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    Chinese Immersion Summer Camp & Dr. Alan Cheung

    in Psychology

    Noon Saturdays, "The Resilient Brain," host Kathy Kitts

    Join us as we talk to former Montgomery County School Board member Dr. Alan Cheung.  Dr. Cheung was initially a pharmacist, taught medical school students in this subject, and then moved into the political arena with his position on the Board. It was in large part due to Dr. Cheung that Potomac Elementary School became the first public school in the country to offer Chinese Immersion.  My own son graduated from this program, fluent in Chinese!!  Dr. Cheung has recently turned to community work.  He has written for a grant to fund a Chinese Immersion Summer Camp featuring a STEM curriculum.  How ingenious!  The program was first funded last summer, and was successful in its funding request this time as well.  Through careful budgeting (and Dr Cheung giving up his own salary) the program will be able to be funded through the school year, in an after-school program!  I met the teachers and students from the summer camp, and they were all most impressive.  Only 3 wks of summer camp and already the kids were spouting Chinese.

    Listen as we interview Dr. Cheung and find out some of the fascinating details to his programs.

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    Computer America - Author Dr. Derek Cheung ; News!

    in Technology

    Computer America

    Hour one: Author Dr. Derek Cheung.  Dr. Cheung is the former CEO of Rockwell Tech and business tech advisor, and is now an Author. In his newest book Conquering the Electron, he talks about the true and engaging history of the world of electronics. He offers many stories presenting each revolutionary technological advance right alongside blow-by-blow personal battles that all too often took place. You'll understand the interconnection of each advance to the next on the long journey to our modern-day technologies.  His book offers readers a true and engaging history of the world of electronics. Beginning with the discoveries of static electricity and magnetism and ending with the creation of the smartphone and the iPad, this book shows the interconnection of each advance to the next one on the long journey to our modern day technologies.

    Hour two: Craig and Ben do Computer and Technology News, brought to you by Slimware Utilities, the Official Optimization Software of Computer America, and answer your computer questions!

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    in Health

    3/30/2015 — In this episode, we talk with Dr. Kevin Murphy professor from UCSD and  Vice Chairman of the Department of Radiation Medicine and Applied Sciences about his research in the  use of transcranial magnetic therapy and chemo brain. Survivor Spotlight on Christabel Cheung. 

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    Cheung Aims for Deep Changes as MA Lt.Gov.

    in Politics Progressive

    Leland Cheung comes on to talk his campaign to become lieutenant governor of MA. He wants to replicate and expand the "innovation economy" efforts he has been involved in from Cambridge to the whole state. Correspondingly he wants to ensure high-quality education, from pre-K through college commonwealth-wide.

    We'll talk about his platform's big planks and ask how he'd see accomplishing them. In that light, we'd ask for how he envisons the duties and powers of the office — one some would like to eliminate and others see expanded beyong the role of governor-in-waiting.


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    The Michael Dresser Show

    in Books

    Thank you for joining us on The Michael Dresser Show! Today we welcome these guests to our show:

    Vanessa Rodriguez: Co-author of "The Teaching Brain: An Evolutionary Trait at the Heart of Education," http://www.TeachingBrain.org

    Derek Cheung, Ph.D.: Co-author of "Conquering the Electron: The Geniuses, Visionaries, Egomaniacs, and Scoundrels Who Build Our Electronic Age," http://www.Facebook.com/events/1537462819820435

    Kenneth Bracewell: Author of "A Veteran's Road to College Success," http://www.kennethbveteran.com

    Sylva Kelegian: Author of "God Spelled Backwards: The Journey of an Actress into the World of Dog Rescue," http://www.SylvaKelegian.com

    Katie Marsh: Author of "Juicing Cannabis for Healing: How I Achieved Almost Complete Remission of Chronic Pain by Juicing Fresh Raw Marijuana Leaf," http://www.JuicingCannabisForHealing.com

    Patricia Walsh: Author of "Blind Ambition: How to Envision Your Limitless Potential and Achieve the Success You Want," http://www.blindambitionspeaking.com

    Thank you for joining us today on The Michael Dresser Show!


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    Manhattan Beach 360: MB Chamber Medical Service Partners

    in Current Events

    Our guests this morning are Dr Edmund Cheung of Kaiser Permanente and Dr. Rishi Kaushal of Providence Medical Institute.

    Dr. Cheung was born in Chicago, Illinois, raised in St. Louis, Missouri and is the third generation of physicians in his family. In 1993, he graduated from Boston University Medical School from their six-year combined medical program with minors in economics and art history.While working at different medical groups, including Kaiser Permanente, Edmund completed a master’s in public health at UCLA. Because of the great experience he had at Kaiser Permanente, Edmund joined as a full-time physician in 1997 as one of the first hospitalists.

