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    HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius - Being Sued?

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    Joshua Mercer co-founder of CatholicVote.org and serve as the Communications Director federal lawsuit against HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, and Labor Secretary Solis on behalf of Frank O'Brien and his corp.

  • Author Kathleen O'Keefe-Kanavos Visits Madame Perry's Salon

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    Theme music - Miss E's Vacation - is written and performed by Denton Perry

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    Kathleen Anderson Ross! Inspiring your well being!

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    Kathleen Anderson Ross shows women and men how to think like a healer™, to have the confidence and the understanding to recalibrate a sense of wellbeing and reconnect with the best version of themselves. You are supposed to feel and look fabulous, mentally alert, depression-free, and attractive at every age. This includes addressing and correcting chronic health issues as well as choosing correct food, exercise and inspired living plan for each individual. For 35 years, Kathleen has been immersed in natural wellness as a teacher, writer, speaker, and director of holistic, alternative medical offices, and she has seen thousands of transformations. "I always say that everyone should do my job for 2 weeks because you become a true believer. You see that diet, exercise and attitude are the powerful indicators of a healthy, happy, fulfilling life.” As a writer, speaker and mentor, she has dedicated her life to showing people how to find their own inspired wellbeing. 




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    ENVISION THIS: Using your Inner Physician to heal yourself

    Kathleen Kanavos is on a mission is to save lives one person at a time by teaching them how to self advocate in the face of opposition by standing in their power & speaking their truth. "Listen to your Inner Guidance & Physician-within. We are made up of so much more than Id, Ego & Super Ego." Kat's book is an International Bestseller and her story is published in chapters of many books listed on her website. She is a speaker/presenter @International Association for the Study of Dreams,& Expos around the country. Her upcoming events are on her website @ www.survivingcancerland.com She lives on both the East & West Coast with her author husband of 33+ years and her 3 cats.

    Surviving Cancerland is Kat ‘s account of how she learned to stand in her power and speak her truth during a life crisis by connecting with her physician-within through dreams, meditations, and prayer. Believing in her intuition, Kat used it to self-advocate a course of cancer treatment in her healing process, often needing to persuade her doctors to cooperate with her. Don‘t tell your Higher Power how big your problems are, Kathleen says. Tell your problems how big your Higher Power is! Kathleen believes you should work with your doctors, financiers, coworkers, bosses, and family, but never forget that you must make the final decisions. She hopes her story can help you make better choices, live a more fulfilling life, and discover your destiny.

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    Hard Starboard Radio: On The Road Again

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    Two weeks ago, my father moved in to an assisted living facility thirteen miles (~thirty minutes) away from Hard Starboard Galactic HQ.  Yesterday he received an offer of a vacancy at a "sister" assisted living facility two miles (~five to ten minutes) away, where, oh by the way, Intern G-Hart happens to work.  It'll cost him a bedroom closet but save him four grand.  He decided to pull the trigger.

    So dear old Dad is moving again.  The good news?  I don't have to do it, and the assisted living facility is paying for it.  My body is already proving effusively grateful.

    The best news?  We're back on live tomorrow.

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    Kathleen O'Keefe-Kanavos Show w/ author Tom Ogren on Alergy Free Gardens

    in Self Help

    Tom Ogren, author, speaker, songwriter, pollen-allergy researcher, creator of OPALS. Loves to read, sing, garden, fish and camp. Spends way too much time on the computer and not nearly enough time out fishing and camping. In spring of 2012 Tom Ogren was hired by Johnson & Johnson (and their Canadian allergy medical  Reactine) to do a coast to coast allergy audit of the 11 largest cities, from Vancouver to Halifax. He drove some 12,000 miles in his old truck, in each city looking carefully at the landscapes in residential areas, in commercial areas, downtown, and at elementary schools. Ine ach city he also visited local nurseries to see exactly which plants were being sold, and how allergyfriendly (or not) they were. What he found surprised even him...

    His book tells it all. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1607744910?ie=UTF8&tag=randohouseinc7594-20&linkCode=as2&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=1607744910

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    Using The Law of Association for Happiness and Success

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    Coach Cafe' Radio is THE Self Empowerment Place to meet where you get your weekly cup of inspiration every Monday @ 8pm ET and Friday 11 am ET! Join Certified Life Coaches Kathleen Martin and Estra Roell as they interview top personal development coaches, experts and authors to help us all to live our best lives! Call in with your questions and comments to 646-649-1015.

