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    Host Kate Hennessy with David Matthew Brown!

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    Kate Hennessy of Get Focused Radio, welcomes her guest David Matthew Brown to discuss his new book  "The Book of Light-Opening the Heart"!  Author, Healer and Facilitator David Matthew Brown talks about how the new earth is upon us! You are light, and now is the time to shine bright and leave the logical mind and time, and enter feeling and expansion!

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    Kate Hennessy with author/actor Paul M. Glaser!

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    Get Focused Radio with host Kate Hennessy - helping you refocus when LIFE gets in the way! "Chrystallia and the Source of Light" with author/actor Paul M. Glaser!
    Paul has been blessed with the opportunity to tell stories as an actor, a director, and now a writer just as we are blessed to receive his gifts. His life has had, and continues to have so much in it that the best way for Paul to share what he has learned from his experiences is to tell a story...stories full of 'light, love, courage in the face of helplessness, forgiveness, discovering the truth of yourself and finding your way 'home.' 'Chrystallia and the Source of Light' IS that story and his only hope is that you and yours enjoy discovering and rediscovering it as much as he has telling it.

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    NO Bull with Garth Riley and Kate Hennessy!

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    Critically acclaimed Bully Defusing Advocate and former Talk Show Host Garth Riley has been teaching and encouraging people from age 7 to 67 to become more resilient against bullying since 2006. He has travelled across Canada speaking in hundreds of schools and boardrooms with one central message. Bullying will never stop! BUT we can learn how to MAKE IT STOP having an effect on YOU! Join Garth and Kate and listen once again to our pretaped show done in September with over 22,000 archived  listens to date! Tune in October 4th at 11:30 a.m. EST!

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    Neil Crone joins Kate Hennessy on Get Focused Radio!

    in Entertainment

    Enjoy this half hour archived show with Neil Crone!   Kate and her special guest actor, author, speaker and cancer survivor Neil Crone talk about it all!  His hit tv series "Little Mosque on the Prairie", the actors he's worked with, his winning battle with cancer and  what he's up to lately plus find out how to get a copy of  his latest hilarious book "Who Farted"!

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    Get Empowered with the Eisens and Kate Hennessy!

    in Self Help

    Empowered YOUth is the heartfelt story of Michael and Jeffrey Eisen, who rose up from a tumultuous, emotional past to come together in a loving, respectful relationship as father and son, coach and student. Through this engaging narrative, they provide a refreshing perspective on how parents and kids can work together to empower one another by opening the channels of communication, dissolving fear, and surrendering the need for control.

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    Kate Hennessy "investigates" with CSI star Robert David Hall

    in Self Help

    Actor/musician Robert David Hall, who plays "Dr. Al Robbins" on CBS TV's CSI:Crime Scene Investigation, now in its 13th season also seen in over 130 countries. Kate talks with Robert about being one of the most prominent disabled actors working today.
    Robert David Hall has played the chief medical examiner ‘Dr. Albert Robbins’ on CBS TV’S “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” for 13 seasons and seen in over 130 countries. A double leg amputee(burned in a car accident in 1978 - 60% of his body was burned - he lost both legs) and a devoted community activist, he is one of the most prominent disabled actors working today. Hall serves on the Board of Directors of the National Organization on Disability and was honored by California State Leaders for his contributions as one of the Founders of I AM PWD (Inclusion in the Arts & Media of People with Disabilities). He is National Chairman of the Performers with Disabilities Caucus for SAG, AFTRA and EQUITY. He introduced President Obama on the White House lawn to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act Music has always been a part of Hall’s life. He has been playing in a band since High School and plays guitar. His band performed on the Grand Old Opry Radio Show from the historic Ryman Auditorium in Nashville. His first CD Things They Don’t Teach You in School was released last June. Hall wrote most of the tracks including the title song. Many organizations have acknowledged Hall’s fine work on the behalf of the disability community. He tours the nation speaking to various groups.

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    Psychic Michelle Houchens with Kate Hennessy

    in Self Help

    Psychic Medium Michelle Houchens' unique gift has taken her on a journey from a Fortune 100 Executive to a world renowned medium for spiritual channeling and energy understanding.

    Over the 25 past years, Michelle as been a Medical Intuitive, CEO, Patent Holder, Registered Nurse, and Corporate Executive but since childhood she been gifted the skill of psychic ability.  Michelle remained silent about her psychic skills from the age of five to forty-seven, feeling modern Western Medicine would not value nor accept her gifts.  She finally announced her intuitive skill set to the world and in a short period of time has built a clientele of well over 300 businesses and professionals that get and understand how the use of frequencies or science can help them gain success in the business world.

    Some call her an Energy Consultant as she is clairaudient, clairvisual, and clairsentient.  She is able to communicate, see and feel with Beings in the room, just the same as you and I sitting in a coffee shop chatting.  In her current state of development (we are always growing), she has transcended over 300 levels of consciousness and has discussions with up to eighteen Beings at once on the Other Side or in the Universes.

    Over the past 15 years, she has been certified in Advanced Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression Therapy, PSYCH-K Facilitator, Advanced Theta Healing, Intuitive Philosophies, and Courtroom Mediation. Michelle understands the metaphysics, paranormal, and new age as she uses her gift as a channel to all.

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    Legal Name Fraud with Kate of Gaia

    in Education

    Tonight we discuss the dualistic realities of our world, the one of literal fictions in contrast with causal anogogic fact or how to spot the difference between Oz and Kansas and determine which reality one truly exists in; one of truth or false programmed reactive literal fiction smoke and mirrors....see you there, kate

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    Race Talk Live with Kate Moss: NASCAR History with Little "Red Vogt

    in Basketball

    The NASCAR offseason is over, and that means so is Race Talk Live's! 

    On the show, we will be talking about all the Daytona mayhen from speedweek and this past weekend, plus, get a view of NASCAR history from "Little Red" Vogt, the only survivor present at the founding meetings of NASCAR.  We will also chat with Kodie Conner, and talk about his upcoming tacing season... Kodie is a fav on the show, and has had an extensive racing career for being only 14!  How about that for a returning show!

    We will also have Kate's Song of the Week, and a NASCAR roundtable session on this show, too!  Plus, what makde YOU go "hmmm" this week after all the action at the Great American Race?  We will talk about that, too.

    See you 7-8pmEST Wednesday for the fastest show on the radio!

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    Kate Bischoff on Reducing Risks Associated with the use of HR technology

    in Social Networking

    Kate Bischoff @K8bischHRLaw, Employment Attorney, SHRM-SCP, SPHR drops by @DriveThruHR  and talks with @williamtincup & @Thehrbuddy @TheOneCrystal & @MikeVanDervort

    DriveThruHR was designed to be a captivating and easy-to-digest lunch discourse that covers topics relevant to HR professionals.  Each 30-minute episode features a guest speaker who shares her or his knowledge and experience in human resources. Our hosts and special guest cover a wealth of topics, including HR Technology, Recruiting, Talent Management, Leadership, Organizational Culture and Strategic HR, every day at 12:00 pm Central Time.  The radio program is hosted by @williamtincup, @thehrbuddy, @TheOneCrystal & @MikeVanDervort.  The #1 HR show, with amazing HR conversations and follow us on the twitters at  @drivethruhr and #dthr.


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