darryl goes from here, and how the Buffalo Bills fan base got involved. We'll also talk about weeks 13 & 14 of the NFL season and how the playoff picture is starting to unfold. 

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    Political Correctness is Feeding Places like Ferguson

    in Politics Conservative

    Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick (D-Mass.) said that while he wasn’t aware of all the facts in the case, he would have preferred to have seen Office Darren Wilson indicted for shooting and killing Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri.

    Obama and folks like Al Sharpton are creating the conflict and riots: Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, who happens to be black, is a true patriot who is tired of President Barack Obama’s racial politics. 

    Let's discuss why Attorney General Eric Holder should be held in contempt and why professional race agitator Al Sharpton should be prosecuted, due to all of the unnecessary exploitation of racial tensions in Ferguson, Missouri.

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    AMNESTY AS SOON AS FRIDAY-Can we Try Obama for Treason?

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    Obama could issue an amnesty order as soon as Friday.  We must ACT NOW and that is our intent for this radio program.  EXECUTIVE AMNESTY is treason and we must call it what it is.  In the wake of sweeping rejection, Obama has decided to go rogue and push through his radical-left agenda at any cost AND as quickly as he possibly can. Obama is set to unveil his unconstitutional executive amnesty plan that will legalize MILLIONS of illegal immigrants and we the people must respond with no you will not defy the will of the people. Obama's abuse of power in this quest to grant blanket amnesty and the Change he was referring to when he ran for office, without the explanition as to what that change was; it would be a COMPLETE DISASTER for our country!  What about all the LEGAL immagrants who are following the LAW?  Do they go back to the END of the line?  Certainly, Obama has waited until after the elections to unveil this plan, since he knows the American people don't agree with him. For Obama and his allies, this is pure politics -- it's all about rebuilding their liberal voting base after a crushing defeat, NOT what's best for the country!  We must force Congress to act and supersede any executive action Obama takes to move forward his radical, open borders immigration. 

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    LT NAST ~ The Next BIG THING

    in Entertainment

    My guest for KTR will be none other than the one & only up & coming super star artist brought to you by GT Managent's Gloria Talley its ya boy LT NAST so tune in as we discuss his new release.. networking with WuTang's Protect Ya Neck Records & more right here on Krazy Talk Radio with host BIG LONZ The KING Of KRANK

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    tonight we chuckle at the 3 biggest clowns on the web

    in Current Events

    Talley, Blanc, Camp : call in & cast a vote for the biggest chuckle head on the web.

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    Will Impeachment follow an Executive Order for Amnesty?

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    Only One Option for GOP If Obama Declares Immigration Amnesty and that is Impeachment. Judge Andrew Napolitano reacted after President Obama indicated that he still feels "obliged" to take executive action on immigration reform. I feel obliged to do everything I can lawfully with my executive authority to make sure we don’t keep on making the system worse. Whatever executive actions that I take will be replaced and supplanted by action by Congress. You send me a bill I can sign, and those executive actions go away," said Obama.   Napolitano explained the president can tell DHS how to process people once they come into this country. But he believes Obama would be committing an impeachable offense if he directs DHS and the Border Patrol to "look the other way."  Napolitano said it comes down to whether the "practical effect of his executive order is the opposite of what the law requires." He added that he realizes Republicans do not want to pursue impeachment.  We hope to bring the facts out into the light on next Thursday's radio show at 11:AM

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    Predator & Enablers

    in Current Events

    Bill Talley is a predator. He and those who refuse to hold him accountable will be put on blast.

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    A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government!

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    A democracy can only exist until the people discover they can vote themselves money or gifts given generously out of the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the canidate promising the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that democracy always collapses over a loose fiscal policy--to be followed by a dictatorship.

    The average age of the world's greatest civilizations has been 200 years. These nations have progressed through this sequence: From bondage to spiritual faith; From spiritual faith to great courage; From courage to liberty; From liberty to abundance; From abundance to selfishness; From selfishness to apathy; From apathy to dependence; From dependence back into bondage. We must return to our Republic.

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    The Single Mom Sage Hour w/Jennifer Pink

    in Lifestyle

    Where was Daddy?

    Guest: Bianka Bailey, Keah Talley, Jaxlynn Wilson

    Women who were raised without daddy and how it has affected and shaped their life.


    The Single Mom Sage Hour hosted by Ms. Jennifer Pink on Talking With Truth Radio is a show about the balancing act of being single mom in today's world. Ms. Jennifer Pink is a single mom of three that somehow balances between raising her babies, working the corporate career ladder, and creating the life she dreams of by inspiring and uplifting other single mothers on their journey.  Join us every Wednesday at 1pm PST to see how she's balancing,  get some inspiration,  and motivation on your journey and find new resources, tools and support to help you reach your next level.

    Ms. Jennifer PINK
    The Single Mom Sage
    The P.I.N.K. Foundation & The J's Sandbox

    FB/Twitter/Instagram/Pintest/Linked In/Google + MsJenniferPINK


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