    What is The Law of Association and what does it have to do with your happiness and success? Join Kathleen and Estra as they explain this very powerful law that is effecting your life everyday! 

    Learn why it is important to choose who you associate with and why it effects your income and other aspects of your life. Find out the key questions to ask to improve the way you use the Law of Association and what the 3 top actions are you need to take to create a more powerful experience. This is a very powerful law and you need to know how to use it wisely! 

    Meet Your Hosts:

    Kathleen Martin, LOACC- www.kathleenmartincoaching.com -receive your Free Quick Coaching 5 Part Audio Series and download your Coaching Wheel Tool
    Estra Roell, LOACC- www.americaslifepurposecoach.com - receive your Free Interactive Visioning Report

    Visit us in the Coach Cafe'- www.coachcaferadio.com - receive your Self Empowerment Gifts!



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    Windows to Your Spirit

    in Spirituality

    Join your hostess psychic Kathleen Avino for discussion, sharing and of course as time allows, readings. Please limit your direct question to one. Short and to the point allows more people the opportunity to have their questions answered. 

    As always, to schedule your full, private session visit www.kathleenavino.com

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    CelebrityCourt: The Show Where Law and Hollywood Meet!

    Hosted by criminal defense lawyer Elizabeth Kelley, CelebrityCourt counts down the top celebrity legal news stories of the week.  In this episode, she talks with Aric Cramer, Salt Lake City criminal defense lawyer and NACDL board member, about the leaks of personal information regarding Utah Congressman Jason Chaffetz; Bruce Ledewitz, Professor at at Duquesne University School of Law, about the latest in the legal drama surrounding Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane; and Luke S. Rioux, Portland, Maine criminal defense lawyer specializing in driving offenses, about the District Attorney's decision not to charge Caitlyn Jenner in a car crash that led to the death of another driver.  http://www.elizabethkelleylaw.com  @CelebCourt

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    Coaching Roundatable Discussion

    in Self Help

    Join your hosts, Estra Roell, LOACC and Kathleen Martin, LOACC along with our guest, Monica Bennett, certified LifeSuccess Consultant for a lively discussion about life coaching.

    This is a re-broadcast of a previously aired show.  We were joined by other coaches and it was, indeed, a lively discussion!

    More and more people are seeking the help of life coaches to help them reach their dreams and live to their fullest potential.  Life coaching covers many areas, including relationships, career, finances, leadership skills, health and fitness, parenting, grief recovery, life purpose and spirituality.
    We'll be discussing how life coaching impacts people's lives, why the mosrt successful people have life coaches, and some of the best practices we've found working with clients and in our own lives. Find out how to connect with the right coach for you to help you with whatever issue is keeping you feeling stuck. We will also be discussing the upcoming 'Coaching Movie' documentary that has a mission to change 1 million lives though coaching excellence.

    Estra Roell: www.AmericasLifePurposeCoach.com
    Kathleen Martin: www.KathleenMartinCoaching.com
    Monica Bennett: www.positivemindconsulting.com


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    The Souls Treasure Map Part 2 with Jean Slatter

    in Self Help

    Join us for The Souls Treasure Map with Jean Slatter Part 2!  We are thrilled to continue our enlightened conversation with Higher Guidance Coach Jean Slatter! 
    If you missed part 1 on 9/22 click here- SOUL

     Learn more as our guest, Jean Slatter walks you through navigating the Treasure Map and how to find out how you create (or manifest) in this incarnation.
    Jean is the author of the Amazon best seller, Hiring the Heavens and has been featured on Gaiam TV, Conscious Media Network, and Hay House Radio with Iyanla Vanzant. She has also been a presenter at the Awakenings conferences along with Marianne Williamson, Joe Vitale, Dan Millman, Jean Houston and Don Miguel Ruiz and the keynote speaker at the Unity Conference in Florida. Jean’s materials have been featured in noted publications such as First for Women magazine, Science of Mind, New Age Journal, Conscious Living Magazine, and many others. She had been on dozens of radio and blogtalk programs.She is also the founder of the Higher Guidance Life Coach Certification Program & the Creative Mystic program which teaches holistic healing modalities and spiritual philosophies intended for self-growth and assisting others on their paths to wholeness.

    Learn more about Jean Slatter- www.creativemystic.com

    Meet Your Hosts-

    Kathleen Martin- www.kathleenmartincoaching.com- Recieve your Quick Coaching 5 Part Audio Series and download your Coaching Wheel Tool.

    Estra Roell- www.americaslifepurposecoach.com - Recieve your Interactive Visioning report