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    Kate Mansi is an actress who has appeared on many tv shows including "How I Met Your Mother". Currently she protrays Abigail Deveraux on Days Of Our Lives. 

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    Kate Mansi was bitten by the acting bug at a young age; starring in print and television commercials. She was introduced to the world of ballet by her mother; an accomplished dancer and joined the Pacific Festival Ballet, where she was a principle dancer in performances of the Nutcracker, Bambi, Peter Pan, and the contemporary ballet Heaven and Hell. After college, Mansi decided to focus solely on her acting career. She appeared in several national commercials and print ads. In 2008, she landed a guest spot on the sitcom, How I Met Your Mother and was asked to screen test for the role of Melanie on Days of Our Lives, but lost out to Molly Burnett. Three years later, she auditioned for the part of Abigail Deveraux and landed the job. She visits Behind the Mic Radio on Thursday, April 4, at 7pm EST. 

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    Diva interviews Kate Mansi!

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    Diva of Days of our Lives interviews Days actress, Kate Mansi.  Kate portrays Abigail Deveraux on the show.  This is a pre-taped interview.

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    Kate Mansi and Jennifer Hall make their way to the BWR podcast! Mansi plays the role of Abby Devereaux on NBC Daytime's DAYS OF OUR LIVES, while Hall plays Missy on the NBC comedy, UP ALL NIGHT.
    Kate Mansi's character, Abby, seems to be a bit busy in the town of Salem. From finding out her boyfriend cheated on her with her best fried, to having her father come back into her life, and now having a school-girl crush on Austin Reed, what more can Abby do? Oh, how about getting a job offer from Madison James! Find out about all this and more when Kate makes her way to the show.
    Jennifer Hall stars as Missy, Ava’s (Maya Rudolph) hapless assistant, on NBC's new comedy “Up All Night.”
    Nurturing an impressive body of work that encompasses film, television and music, Hall is positioning herself as one of Hollywood’s most promising talents as her career continues to evolve with exciting and challenging projects. 
    Hall made her feature film debut in the George Clooney directed, “Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind” executive produced by Steven Soderbergh. She re-teamed with Clooney and Soderberg, starring in their HBO series “Unscripted,” which also featured songs by Hall.

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    Outside the Box Open Forum

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    Tonight, Kate of Gaia hosts an Open Forum in a "no holds barred" truth at all costs round table where all are welcome, all are equal where the table belongs to one and all..We discuss the allegorical spiritual nature of this realm versus the physical literal illusions everyone is spellbound into..mwahs and love, kate

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    BDC Boardroom

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    Auto Dealer Live is a weekly radio show that broadcasts nation wide for the automotive industry. We bring together the most up to date news, information, controversy and methods being used around the country to progress the industry.

    Co Hosts David Villa, CEO of IPD, and David Cribbs, Lead Trainer of Auto Dealer University, have a combined 45 years working in the Automotive Industry. The Automotive industry is one of their biggest passions in life. They strive to continue pushing it forward.

    Auto Dealer Live is not a run of the mill show. We bring content, people and information others aren’t. We were first to get Edmunds on the phone and sales people on the phone when the edmunds commercials came out and brought a lot of anger with it. We held a full blown BDC debate between Industry greats Sean V Bradley and Alan Ram. We bring big names guests in the industry such as: Grant Cardone, Jim Ziglier, Tom Hopkins, Alan Ram, Danny Benites, Amanda & Erin Ryan, Laura Madison, Corey Mosley, Kate Frost and many others.

    Want more information about who we are and what we do? Visit our site:


    Tune in each Thursday at 3:30 PM (EST) to hear us live.

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    Outside the Box Open Forum

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    Tonight, Kate of Gaia hosts an Open Forum in a "no holds barred" truth at all costs round table where all are welcome, all are equal where the table belongs to one and all..We discuss the allegorical spiritual nature of this realm versus the physical literal illusions everyone is spellbound into..mwahs and love, kate

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    GNIP Discussion Group 01/28/2015

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    GNIP is a volunteer driven subgroup of Kate of Gaia and www.losethename.com. We call those perpetuating the legal game and alert them to the fraud they commit.
    Our call in # is (914) 803-4058
    Also 'Like' us on Facebook, www.facebook.com/gonamelessitspainless

    This show is an extension to 'Outside of The Box'.
    7 days a week @ 7 PM EST
    (661) 467-2401


    Also visit www.losethename.com as well as www.kateofgaia.wordpress.com for everything you need to know about the legal name fraud. 

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    Stories From The Heart

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    Please call in to join Libby and jolly Wednesday's at 5:30pm Eastern US time weekly, for sharing stories from the heart about both earthly experiences while moving through the matrix without a legal name, and spiritual connections to the big part of you, of who you really are! Sharing our stories is so valuable to both the teller and the ones listening.

    We suggest that we all are open, and share while we remain aware of how we are expressing ourselves.  When relating stories, a great way to give perspective is to speak in the present moment as you are describing what happened... as if you are a camera recording what is happening; speaking in the third person can bring objectivity to situation.
    Libby and jolly are here not to correct you, but to simply remind you [with some flexibility] of the rocky waters of getting lost in the memories and to stay in the now... as in the gift or gem that comes with the story. Remember, it is all about balance.

    Standing in our power is so much fun. Come join us in this inflowment of empowerment

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    Procurement Unplugged: The Three Most Important Questions For 2015

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    Over the coming weeks, I will be doing a series of what you could call informal, off the cuff interviews with a number of executives and experts from various areas of the procurement world, regarding what I would consider to be the three most important questions in our industry for 2015.

    Joining me today are Kate Vitasek, who is one of our industry's top experts and the author of the five books including Vested and Getting To We, and Phil Coughlin President, Global Geographies and Operations Expeditors International.

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    Our 28th Wednesday Show broadcasts 1 hour later and 3 minutes longer. This wednesday, the show starts at 1:00 pm and runs until 2:30 pm. The first segment features the reknown Katherine van Wormer in the final episode on Normay's Families and working in their Substance Abuse System.

    In the second segment, we have the initial show of Dr. Nivishi Edwards on "Self Love Leading to Real Love."

    The last 30 minute4s of the show will be a live call-in segment on Macro Matters by the Macro Gang. The gang this week consists of five Macro MSW Students from the Silberman School of Social Work at Hunter College. They are: Kelsey DeAulia, Sindy Morales Garcia, Cassie Biron, Kate Jordan and Priscila Gallegos. This Macro Gang will be discussing the purpose of MSWSN, our mission and how we can support and promote macro practice social work students.

    Call in at 347-327-9168 to talk to these future MSW social workers.

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