    Dr. Rishi Kaushal attended medical school at the UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine. He went on to complete his internship, residency and fellowship in cardiovascular disease and interventions at Harbor UCLA Medical Center. Multi-lingual in Spanish, Hindi and Punjabi, Rishi is excited to serve the diverse community residing in his native Los Angeles. Dr. Kaushal’s clinical interests include structural heart disease and coronary artery disease.  He enjoys spending time with his family, music of all varieties and playing basketball.


    To Find Out More about the Manhattan Beach Chamber of Commerce visit www.ManhattanBeachChamber.com

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    Computer America - Hour 1: Kudo3D ; Hour 2: DK Designs!

    in Technology

    Computer America

    Hour one: Kudo3D makes the "Titan 1″ which was born to increase printing size, printing speed and reliability while keeping consumer costs as low as possible. With the patent pending passive self-peeling technology, Titan 1 features high speed, high resolution and large build volume. It is easy to use, maintain and upgrade. Its flexibility is ideal for artists, designers, students, educators, researchers and anybody interested in exploring the potential of a simple, easy-to-use 3D printer. Joining us will be the company's Co-Founder, Jonathan Cheung.

    Hour two: DK Designs. Joining us will be Deniz Karasahin, the Founder of DK Design who has come up with a way to use 3D printing to create the Osteoid Medical cast, an attachable bone stimulator medical cast that is light, lets air in (unlike traditional plaster casts) and promote healing more quickly.

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    Eric Cantor's Shocking Defeat & America's Cyber Security Complex

    in Current Events

    In their latest book, Behold a Pale Farce, Violet Cheung and Bill Blunden engage in an honest discussion of society’s cyber insecurity problem by delving into the often unacknowledged technical, economic, and political root causes. As a result they’re able to prescribe solutions that don’t require users to sacrifice liberty or security. This is in stark contrast to flawed approaches, like the NSA’s dragnet surveillance, which are based on a mischaracterization of the problem. The rampant use of hyperbole and worst-case scenarios breeds the kind of mass anxiety which leads the public to blindly accept inappropriate solutions.

    Bill is a computer security researcher whose current areas of inquiry touch on information security, anti-forensics, and institutional analysis. Though he’s probably best known for writing the industry’s most detailed manual for designing software back doors to date, the notorious Rootkit Arsenal, over the past two decades Bill has also performed R&D for an enterprise resource planning vendor, developed tools for network security appliances, and taken various detours through academia. He shares his findings at conferences like Black Hat, CEIC, SOURCE Boston, and UW-Madison’s LOCKDOWN.


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    Harrison Cheung visits The Kick It Spot with Teangelo

    in Entertainment

    Teangelo speaks with the author of Christian Bale’s biography, "Christian Bale: The Inside Story of the Darkest Batman" - renowned writer Harrison Cheung, on January 10, 2013 at 8 pm PST on EOTM Radio. Follow Teangelo on Twitter @TeangeloLive .

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    Shelly Nunchucks w guest John Kreng

    in Entertainment

    John Kreng has had a successful multi faceted career in the entertainment industry working as a Stunt Coordinator, Fight Choreographer, Stand Up Comedian, Author, Actor, Video Game Designer/Producer, and Stuntman. Born in Washington, D.C., the son of the Cambodian Ambassador to the United States, John is of Chinese and Thai descent, and is fluent in Vietnamese, Chinese, and English. After his father died before John was one year old, his mother decided to stay in the U.S. so he could have a better education and the freedom to be successful at whatever he desired.

    As a Stunt Coordinator, Fight Choreographer, and Stuntman, John has worked with both Asian and Western luminaries that include Jet Li, Yuen Cheung Yen, Tsui Hark, Steven Spielberg, Roger Corman, and the late David Carradine. He has been featured and/or appeared in Black Belt, Martial Arts Training, Impact (UK), and Inside Karate magazines. John is also the author of the only in depth textbook on screen fighting, "Fight Choreography: The Art of Non Verbal Dialogue."

    As a fight choreographer, John feels he brings many elements to the table that makes the fights exciting and is at home choreographing rough and tumble Western style brawls as well as precise and intricate Hong Kong style fights. He has been studying various martial arts since he was a child and holds black belts in Tang Soo Do and Te Katana Jujitsu. He is an accomplished tournament fighter and has worked as a bouncer at several nightclubs, bringing practical knowledge and understanding of the human psychology of how a fight why we fight. Some of his real life experiences are published in the book, "Bullyproof Your Child: An Expert's Advice on Teaching Children to Defend Themselves," by Keith Vitali.

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    Gary Wimmer/Ramona Creel/Rebecca Matthias/Harrison Cheung

    in Entertainment

    Gary is a professional psychic for over 35 years, and Author of SECOND IN ETERNITY*
    Romana is a published author who downsized five years ago to live and work full-time in a 29-foot Airstream RV. She travels the country teaching others how to simplify and organize their own lives
    Rebecca is founder of Destination Maternity Corporation (Nasdaq:DEST), a $500 million public company that manufactures and sells maternity apparel at over 3000 locations worldwide.
    .Harrison is author of the award-winning biography of Batman a