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    MAKE THAT CHANGE ~ The 3 Cs....Part 2 of 3 Courage

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    Join me, SKari Kari and Co-hosts; Katerina Roy, Mary Adams, Jennifer Pennington for a very special 3 part series extention of our Tools of Transformation show; Monday, 27 July 2015.

    Elaborating on the concept that the 3c's are a solid foundation to success; we'll break it down and discuss each part in depth; Confidence, Courage & Character! Tonight our focus is Courage and how it is a brilliant light of what is good in life! 


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    The Detectors radio Network Hosted by D'Anne Burley

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    This D'Anne Burley, and I am sorry I have not been on the air for a while but I had health issues which are now getting better, but I am still involved in the real truth behind the stories, such as now DHS and other across America are using Athena Better Health which is a company which is owned by another family member of former President Georg Bush, in fact his cousin, the interesting thing is that this insurance company is seemingly in used for low incomers and covers little and maybe involved in more than what we are seeing. The question is, if someone has family in high rank in the  Government is it OK for them to get statewide contracts? Can there be influence peddling involved in these contracts and if so is it a contract of interest? As we are seeing another Bush running for office do we want more of this. I recall Halliburton which was for a time Black water which have not only government contracts but also on the board while they were in office Vice President Dick Chaney, Senator Hilary Clinton, and Former President Bill Clinton and others who were involved in the Katerina nightmare of New Orleans. Then ther very same people are in the Whitehorse at various periods. Not to state, that Former President Bill Clinton, Senator Hilary Clinton, and President Obama were all partners within Rose Law Firm in Chicago which was involve in the Arkansas Coverup in the past. But it seems that we are people who are very forgetful and allow them into the Whitehorse. Now if Hilary Clinton wins her bid for Presidency she will be the third person out of Rose Law Firm to become President. By the way Rose Law Firm was not within the top firms as they make you believe and was little known until the Arkansas Coverup came about within a major investigation. Not only them, but then you have Senator McCain who was sited for not being a US Citizen and also rumors about Vietnam, all of them in question so are you going to continue to let them in?


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    MaKE THAT CHANGE ~ The 3 Cs....Part 1 of 3 Confidence

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    Join me, SKari Kari and Co-hosts; Mary Adams, Katerina Roy, Jennifer Pennington & Deborah Hernandez Antich, for a very special 3 part series extention of our Tools of Transformation show; last Monday, 27 July 2015.

    Elaborating on the concept that the 3c's are a solid foundation to success; we'll break it down and discuss each part in depth; Confidence, Courage & Character! Tonight our focus is conficence and how it is a brilliant light of what is good in life! 



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    Your True Colours Image Radio

    in Lifestyle

    Carolyn Bendall, Fashion Critic and blogger (www.carolynbendall.com), discusses subjects, trends, or products within the beauty and fashion industry, focusing on Your True Colours, and how it applies to you, the individual.

    Katerina Musetti Designs: Katerina Musetti works as a couture jewelry designer today, and applies her passion toward designing and creating contemporary rhinestone jewelry. The jewelry is reminiscent of the bygone days that were filled with everything glamorous and over the top. For the jet-set, she also designs an exclusive avant-garde line. Her one-of-a-kind rhinestone creations are all hand soldered with meticulous attention to design and detail.  Her pieces are big, bold and elaborate with the necklaces designed to also be worn as angled collars. Most of her brooches are over five inches long with sultry dangle earrings designed to fall to a beautiful mid-neck length. Bracelets can be created in most styles including large cuffs and multiple link designs. Her entire line is plated in 14K gold and bears the “Katerina MusettiDesigns” hallmark.

    Katerina Musetti, is also the author of The Art of Juliana Jewelry


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    Creating organizational cultures of trust. Interview to Katerina Kanelidou.

    in Self Help

    Katerina will focus on how to build organizational cutures of trust. She will answer: 

    What made her interested in exploring trust in organizations.

    What are the challenges in building trust in organizations.

    What strategies are effective in building trust in organizations.

    Many times we try to "fix" situations in organizations (and actually in any system), and we neglect the source: the lack of trust.  We interpret situations and people by the behaviors we notice. These behaviors can be a "symptom" / result of distrust. Establishing a culture of trust can be the solution needed. 

    Here we would have to be well informed of what happens in our brain and neurophysiological system when there is distrust. From that point we can intervene at another level. 

    (Re)establishing trust can create big opportunities at all levels: communication, motivation, innovation (initiatives), accountability, positive working environment and performance. 

    Katerina Kanelidou,  is an ICF Professional Certified Coach, a trainer, mentor trainer and mentor coach.  With a strong background in drama-therapy, adult education, training, and sports science, she worked for over 18 years with teams and individuals as a therapist, educator, coach and trainer.  In 2009, Katerina founded Creative Empowerment, a company whose mission is to enable teams and their leaders to enhance their performance.   She was the President of the ICF Greece chapter (2013) and is currently serving as the Leader of the Coordination Team for the ICF EMEA region.

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    Wanda's Picks Radio Show: Under Color of Law

    in Art

    This is a black arts and culture site. We will be exploring the African Diaspora via the writing, performance, both musical and theatrical (film and stage), as well as the visual arts of Africans in the Diaspora and those influenced by these aesthetic forms of expression. I am interested in the political and social ramifications of art on society, specifically movements supported by these artists and their forebearers. It is my claim that the artists are the true revolutionaries, their work honest and filled with raw unedited passion. They are our true heroes. Ashay!

    1. Andrew Dosunmu, director, Mother of George (2013). Archival interview.

    2. Raissa Simpson, founder & Artistic Director, PUSH Dance Company, with choreographers/dancers: Randee Paufve & Katerina Wong speak about PUSHfest this weekend, 9/19-21 at ODC Theatre in San Francisco. For tickets & info: http://bit.ly/pushfest or visit www.pushdance.org

    3. The Hon. Lauren Lake, joins us to speak about season 2 of her "Paternity Court" series http://www.laurenlake.com/paternity-court/

    4. Mr. A. Dwight Pettit, esteemed juris, joins us to speak about his autobiography which looks at the his adjudicating life, Under the Color of Law which is available at www.iuniverse.com, Amazon and Barnes and Nobles.

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    ET show with contactee Ray Kosulandich, also joining us is Katerina Edwards Roy

    in Education

    Special show tonight with Ray Kosulandich, Ray will be telling us all about his ET contact he has experienced since the age of 12.
    Katerina Edwards Roy will be on the show in final hour talking about inner demons, self empowerment and upliftment

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    Radio Protea Chronicles.

    in Entertainment

    Shaunaaaaaaay will melt your heart with this one.

    First we seek the safety of the fort in JHB and then we pop in for tea with Groot Katerina,mother of all the Snymans

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    Designer Decadence with Katerina

    in Real Estate

    Join Us for an Awesome discussion with Katerina.Interior Design Expert, International Speaker, and Presenter.
    Katerina is here to Help You and answer ALL Your Questions!

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    Designer Decadence with Katerina

    in Real Estate

    Join with Katerina for this Weeks Special VIP Guest : Nik Halik!! Nik is a Global Wealth Strategist, Successful Entrepreneur, International Speaker, Astronaut, ...This is a show Not to miss...

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    Designer Decadence with Katerina

    in Real Estate

    Designer Decadence with Katerina This week Katerina will be talking about  How to stage Your Property and maximize the return on the sale. GET MORE BANG FOR YOUR BUCK!
     This Weeks Special Guest is: Nik Halik