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    Karl de la Guerra 720

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    Join us for news and talk regarding the world of international protection.  This week's guest is Mr. Lou Pimber, a retired undercover agent from the elite HIDTA (High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas) Task Force.  Lou's career has taken him from Army Intelligence to Law Enforcement to working the undercover narcotics beat along the U. S. / Mexico border, dealing with some of the most dangerous drug traffickers in that area.
    Lou now splits his time between corporate executive protection and a lucrative film career. (Word on the street is that Lou is currently shooting a character part on the Emmy Award winning weekly show Breaking Bad on AMC).  He is the writer and producer of the award winning short film Duress, based upon his experiences in undercover operations.
    Lou (www.loupimber.com) will share with us his experiences as an undercover agent and tell us about his transition from police work to acting and corporate executive protection.
    So join me, Karl de la Guerra for KD720 right here on Blog Talk Radio. To learn more, visit www.karldelaguerra.com

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    Karl de la Guerra 720

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    Join us for news and talk regarding the world of international protection with special guest Mitch Roth who retired this month as Chief of Police with the Freehold Borough, New Jersey, Police Department. We will be talking about his 28 year career taking him from the streets as an undercover narcotics officer to the top seat in his department.  We will also focus on his recent transition from senior police executive to professional bodyguard working in corporate executive protection.  Mitch is a 2005 graduate of the FBI National Academy and Northwestern University's School of Police Staff & Command.  In 2002, Mitch received his Masters Degree in Human Resource Training from Seton Hall.  Among his numerous awards are the Excellence in Police Duty Award and the Officer of the Year Award.  He is a lifetime member of the IACP and the N. J. State Chief of Police Association.  So join me, Karl de la Guerra for KD720 right here on Blog Talk Radio. To learn more, visit www.karldelaguerra.com

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    Karl de la Guerra 720

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    Join me for news and talk regarding the world of international protection. With me this week is a recognized name in the executive protection industry in America, Mr. Renny Thomas.  Owner of TNT Executive Services, headquartered on the west coast, Renny operates a high-end executive services company specializing in meeting the needs of the international bodyguard  community.  In addition to field operations, Renny is a prolific writer, lending commentary to a variety of protective service reated sites across the country.  As a former radio DJ, business executive and now professional bodyguard, our hour with Renny is sure to be entertaining and informative!  To find out more on Renny, visit www.tntes.com.  So join me, Karl de la Guerra for KD720 right here on Blog Talk Radio. To learn more, visit www.karldelaguerra.com

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    Karl de la Guerra 720

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    Join us for news and talk regarding the world of international protection with special guest Curt Desrosiers, the co-founder and partner of Level 3 Global Security Services of Kingston, Ontario, Canada. We will be discussing his background in military, law enforcement and corporate security management and his experiences while working protection on such programs as the Dahla Dam project in Kandahar, Afghanistan and his time protecting the Canadian Ambassador in Kabul. We'll also be chatting about current events shaping our industry and taking calls from our international audience on our toll free line at (877) 497-9103. So join me, Karl de la Guerra for the first airing of Karl de la Guerra 720, live at 1:00 PM EST, Sunday, April 3rd, right here on Blog Talk Radio. To find out more on Curt and his company, go to www.level3-gss.com. And a place on the web you're always welcome, www.karldelaguerra.com. We'll chat soon!

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    Karl de la Guerra 720

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    Introducing: ASIS Central South Carolina Chapter

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    Join host Karl de la Guerra as he introduces to the Bodyguard Lifestyle audience the Central South Carolina Chapter of the American Society of Industrial Security (ASIS International).  Karl will be joined by Chapter President Adrian Peters for some insightful conversation about the Central South Carolina Chapter, information on ASIS International as the leading industry group in the U. S. and what Adrian sees as future trends in private sector security operations. www.asisonline.org

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    Dispensation de la Grâce...Pourquoi? Combien de Temps? Prophete Dr. Owuor!

    in Christianity

    Jérémie 6:13-14 

    13 Car tous, petits ou grands,
    sont avides de gains.
    Tous, du prophète au prêtre,
    pratiquent la duplicité.

    14 Ils guérissent superficiellement
    mon peuple du désastre
    en disant: Tout va bien! Tout va vraiment très bien!
    alors que rien ne va.

