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    The Journey of A Thousand Miles on the Appalachian Trail

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    The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step and Brian Caskey with Hiking4Wellness has been on the Appalacian Trail for almost a week now. You can find Brian by on his website at Where's Brian

    This is a bit more about his latest journey into the gap taken from his "Honest" post on the blog site he wrote...

    One of the most common reasons a person hikes the Appalachian Trail (AT) is to “Walk it Off”.

    In my case, one of the goals of the AT hike is to process and move froward from his colorful past after several years of intensive professional help. It is my hope that as I head north to Katahdin, ME, that I’ll drop of the old baggage that I carried and repeated throughout my life. I’m sharing my experiences, because I hope others can learn from my experiences.

    Many of the stories shared will be part of my personal experiences, others are the personal experiences of others I’ve meet along my journey. The intent of this blog by Brian “Pooh Bear” Caskey is meant to serve as a forum, we, my friends can come together a change our lives to healthier behaviors one step at a time.

    Listen in this week as we find out what the highlights have been, stories about the trail itself and where you can meet up with him this next week.

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    Silas Bernardoni

    in Spirituality

    Silas Bernardoni is a co-operator of Roller Coaster Farm and an operations consultant specializing in the
    development and implementation of organizational strategies for organizations looking to transition
    out of a start-up mentality toward operations. He is also an advocate for family farming, sustainable
    agricultural practices, heritage genetics, preserving historic agricultural methodologies, empowering
    societies through the use of technology, improving the quality and accessibility of education throughout
    the world, and community scale renewable energy technologies.
    Roller Coaster Farm is a family-owned-and-operated 400 acre farm located in the rolling hills of southwest Wisconsin’s beautiful Driftless Area. The Bernardoni family has continually raised animals on the farm for over 30 years and is currently being operated by multiple generations of the family. Roller Coaster Farm raises grass fed, grass finished Highland beef and Katahdin lambs as well as pastured Tamworth pork. Roller Coaster Farm is firmly committed to the utilization of heritage breeds and natural farming methods that promote the health of their animals, their land, and their consumers.
    Silas has worked extensively with Paraguay Educa, a non-profit organization implementing a One Laptop Per Chid-themed project in Paraguay, to bring access to quality education to all Paraguayan children through the utilization of technology. His contributions to the organization
    consisted of the development of an organizational structure and operational strategy designed to maintain Paraguay Educa’s cutting edge deployment methodologies while the organization expanded country-wide.
    Family Farm Defenders: familyfarmers.org
    EatWild.com: eatwild.com
    GrassWorks: grassworks.org
    One Laptop Per Child: laptop.org
    Paraguay Educa: paraguayeduca.org

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    DIY Music - D&D Radio

    in Hobbies

    We're going DIY with our music today on The Down and Dirty with Frank Fontana!
    Our first guests are members of the up-and-coming indie band Farraday tagged with creating "a special brand of DIY music." We'll learn about their work ethic and what it takes to make it as musicians in 2011... as well as about how they've played with some of the biggest names in pop rock and punk. We might even talk them into playing a song or two!
    In our Craftsmanship segment, we're calling up Katahdin Studio Furniture founder John Stass. He's an expert in his field of furniture making, and has especially made a name for himself by building great pieces for music studios. His celebrity clients include Melissa Etheridge, Andy Griffith, and Conan O'Brien... so he must be doing something right!
    We've also got a DIY Disaster story as told by Kristi Gustafson Barlette of the Times Union, and in our Man-Land segment we're discussing great Harrison Ford movie roles with Jimm Fowler of myFiveBest. Now that's a show!
    Let's get Down and Dirty...

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    Bestselling Author, Nancy Garden and Mariss Cohen

    in Self Help

    This is an interesting show for me. Tonight my very good friend, Marissa Cohen will be interviewing best selling award winning author, Nancy Garden.

    Marissa is the president and founder of www.HappyGanesh.com and books/ writing are one of her many passions. She decided to interview Nancy a while back and I am blessed and honored to be able to bring both Marissa and Nancy to you this evening.

    Nancy Garden http://www.nancygarden.com)is a legend in her own right. She started writing for fun around the age of eight and published her first two books in 1971, 'What Happened in Marston' and 'Berlin: City Split in Two.'She has then gone on to write more than 30 award winning best selling books, and in 2001, was surprised and honored to receive the Robert B. Downs Intellectual Freedom Award for her work defending her novel 'Annie On My Mind' from an attempt to ban it from libraries in a Kansas school district, and for her anti-censorship efforts in general. She got another wonderful surprise in January 2003 when she learned that the Young Adult Library Services Association of the American Library Association had given her the Margaret A. Edwards Award for lifetime achievement in writing books for teens! And after those came more surprises: the Katahdin Award for Lifetime Achievement in 2005 from the Maine Library Association, and induction into the Saints and Sinners Hall of Fame in 2007!

    Tune In to Move In today to listen to Nancy Garden herself and Marissa Cohen- both leaders in their own right and followers of their own passions.

    The Movement Within: Lifting Humanity, One Heart at a Time."