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    Threesomes & Anal

    in Comedy

    Joe and Kate are joined by Kase Raso and Nathan Macintosh to talk about whether they ever had a threesome. They talk about crazy sex stories from their past, and they also give tips about what to do if you're going to try anal sex.

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    White Muslim from Long Island

    in Comedy

    The Show starts with random talk of punk rock record collecting and general nonsense. Frank Liotti joins the James and Benjy and discusses not being able to pay rent but being able to buy rare bootlegs. Then Kase Rosso comes in to discuss growing up in super patriotic and xenophobic Long Island while being a light skinned Persian. He ends up having a lot in common with Frank.

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    LOTL The Comfort Zone Presents ADESHA. Debuts new album 'Giving Love A Try'

    in Entertainment

    Powerful, sultry, dynamic, and moving are just a few words people have used to describe Adesha’s voice. Though Deltrina had no idea her daughter’s name meant voice, she knew Adesha was destined to sing. 
    Oakland, California native, Adesha made her solo debut singing for hundreds of people at The War Memorial Opera House in San Francisco at the tender age of six. By age ten she had starred and co-starred in musicals, she sang a jingle for a commercial, and had performed solo at a few of San Francisco’s live music venues. Years of training from singing in church; vocal coaching from her mother Deltrina Johnson, a trained gospel singer; and numerous live performances would follow the training she received in her primary years. At age 13 Adesha joined a girl group called “Under 21”. The trio spent most of their high school career performing and in the recording studio. At age 16 Adesha embarked upon a spiritual journey that would change the course of her future. Being famous was no longer her life’s goal. She wanted her music to make a difference; she wanted her music to change lives. This decision would lead to Adesha leaving “Under 21”. The resistance she experienced from her cohorts, management, and peers as a result of her decision sent Adesha into a bit of a depression. She would spend the next 4 years soul searching and took hiatus from singing.  To date Adesha and "Seven" have played a list of venues from San Francisco to LA. They have opened for Ledisi, Goapele, Gospel diva Kim Burrell, Kase, Anthony David, Carl Thomas and more. Adesha recently released a dance EP entitled “Giving Love a Try” which is soon to be followed by her first full length album “Giving Love a Try”.

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    Legacy Of 1804 with Manbo Dòwòti Désir #Haiti #Langlois

    in Culture

    Host Alice Backer of www.kiskeacity.com welcomes Manbo Dòwòti Désir for her second visit. We discuss her new book Goud Kase Goud  as well as Catholic Cardinal Langlois' recent statements on Vodou to the british publication The Guardian. 

    Dowoti Désir is a Manbo Asogwe and a scholar of Haitian Vodou. She is the Founder and President of the Durban Declaration and Programme of Action Watch Group (www.ddpawatchgroup.info). She utilizes interfaith exchanges and cultural diplomacy to facilitate better understanding of AfroAtlantic spiritual systems in the global North. She has written extensively about the contemporary and sacred arts of the African Diaspora, its religions and sociopolitical issues impacting the global African community. Her recent book Goud kase goud: Conjuring Memory in Spaces of the AfroAtlantic focuses on the right to memory, the built environment, and the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. She is a graduate of Barnard College and has a Master's degree from the Center for Curatorial Studies, Bard College. - See more at: http://www.kiskeacity.com/search?q=dowoti+#sthash.zB9DkSMl.dpuf

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    Special guest Kathy Obot (Kase) talk about Breast Cancer on Women & Legends Who REALLY Rock!

    in Music

    Diverse & special guest Kathy Obot (Kase) talks about Breast Cancer and her fight against it on Women & Legends Who REALLY Rock! and joins Carmen Milagro!

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    Mecca Muzik: Guest Kase 2

    in Radio

    Attention all Writers (Graf artist) tonight on Mecca Muzik the "KING of STYLEZ" Kase 2 joins EduBB & Mellow Dramatic!! Check us out as we get down to tha Nitty Gritty

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    in Comedy

    Nick Vatterott can't make it this week, he's lost his mind. So filling in is Dr. Don Drennan who will explore the innerworkings of the mind find out what is that makes us crazy, are we all inherently insane? What drives man into madness? And the age old psychological question, 'How can we all jump higher'? Exploring the brain with Dr. Drennan this week are comedians Kase Raso and Nathan Macintosh!

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    Kathy Obot (Kase Cosmetics) joins Carmen Milagro on Women & Legends Who REALLY Rock

    in Music

    Diverse and very special guests like Kathy Obot (Kase Cosmetics) join Carmen Milagro on Women & Legends Who REALLY Rock in the 2010 season!

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    in Politics

    Lwa Elektoral?

    Pwoblèm Sendomeng ap bay sitwayen lakay yo,e yo vle pou Ayiti pote pote kase a.

    Gouvènman ayisyen an poko bay yon repons a zak dominken ap fè sou ayisyen.

    Ki sa yo dwe fè?

    Ki sa nou menm ayisyen dwe fè?


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    Spotlite Radio Presents Marcus Edwards and Guests On 9/27/13

    in Current Events

    GAY COOK AT 10:24AM

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    Gun Control

    in Entertainment

    what do this mean for our Black people and our urban communities? Tune in Wednesday Jan 30th at 730pm with KASE AND DENNIS LIVE...