    Nombres 9:15-23

    La nuée: signe de la présence de Dieu

    15 Le jour où le tabernacle fut dressé, la nuée couvrit le tabernacle, la tente d'assignation; et, depuis le soir jusqu'au matin, elle eut sur le tabernacle l'apparence d'un feu.

    16 Il en fut continuellement ainsi: la nuée couvrait le tabernacle, et elle avait de nuit l'apparence d'un feu.



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    Ni una+di NO a la violencia domestica-Historias migrantes-Conferencia-

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    Bienvenidos a Conexión Contigo el primer programa de radio completamente por Internet y en español en el Estado de Washington, este programa es Unico, Diferente, Educativo, Informativo,Divertido y Dinámico.

    Lunes,Martes y Miercoles  a partir de las 3:00 de la tarde.

    - Efemérides.

    - Hoy como cada martes la serie de las historias verdaderas de mujeres sobrevivientes de Violencia Domestica, Miriam Valdovinos, Monica de la Torre y Lupita Zamora. Apoyamos juntas la prevencion de la Violencia contra las mujeres.

    Que pasa cuando no tienes apoyo de tu familia y no tienes a nadie?? - no te angusties, siempre hay alguien que te puede ayudar, necesitas hablar con alguien, tocar puertas.

    Hoy hablamos de la entrevista que hicimos al departamento de Policia de Shoreline a la Agente Dahlia para entender porque es importante reportar a la policia, que seguimiento le da a un reporte y que hacer cuando reportamos un caso de violencia domestica

    - Lorena Camelo, bienvenida a Conexion Contigo en el segmento " Pase lo que Pase" 

    - Wendy Madera desde Holanda nos comparte la nueva produccion y su nuevo libro.Hoy en historias de migrantes la historia " Adios Amor "

    - Comentarios y mas.

    Gracias por su sintonia, cada vez somos mas los que nos escuchamos !

    Lupita Zamora

    Productora y Conductora




    in Education


    Perche il nome legale è illegale, come ci hanno ingannato tutti e come venirne fuori.

    Ogni martedi dalle 22.00 alle 23.00 con
    Alessandro, Cecco, Fiamma e Vita Rosa.

    Per ulteriori informazioni:







    http://losethename.com/ (inglese)

    https://kateofgaia.wordpress.com/ (inglese)

    https://itsillegaltousealegalname.wordpress.com/ (inglese)

  • Increasing Language Access in the Courts Toolkit

    in Women

    During this Blog Talk Radio session, we will explore the features of the Toolkit for enhancing access to domestic violence and sexual assault services for individuals with limited English proficiency. This toolkit provides a step-by-step process for developing your first written language access plan and a template with sample language for recording your policies and procedures. Join us to explore the critical issue of language access! 

  • Childhood abuse survivor and abuse expert, Kelly Flook, helps you heal

    in Spirituality

    I did everything society said to be happy. I got the degrees: BA, a Montessori degree, and an MA. I married the “right” men who could “give me respect and boost my confidence.” First an attorney. Had one daughter. The marriage ended after seven years because of his affairs. Eight years later, my second husband was a cardiologist from Virginia. We had a bi-coastal, whirlwind coke-induced love affair for eighteen months. The marriage lasted six months. I did things I thought might help society. I sent women to London for abortions before Roe v. Wade. I was active in the peace movement to stop the Vietnam War. I started NORML (the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws) with my first husband. I had the right jobs: I wrote and produced for PBS. I won numerous awards. I wrote screenplays to shine the light on inequities. None of this alleviated my pain, shame and suffering from the childhood beatings and sexual abuse that led to my self-abuse. My healing journey began with Shhhh!

    I have lived in Venice Beach, CA., just steps to the sand, for eighteen years. I’m a grandmother of two loving, beautiful, half Chinese boys. I just had a portion of a short story published in a new LA literary journal, FRE&D.  Currently, I’m working on my next book, “Mother NORML”.  For those who wish to clean out their pain and shame please join me in my weekly webinar, Skype to Write.  I have been on a spiritual journey.  I have become the me I came here to be! To help you do so go to my Resources for You tab.

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