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    It Isn't All Doom and Gloom with Duke & Banner on KBBF 89.1

    in Comedy

    When things look bleak, that's when you most need a laugh. So, we recorded this 30-minute episode of Duke & Banner on KBBF 89.1FM for your enjoyment. http://www.kbbf-fm.org/

    On Friday, Dec. 16, Shift Shapers co-host Daniel Kerbein jumped in to trade some banter with Duke & Banner, and put out an appeal for listeners to support the show and the radio station with memberships.You can support this historic community public community radio station by becoming a member for only $20 annual membership fee using PayPal here:


    Our elders, who lived through the last great depression of the 1930s, understood this. Clever entertainers such as Charlie Chaplin, W.C. Fields, the Marx Brothers, and slapstick hoots like the Three Stooges, got theater audiences howling and were rewarded with adulation and lucrative careers.

    Well, Duke & Banner aren't holding their breath waiting for a lucrative career to be lavished on them by the public radio world, but boy, they are good for a hoot.

    The late-night duo have been toying with the air waves every Friday night on KBBF-FM 89.1, Check out the rest of our great programming by downloading a schedule from the KBBF website. And visit Shift Shapers on BlogTalk Radio to hear lots of great interviews. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/shiftshapers and make sure to check out our blog at:http://shiftshaper.blogspot.com/


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    Educacion Prohibida

    in Education

    Educacion prohibida  entrevista con German Doin Campos   desde Argentina. Conducida por Ricardo Quiroga.
    Vea el video en www.educacionprohibida.com

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    Argelio Giron - A Chicano's Journey in Search of Aztlan

    in Radio

    This is a very special bilingual segment of "Radio Consciencia-The Resistance Report"   featured on KBBF 89.1FM with executive producer/host Evelina Molina, Co-host/Intern, Maite Chavez (doing her very first interview!) and special guest Argelio Giron.

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    Alberto Montero Soler Habla Sobre Crisis Economica Mundial

    in Politics Progressive

    El Economista Alberto Montero Soler  en entrevista con           Ricardo Quiroga hablan sobre la crisis económica es un          fraude  de los organismos económicos,  financieros y              políticos globales contra los países europeos y   su clase        trabajadora.    
    Salir del Euro  y expandir  la economía  es  la salida menos dolorosa   para países como España.   Los ajustes de las        políticas Neoliberales  son recesivas y solo hunden más las economías.  

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    Titania Kumeh- When Police Shoot and Kill Unarmed Men

    in Politics Progressive

    Police shootings in Anaheim, CA and days of protests that followed, received widespread media attention in the last week of July.
    Most reports left out one disturbing connection: America's list of unarmed civilians killed by police has grown steadily over the past several years.
    Manuel Diaz was unarmed and was the eighth Anaheim Police shooting in a year.  Only one of the mostly Latino men is still alive to tell the story of being shot twice in the back.
    The Diaz shooting incident escalated when neighbors, who had gathered at the scene to demand an end to the violence, were shot with rubber bullets by officers who also released an attack dog on an unarmed assembly that included children.
    Titania Kuhme authored the report, "When Police Shoot and Kill Unarmed Men", in 2010 in Mother Jones Magazine. Since that time the number of unarmed police victims has escalated. Ms. Kumeh is a former Orange County resident now living in Oakland.
    What's causing this trend? What can be done? In this 32-min. interview with co-host Daniel Kerbein, Titania Kuhme explores the recommendations of police experts and study groups.
    At the root of the violence, she observes, is "culture of fear", with police seeking to instill fear in minority neighborhoods, creating an us-vs.-them war rather than community engagement.
    This interview first aired on KBBF-FM 89.1, Calistoga/Santa Rosa. Please support public community radio.

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    Andres Perez, Eyewitness- Anaheim Police Actions Just Wrong

    in Politics Progressive

    On July 21, police shot and killed 25-year old Manuel Diaz in Anaheim, CA. The killing sparked days of protests and received widespread media attention.
    Diaz was unarmed and was the eighth Anaheim Police shooting in a year.  Only one is still alive to tell the story of being shot twice in the back. Most of those shot have been Latino.
    Media stories about the police attack sometimes included references to "an unruly crowd", "throwing rocks and bottles."
    Andres Perez was there. He saw it and has video, and he says the tale about throwing things at the cops is "a big lie". Here is a link to a video he made right afterward (parental advisory re language).
    In this 30-minute interview, Mr. Perez describes what happened in Anaheim shortly after police shot and killed Manuel Diaz, in broad daylight, on the front lawn of an apartment house.
    As Manuel Diaz bled out on the lawn, the neighbors on Ana Drive did what anyone would do under the circumstances: they gathered and demanded to know what had happened.
    They in turn received a dose of Anaheim PD firepower: rubber bullets, pepper spray, bean bag projectiles, and even an attack dog -  all of it unleashed upon an assemblage that included children and infants.
    Most media accounts have left out the disturbing connection that more unarmed civilians are killed by police in the U.S. every year.
    This interview first aired on bilingual KBBF-FM 89.1, Calistoga-Santa Rosa, CA. The interview is bilingual, English-Spanish, and the Spanish version will soon be added to this podcast. Please support public community radio.

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    Marco Castillo Florencio- Un Golpe GMO en Paraguay

    in Politics

    Esta entrevista primeramente con Marco Castillo Florencio, ha presentado en la programa "Formadores de Cambio", sobre KBBF-FM 89.1 Calistoga/Santa Rosa, sirviendo gran partes del norte de California.

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    Maria Paula Bertolini, Marcos Arruda-Rio20 y Bosques Lindos

    in Environment

    Estas entrevistas primeramente han presentado en la programa "Formadores de Cambio", sobre KBBF-FM 89.1 Calistoga/Santa Rosa, sirviendo gran partes del norte de California.

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    Victor Villasenor "Rain of Gold" Novel to HBO Mini-Series

    in Culture

    Not since the series “Roots” by Alex Haley has there been such great expectation, excitement, and hope.  At a time when Latinos are under increasing attacks, an HBO mini-series like this could not be more well-timed.
    In this 40 minute (bilingual) interview KBBF host Jorge Alfaro and intern co-host Maite Chavez interview Pulitzer nominee and author of 9 novels, Mexican-American writer Victor Villasenor.
    “Rain of Gold” (of which the upcoming HBO series is based on) is the incredible true story of the Villaseñor family and how author Victor Villaseñor’s parents, Juan Salvador and Lupe, flee the dangers of the Mexican Revolution as children in 1915 and then come to the United States, marry and achieve their dreams. This true-life saga chronicles three generations of a Mexican-American family.  It is an epic tale of revolution, struggle and triumph as well as a moving story of two young lovers.
    Universally praised when the book was published it has been compared to “Roots” and “The Godfather”. The “Rain of Gold” experience is shared with many of the estimated over 40 million Mexican Americans (out of 52 million Hispanics) living in the United States.

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    Pamm Larry- Put GMOS on Labels & Stop Experimenting on Us!

    in Food

    Pamm Larry likes being able to look at the label of a food product and find out what’s inside before she buys it – sugars, fats, and all other things organic and artificial, you can find it on the label, right?

    Wrong. One class of food manufacturers gets to hide its product from public view, and hence from consumer choice: the manufacturers of genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Ever seen BT Corn on a food label, or Round-Up Ready Canola? After this November, perhaps you will.

    Pamm Larry got tired of having  California food labels conceal untested food ingredients, so she got busy, formed Label GMOs and launched the GMO Labeling Initiative for the November California ballot. Last month, Label GMO gathered nearly a million signatures, twice as many as were required to make the ballot. 
    During the second half hour of this 1-hour program, co-host Daniel Kerbein interviews Pamm Larry about the origins and objectives of the Caifornia Right to Know ballot initiative.
    In preparation for that interview, Daniel explores the process and the potential dangers posed by genetic modification of our food supply, and the implications of releasing these organisms onto gigantic farm fields and of course into our food supply. - without any testing for potential harm to the environment, or ill effects on humans. To this purpose, he uses excerpts from Mike Adams' Health Ranger reports, and Jeffery Smith's "GMO Threat" video series.
    This program first aired on bilingual KBBF-FM 89.1 Calistoga/Santa Rosa. A Spanish-language program about the Label GMOS initiative will be added to the podcast menu soon. Please generously support bilingual public radio.

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    Marcos Arruda, Solidarity Economy,& Rio Plus 20

    in Environment

    Marcos Arruda has defined for everyone what it is to be a Peaceful Warrior.
    In 1970, the young Brazilian student spoke out against the injustice. He knew the dangers; he was arrested, imprisoned and tortured. His mother, Lina Penna Sattamini, managed to locate him and after a year's effort, got him released and got him out of the country, to live a 10-year period of exile until a democratically-elected regime took power in Brazil.
    Arruda went on to become an economist and popular educator.  He has worked closely with Brazilian labor, co-operatives and solidarity economy movements for years.  He is active in the Ecovillage and Transition Town movements, also active in the Jubilee South Network -  addressing issues related to the debt crisis and alternatives, economy and ecology.
    In this one-hour podcast (originally aired over KBBF-FM 89.1 Calistoga/Santa Rosa California), Marcos Arruda shares with Shift-Shapers co-host Daniel Kerbein his views on the world economy and human development.
    He sees the debt crisis as an opportunity to restructure the world economy, so that economic development serves human and social development, not the model of the global economy – which is the reverse.
    The global economy, based on the myth of "infinite" growth and resource exploitation, has come up against serious limits. New forms of development which put people at the center, rather than profit, need to be addressed.
    "They have the money," he says, "but we have people, and the people are a tremendous source of power."
    Underneath a veneer of "prosperity" the majority of the world's population lives in conditions of permanent insecurity or crisis. Community development organizations and micro-financing of Eco Villages, show new models where people thrive. The African country of Senegal has launched a movement, with more than 40,000 Eco Villages.